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After a long absence from the car booting scene due to general laziness, I’ve started to get back into it and can often be found trudging round a field with a (canvas, natch) bag full of bargains. With the rediscovery of the Otley car boot – which runs all year round on the cattle auction site in Otley – I can still enjoy a Sunday lie-in, as it starts at 12. So my house is now stuffed with thrifty finds, and I thought I’d share some of my favourites.

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Vintage camera and leather case, £3

I’m not sure if this is an actual vintage camera or a replica, but it looks pretty genuine to me. It doesn’t work, but looks so lovely sitting on my mantelpiece with its fancy leather case.

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Old books, 50p-£2. The Matryoshka doll is an old charity shop find.

More books. I’m getting a bit obsessed with these now, particularly the Penguin and Pelican paperbacks. I have little stacks like this all over the house – they’re so interesting to look at.

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Vintage tin, 50p. The framed print is actually a card from M&S in a car booted frame.

I’m collecting vintage tins for the wedding – they make great flower receptacles. This one is no good for that but I’m a sucker for old branding and the colour is so vibrant.

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Vintage radio, £10.

I’ve been looking for one of these 50s radios for years – they pop up from time to time and are usually very expensive. It’s not quite what I was after but the red leather casing is beautiful, and the knobs on the top are supremely satisfying to turn.

Have you found any second hand bargains recently?



Wow, I love that radio! I have an old tan brown Bush one, but I love the red colour of yours! I love the old camera too, even if they don’t work they look so pretty on display. xo


Love all those finds, I’m also a bit obsessed with collecting the Penguin paperbacks. I don’t drive so I always find it hard to get to car boot sales. I do love a good charity shop haul though. xx


You have a great eye! I think little stacks of books all around the house are fun and interesting, they’re great to stack guest rooms for an informal touch.


Love all the buys, good work on the camera and case, looks great on the shelf.
I’ve got some tiny jam jars for wedding favours, did try and thrift them but it was impossible! 🙁


Awesome! I LOVE the red radio, so much…what an amazing find…wish we had all year round car boots..I can’t even find a jumble sale to satisfy my thrifty/magpie needs!


Jen, you know I’ve always loved these types of posts from you. The radio is so dreamlike, did you see Kirstie’s Vintage Home last week? (The whole series is pretty good) She visited a home with some real show stopping retro pieces, there was an amazing baby blue Bush radio. I’m a little smitten with vintage radios now! xxx


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