So I’ve Got A Thing For Flowers…

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I have a real ‘thing’ about flowers. Not quite an Elton John-level ‘thing’, but a thing nonetheless. A preoccupation, some might say. Possibly a mild obsession.

Either way, I bloody love a good bouquet. Something that’s new to me, however, is the flower delivery* movement.

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When the lovely folks at Blossoming Gifts offered to send me some of their beautiful blooms – through the post – I jumped at the chance to try some ‘online flowers‘*. There’s something about having flowers actually delivered to your house that feels so totally luxurious… like you’re the kind of person who floats about in silk negliges and drinks flat whites, or something.

I chose the Hydrangea and Rose bouquet and it arrived the next day, all safely packaged in a very big box with a special water pad (which Rob referred to as a nappy) to keep it hydrated.

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The bouquet is truly beautiful – the hydrangeas are a really rich shade of blue, offset perfectly by those creamy roses and the sprigs of greenery. I’m kinda into flower arranging so enjoyed playing around with the placement a bit before sitting the vase on my dressing table and admiring my handiwork.

Sadly the hydrangeas didn’t last that long – after a few days they were on the turn and a week later they’re completely gone. The rest of the bouquet is still going strong, however… maybe hydrangeas just have a shorter shelf life.

Although ordering flowers online isn’t something I’ll do on the regular, it’s a pretty glorious way to treat yo’self (or a friend). Especially when the discount code BGIFTS33 will get you 33% off everything but the Flowers by Post range on Blossoming Gifts… these pretty peonies (OMG peony season, amirite?) are next on my list!

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These are beautiful! I LOVE fresh flowers, definitely the best little luxury to treat yourself to!

Maria xxx


Beautiful flowers. And I have to admit, I like blue flowers. It’s a change from the everlasting red and yellow and white ones.


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