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eBay dress, Topshop cardigan and socks, Primark brogues, Zara belt

You know in organised sports when a player isn’t performing to their best, they get substituted for someone stronger, less tired and more willing to throw themselves around a field*? Yes, well. That’s the theory I’m using to support the sudden appearance of this dress (and yesterday’s leather trousers) in my 30 for 30 wardrobe.

You see, there are a number of items I haven’t worn yet. The grey tee from American Apparel being one, and the vintage pleated skirt being two. So I’d like to propose a swapsies. The grey tee for this dress, and the pleated skirt for the leather trews. And possibly something else tomorrow, if what I’m wearing on my feet right now is anything to go by. Ooops.

Now, the Mr classes this as cheating but in my opinion, it’s a simple case of substitution. At the end of the challenge, 30 pieces will have been remixed – no more, no less. Just because I had a fit of the indecisives half way through, doesn’t mean I’m a cheater! Right, dear readers? You’re on my side, aren’t you?

*I’m feigning knowledge of, and interest in, organised sports right here. 



Definitely not a cheater Jen, especially since you haven’t even worn said items yet. I think you’re doing a cracking job in this challenge and I love today’s outfit. I’m glad you swapped this dress into the equation because it’s so pretty =)

Bow Dream Nation xx


I love the dress 🙂 You’re doing rather good with the 30 day challenge! Despite the little cheats 😉 Corr blimey.

Fashion Junkie

Like the substitutions and I’m with you- if you haven’t worn the items you’re subbing out, then it’s not cheating. Go you on the challenge and loving this dress.


haha i think thats perfectly fair tell the Mr this is not cheating in my book 🙂 ps love the socks over the tights! xo


Yes I say it’s fine to swap! Especially since it’s your first time. Perhaps next time you can then try using only the 30 items you choose? By then you will have learnt more about your style too and how best to choose a capsule wardrobe for next time 🙂


Definitely allowed! Especially as that dress is so pretty. Really enjoying following you mix and match all the items throughout the month. xx


Oh Jen, I thought you had cycling shorts on for a minute then! Dear me, time to clean my glasses I think!! That’s an absolutely gorgeous dress. And yup, substitutions are definitely allowed as long as you haven’t already worn them.


Ooh you cheat! I see what you are doing Jen. 😉
Pretty dress, not sure I’d be able to rock the socks look though.
Alex’s comment made me really laugh…



I think as long as by the end of the challenge you haven’t worn more than 30 items you still win!

It just shows your learning something from the challenge about what you wear and what you don’t, and what goes with what, after all!

Rochelle Approved

30 items is still only 30 items so you’re totally still not cheating for the 30 for 30! That dress is adorable and I can see why it beat out the grey tee!


polka dot

`Hey Jen just a very quick note – it’s after 1:00 and I haven’t jumped in the shower yet and have to get over to SH ASAP before it ends and I lose my favourite jumper which is in my locker in the photographer’s press room! But just wanted to say it was lovely seeing you too and I’m not sure what you meant in the comment but just email me any time – I think you mean re sending photos? I’d love to. Whatever you’d like. And yes, sorry – your outfit IS very Carey Mulligan. It’s funny she’s become the new British style icon: she’s just got something so.. real about her. I love her style. xx


It’s not cheating, it’s far more a wise swap. That dress is wonderful and begging to be worn. Sometimes rules are made to be broken.

p.s Thank you for the advice, I really do appreciate it x


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