Sunday Smile #9

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Happy Sunday folks! Hope you’re all feelin’ fine on this, erm, grey and cloudy day. Well, it’s Bank Holiday Weekend. What did you expect?!

I went to see Sex and The City 2 last night – full review coming tomorrow. Needless to say, after the film we drowned our sorrows in vodka and danced away our blues. So today was spent lounging, eating and enjoying being at home with the Mr.


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I baked this delicious chocolate cake using a recipe from one of my favourite blogs, afeitar. As promised by the lovely Helen, it was super simple to make and tasted delicious. It didn’t quite rise properly, but then nothing does in my rubbish oven. 

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This utterly delightful floral hook is from BHS and was just £6. BHS have the most amazing homeware at splendidly cheap prices. It’s been my little secret for a while – I’ve got a list as long as my arm! 

My feet (and head) were far too achey for trooping through muddy fields this morning, so thrifted goodies are slim on the ground this weekend. I did snag this wonderful wash bag at the charity shop yesterday. I’m a sucker for a wash bag!

Come on then – how’s your Sunday shaping up? Have you been out and about enjoying (ahem) the weather, or are you ensconced on the sofa like me? Do tell!

PS – On this week’s Wardrobe Wonderings post I asked you to send me a photo of you rocking a brave, bold and beautiful look for a follow up post next week. If you’d like to feature (along with a link to your blog) in the post, please email me your photo asap! 



Lunch with my Mum in Chapel A, a brew, catching up with Britain’s Got Talent, chill out time tonight! Lovely 🙂



I still haven’t seen SATC 2, a bit of a crime but I just haven’t got round to it AND I hate cinemas when there rammed! Looking forward to your review.

I have done nothing today. Literally.
I’m going to attempt to cook later tonight.

& I’m also dreaming of a pretty cake stand x

Roo Paprika

I am curled up on the sofa, I meant to be studying (I am doing an OU degree in Geosciences) but I keep browsing the interweb instead. The Aussie is slouching on a beanbag and there is beef in red wine in the slow cooker. Domestic bliss.

Interested to hear your SATC2 review, the papers have panned it…


im plowing through final presentations for my logo work. although as tomorrow is an extention of the weekend im going to either go to the beach or go shopping!


My god that cake looks gorgeous!! Definitely bookmarking that recipe…
I’ve seen a few bits in BHS for bathrooms that I quite liked (from the luxury of the Nandos in the White Rose!) but never bothered venturing any further in, that is really cute though 🙂

Em x

That cake looks so beautiful. Sounds like you had a good night but i think i must be the only girl in the world who is not bothered by SATC at all!


Pretty pix!
I have been rocking with mirth at the sarcastic reviews of SatC. It has been absolutely slated!!!
Wonder what you’ll say. I’m not a fan so I just got a lot of snide pleasure (sick, aren’t I) from the pasting it took.


I’m drooling over the chocolate cake… it looks so moist and yummy. Can’t wait for your SATC review. xoxo

Vintage Vixen

Lovely coat hook and rather attractive cake, too!
My weekend has mostly been spent moving my bro to his new pad, drinking, eating crap, catching up with friends and reading the papers.
Presently I’m relaxing with a glass of vino whilst Jon rustles up a salad in the kitchen.


yep, i’m staying in today, the weather is grotty. going to see satc tomorrow, although i think it has lost it’s charm for me lately 🙁


I’ve been hearing so many bad things about SATC2, such a shame 🙁 I’ll still see it though, gotta be loyal to the girls!

Pink Flower

I’ve noticed that BHS is getting rather good at selling the old white vintagey looking homeware objects. They had some gorgeous old looking empty glass bottles that would have looked amazing in the bathroom filled with brightly coloured bubble bath.

And that cake – looks utterly lush


I can’t wait to see SATC 2 – have to wait until after my exams are over though 🙁 That cake looks amazing! Sounds like you’ve had a lovely laid back Sunday. I’ve spent mine revising for my economics exam and dreaming of life after exams…x


Same old Sunday – working! And then revision!

Cake looks so good – it’s been ages since I had time to bake, I may have to try this out.

