Signs of spring

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Vintage silk scarves

Floral wash bag


Bone china rose print teacup and saucer

Handmade Mother’s Day cupcakes

Mother’s Day daffodils

I love this time of year. There’s so much promise in the air – the promise of warmer weather, new beginnings and fresh starts. Hooray!

My signs of spring may not be your usual – although I DO have daffodils! – but these are the things occupying my home and bringing a smile to my face as spring starts to take flight.

The vintage silk scarves I picked up at a fair yesterday. It was held in aid of St Gemma’s Hospice – a charity local to me and one I support regularly. Throughout the year, every branch of St Gemma’s collects vintage donations and sells them at slightly higher prices at this special event. My eyes were like saucers as I took in 1960s dresses, 50s furniture and 80s accessories. I just missed out on a dressmakers dummy but did manage to scoop these three delicious silk scarves. Yummy, no?

The rose print teacup was another second hand steal. Just £3.49 for a 6 piece set, it sits next to its Royal Stafford friend on my dressing table. I think I’m becoming slightly obsessed with vintage china… while my wardrobe shrinks, my crockery cabinet grows! Oops. I’m sure that’s really not the point. Never mind.

Are there any signs of spring in your home? Share them please – I’d love to know!



I love that today we have had the window open and yesterday the front door was open with a baby gate on so that the dogs could sit in the sunshine. They love to find a little hot spot. I really love it when the weather warms up a little. x


I long to own a dressmakers dummy!
A girl can never own too much china especially when it’s this cute…an endless collection 🙂


Sunshine pouring in through the windows, daffodils and tulips and crocuses in various vases and bowls around the house and a big increase in the amount of pretty colours and floral prints in my wardrobe. Spring is by far my favourite season of the year!

Love those silk scarves Jen. Fancy doing a Lazy Girls Guide to how to wear them? I’m ok with long scarves but my neck is too short for the usual way of wearing the smaller squarer scarves and I can’t think what else to do with them.


I love those scarves! The teacup is so cute too 🙂 I’ve been feeling spring-like for the past couple of days, it’s been lovely to see the sun out and to start wearing things that are a little bit more colourful 🙂 x

E is for Eleanor

I agree with Victoria, just being able to have the window open is lovely! I sat in my parents garden today and read the papers and it was glorious!

That sale sounded amazing! The scarves are lovely, very pretty patterns. x


Lovely photos!! I made my mum ginger and lemon cupcakes for mothers day and bought her flowers too 🙂
got my GIVEAWAY finally up on my blog 🙂 check it out if uve time, you can win Lipgloss, eyeshadow, nail polish and lots more!

vicki xo

Vintage Vixen

Such pretty things, I love them all!
I snaffled some daff for my Mum today, first I’ve seen…spring must be nearly here.
I did a spring clean yesterday so everything’s gleaming.


It’s the daffodils for me, love to see them coming up. The tulips are coming up I brought back from Amsterdam last year too 🙂


Those are such beautiful pieces Jen. And I can’t help but smile at your commentary about your crockery cabinet… preparing for the future? Hahaha!

Have a great day! xoxo


I love how your collection of tea sets has been building up, they’re all so pretty and romantic!


Cafe Fashionista

Oh Jen, you’ve just brought a bit of spring into my life – I adore it! Hmmm…the signs of spring in my house are floral print tank tops – that’s the only thing I can think of right now!! 🙂


jen..this post is so lovely, the colors gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling haha as for my home…i guess purchases for my spring/summer wardrobe?? hahaaa :X



Those scarves are beautiful! And it must be nearly spring, since I saw green grass today! Although I’m still expecting a blizzard or two.

Roo Paprika

It’s a beautiful day here today, my daff bulbs on the balcony are coming along nicely and I’ve even had the deckchair out there this morning with some coffee 🙂

The scarves are gorgeous and I second the request for a lazy girl guide please


I love the Spring as it means a whole 3 seasons until Winter again. I’d love to see the scarf guide too!
Vicki xxx


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