Sunday Smile #27

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This blog post comes to you from amidst boxes (and boxes and boxes…) of clothing, assorted fragile things wrapped in newspaper and piles of books that threaten to topple over at the slightest hint of a breeze. Yes – I’m moving house.

They say moving house is one of life’s more stressful experiences, although so far I’m having fun discovering my childhood copy of Malory Towers (queue an hour-long break from organising the books to… erm, read a book) and unleashing my ruthless side on my wardrobe. Anything not worn in the last 6 months is now residing in my favourite charity shop, so if you fancy a pair of sequin leggings or a boho gypsy blouse, get yourself to the North Leeds branch of St Gemma’s Hospice, stat.

We still have a week and a half until moving day, so I’m sure stress levels will be greatly increased as time inevitably flies by. For now though, as the Mr discusses the logistics of getting our huge sofa out of our not-so-huge flat (my contribution – “we got it in there so surely we can get it out.”), I’m amusing myself by trying out every colour in the wonderful Nails Inc gift set I won in Hayley’s giveaway.


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What’s making you smile today?


Victoria India

Ohhhh how exciting!! I hate moving, 3 times in 3 years has killed me slightly. Be doing it all again in the Summer. But YAYYYY for getting your new place really soon! 😀

These nail polishes are amazing! Well done for winning. Im very jealous.

The thought of my roast dinner this evening is making me smile! xo


I’m off to see the house later and taking measurements so that’s quite exciting. And stressful.

Things making me smile: Take That’s new album, scrambled eggs, going to see Harry Potter later!

Miss Lucy

Ooh Malory Towers – I loved that as a child! Hope the move isn’t too stressful, exciting times.

Making me smile: the soup I know I’m going to have for lunch!

Penny Dreadful

What a great prize, congratulations! I quite like moving house, the most fun bit is when you get to unpack all the books and put them in order in teh new house. Yes, I am *that* kind of nerd. Good luck with all the packing x


Aaaw moving got me so stressed I was ill for months! It’ll be fine when it’s over 🙂 I loved rediscovering things though x


If I lived in Leeds I would be belting down to that charity shop!

Making me smile today: I just taught myself how to knit a hem, and I’m now going to a Christmas Market.


I hope the move goes smoothly! I’m also guilty for being lead astray by a good book. They’re just so tempting. Fingers crossed that you get the sofa out the door – if not, try the window! What’s making me smile? The thought that I get to see my boyfriend for Christmas in about three weeks.


Good luck with the move!
Gorgeous nail varnishes, lucky you!

My sunday is all about a lovely roast dinner and wine with friends. Perfect.


Books always have the ability to sway my attention, it sounds like you’re all packed up and ready for the move. Just think in a few weeks times, it’ll all be done and you’ll be snuggled up in wonderful new surroundings = total bliss x


I’m so glad you liked them!
I used to love Malory Towers, and Twins at St Clairs. I begged my parents to send me to boarding school for so long!


Love the look of the gold nail polish, brilliant prize. Hope the move goes well. Things making me smile today have been mostly food related: nice breakfast made by my boyfriend + been out for Sunday lunch = greedy!


Ditto for the Malory Towers love! How I wanted to be Darrell when I was stuck in my boring local junior school.

Good luck for the move – especially the sofa logistics! x

Gem Fatale

Ooh good luck with packing and the move! How exciting 🙂
I am beyond jealous of that gift set you won! And you know how much I love nail stuff, I’m not just leaving a typical ‘omg jealous’ comment. I MEAN this!


Excellent choice of reading material Jen! I’m more of a Chalet School fan myself but the Malory Towers and St Clares books live in my bookcase too.

Hope the packing is going as smoothly as possible – you must be so excited to get settled into the new place!

I’m on holiday so everything is making me smile. But mostly it’s not having to go to work this week, woop woop!


Good luck moving house!! I’ve done it enough times to confidently tell you that it’s a lot of fun re-discovering some of your old things.

Oooo, these nail polishes are gorgeous!!


Forgot to mention I found a copy of Daryll and chums boarding school adventures in a charity shop a couple weeks ago(nostalgic moi?:)!



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