And I’m now off in search of cake… Mmm…
Lou x


Today was my first Sunday off for ages! I had taken the week off work (which coincided with my mum being out the country…funny that, eh?) and had had a few mates round. So I was cleaning up in time for mum coming home! Then round at my sisters for tea.
That cake looks scrumptious – much better than my failed brownies (and the 3 second rule couldn’t apply to mine unfortunately- it had crumbled everywhere and the dog must have felt like she had died and gone to heaven!!)


I was interested to read your comment on Twitter not-so-subtly having a go at people stealing (your?) ideas….

Didn’t your blog used to be called “Pretty Penniless” and it was very swiftly changed after Eleanor at “Pretty Much Penniless” cottoned on to what you were doing?

#justsayin. Odds on this comments being removed? 2-1


Hello Anonymous. I’m not in the habit of removing comments unless they’re hideously offensive, so no worries there.

My blog was indeed called Pretty Penniless. I’ve never hidden nor denied that, in fact I’ve mentioned it a few times. I found Ellie by googling my own blog name to see how high I ranked (she came first). I also told her that and since then we’ve become firm friends! It’s not such a stretch of the imagination for two blogs to have similar names, is it? I’m sure there are lots of A Little Birds out there, and many more Anonymouses…

My comments on Twitter were perhaps silly. Sometimes my emotions get the better of me. I work very, very hard on my blog and developing my own tone of voice is a huge part of that. Surely you can understand that seeing your own words hastily rehashed on someone else’s blog is a little upsetting?

But, you’re right. It was unfair of me to air such grievances in public and I’ll definitely think twice about it next time.

Pretty Penniless still exists on Tumblr, and if you care to take a peep you’ll see Ellie from PMP was a regular commenter for a number of months before I decided to make the jump to blogger. The name change was purely due to my fickle nature.

Hope this helps clear up any confusion.



yummy cake = lucky mr. haha
and the hook is beautiful, it would be a great addition to your space..and my sunday has been great, it was my first day to the beach this summer! so yayy for a bit of summer glow?! 🙂


gosh, the cake sure do look yummy! I wish I’m not such a klutz in the kitchen!!

I’ll love to read your review on the SATC2 movie wardrobe:)



If you are going to do a post on SATC2, can we please talk about how carrie’s chest seems to have blown up in size? I forget all the rest of the movie, except for her new chest… or am I going crazy?


Awww, I can’t see your pictures, it says bandwith exceeded! Cry 🙁

But I did have a lovely Sunday. I spent about 8 hours (!!!) at my aunt’s house – she had invited us for Sunday lunch so I got to hang out with cousins, nieces, nephews, new puppies, aunts, and uncles, and feast on scrumptious food. And bake scones and victoria sponge cake. Nom nom nom… still in a food coma today. 🙂


Yay I’m glad you liked the cake! BHS home has some lovely stuff, a bhs home store has just opened in my town, I love it.


Yum, this cake does look delicious, Jen! With all the decoration I’m wondering if there was a special occasion with the Mr…
Please tell us what you think of SATC2. Was the drowning of sorrows down to the quality of the film? Wishing you a lovely bank holiday with more sun (ha ha, fat chance! 😉


I feel that you come across a little fake, tweets and blog come over as two different people.

Pea Green Kitty

Mmmmmmm! Cake!
BHS is a secret passion of mine for pretty things like that, I often nip in whilst waiting for the bus on Boar lane in town! Shhhhh!
In answer to your Q, the vintage fair was indeed the one at St Gemmas, its FAB! Im defo going to the next one!


thank-you for your sweet comment, jen! 🙂 wow, the cake looks oh so yummy! i just love the ‘love’ letters and the floral hook. i must agree, bhs is pretty damn good! love, jazzabelle. x


I went to two weddings this weekend!

TK Maxx is my secret for homewares. They have some amazing stuff on the cheap.


Good job on the cake Jen! My oven is unpredictable too but I work on the basis that as long as it tastes ok it doesn’t really matter too much what it looks like.

I had a busy old weekend which I’ll probably rambly blog about fairly soon.

I’m planning on a brave look tomorrow – hope it’s not too late to add me to your list (as long as the pics work out to my satisfaction).

Just out of interest (I’m not on Twitter) – is someone plagiarising you?

LadyBugSays ...

That cake looks yummy! I think I need to check out BHS home section!! I spent my Sunday wallpapering, and discovering I hate wallpapering!


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