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Thrifted skirt, Gap tee, French Connection necklace, TK Maxx sandals

Yes, I did wear this skirt a mere two weeks ago, but I do love it so. It’s really easy to wear – because it packs such a punch, I like to team it with a simple tee. But anyway. We’re not here to talk about the skirt. The skirt is old news compared to my NECKLACE!

I never go in French Connection, but my sis-in-law to be has more expensive tastes than I, so when shopping with her last week we popped in. And I’m so glad we did. Never have I been so enamoured with metal and plastic. So pretty! I was very impressed with FC’s collection too – next time you’re shopping, go in and have a look-see.

Which high street shops are impressing you right now? Or maybe you’ve been inspired by an independent label? Tell me all!



im really impressed with new look and primark at the moment, primark have come out with some really lovely peices over the summer period! im loving all their summer dresses! new look seems to have gone from what i always thought was a chavvy shop to a really lovely mixed ranged of styles! and the shoes are to die for!

as with river island actually, i was always so skeptical of river island until i saw my friend in this darling red dress with a crown brooch! it was amazing! no sequins or tacky pattens in sight!

E is for Eleanor

I’m totally impressed with River Island recently, like Lily above. They have ridden themselves of most of the hideous branded items/ sequins and now have some great accessories and dresses!

I love that skirt, totally nothing wrong with wearing it twice in two weeks! x


I agree with the ladies above about River Island, recently this shop has really surprised me with it’s collection on gorgeous floral and floaty summer wear, however I’ve been a fan for a few years now but must agree it can be very hit and miss at times.

I’ve recently fallen in love with ASOS too, there stuff is gorgeous and now with free shipping on everything it’s a pretty cheap way to shop when compared to the likes of Topshop et al!!

I love your skirt but I would personally wear it with a bright coloured top to make the outfit a bit more summer time =)


Style of a Fashionista

I have to admit I am well impressed with FC collection for the past couple of seasons I have fallen in love with their dresses especially.

Great skirt love the colour and the black band at the bottom, suits you so well xoxo


For their summer collections H&M and Primark – they can get away with using cheaper material in summer as everything is supposed to be light and breezy so at this time of year these two are my favourite 😀


Love this look… so fresh and so relaxed. The necklace is so pretty. I’m loving H&M and Zara’s summer collection. xoxo


Great look. The skirt is really good. I love the necklace. I’ve never been a huge fan of FCUK, but I am very impressed.


I can’t afford the time to go shopping at the moment 🙁 But I agree with other people – River Island is really upping its game and becoming less chavvy!


”Yes, I did wear this skirt a mere two weeks ago”

oh my goodness, i’m lucky if i don’t wear the same piece of clothing every two days! i’d love to see your wardrobe, you must have so many clothes. i have a really limited selection, i think i have about ten things i am constantly wearing on repeat, haha.

you look lovely, i so want your skirt!

love, jazzabelle. xxx

Pierrot le Fou

I’m loving a lotta shops right now which is bad because i’m broke

My favourite discovery of late is ‘Max London’, v cute designs


I still love that skirt on you! Wear it more, it’s so so pretty!!

And the necklace is definitely impressive!

I’m rather in love with those miu miu inspired heels in river island:)



What an unusual necklace, very pretty though.

I recently went shopping and popped in Zara, quite impressed with the range they’ve got going on, and the sizing has improved (used to be just size 8 & 10 on shop floor)

X x


I’m definitely warming to River Island as well. Not only is the stuff much less glitzy and much better quality, the prices seem to have come right down and they’re joining New Look in having those “today only £15” stickers on certain items so it’s well worth keeping an eye out for them.


My forever favourite shops will be Zara and H&M, I absolutely love the quirky pieces you can find in Zara, and H&M always has some brilliant basics for layering. New Look is getting better – and seem to always have some sort of sale on 🙂

Absolutely love your blog Jen, I’m a Leeds girl aswell and have just started my blog – hope you will check it out 🙂

If you ever get over to Harrogate you should check out a brilliant vintage shop there that I absolutely love – Space Retro Design Vintage
(http://www.spaceharrogate.com/) or a little Vintage/Handcrafted shop in Ilkely called ‘Cakewalk’ (http://cakewalkvintage.co.uk/)

Mel xxx



Yeap, this skirt is a true all-rounder, I can imagine you are wearing it a lot, Jen. (I certainly would!) And what a lovely necklace!
High Street is variable – last Saturday I was looking for 1 hour for the perfect t-shirt in Topshop – to no avail. Then I popped over to New Look and they had rows and rows of great ts for sale.

Cafe Fashionista

Ooh, I so adore that necklace, Jen – what a fabulous find! Hmmm…I will forever be obsessed with Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent anything. I find her wares absolutely marvelous!! 🙂


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