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Although A Little Bird was only hatched nine months ago, I’ve been documenting my life for quite some time. I started on paper, upgraded to an Open Diary, then Live Journal, followed by MySpace, Facebook and Tumblr before finally settling here. I’ve been blogging in a variety of guises for 10 years, and during that time I’ve had my fair share of issues.

In this regular feature, I’ll be exploring and discussing some of the things we, as bloggers of any description, face every day. And we’re starting with a biggie – jealousy.

(Can I squeeze an outfit in first? Come on, you won’t even notice it. Just a quick one…)


Photobucket Photobucket

Thrifted trousers, H&M top, Primark cardi, Topshop ring, New Look sandals, Elsie Belle necklace, thrifted bag, Rayban sunnies

Okay, enough of that. Down to the serious stuff.

I refuse to believe there’s a blogger out there who has yet to turn slightly green whilst perusing another blog. Blogger jealousy comes in many forms – follower envy (as in, they have more than you), comment envy (as in, they have more than you), money envy (as in… you get it), style envy, home envy, designer label envy, lifestyle envy… on and on it goes. There is a rivalry between bloggers thats breeds this jealousy and it can often lead to deleted blogs, hate-filled comments and even out-and-out war.

As bloggers go head to head, brandishing their Google Analytics stats, waving their sponsorships and clutching their freebies, every aspect of our blogs is scrutinised. What does this comment mean? Why have I lost a follower? If I give in to LOOKBOOK, will I get more hits? (All questions I’ve muttered to myself while refreshing the page obsessively.)

Over the last few months, I’ve been suffering quite badly with stress. My blog started as an escape from everyday life, a place to share and enjoy fashion. I didn’t mean for it to morph into a gauntlet for battle, but I find myself constantly comparing this blog to others, wondering why growth is quicker for them than it is for me, why they do this, how they do that.

Well, I’m taking a stand. I will not obsess over the numbers. I will not compare myself to other blogs. I will remind myself that my blog is an amazing achievement because people outside my immediate family read it. I won’t chastise myself for missing the all-important Monday post. I will stop trying to categorise myself and my posts, and I will remember the reason I started doing this – to share, to connect, to enjoy. Will you join me?



Your blog is great, there is no need to be jealous of any others but I think we all know where you’re coming from. It’s hard not to go green when people have more followers / comments than you and their blog hasn’t even been about as long as yours.

You should start a blog / online diary etc because you want to communicate with the world and express yourself and NOT because you want 2321321 people to read it. Yes, its nice when you have a lot of followers etc but that shouldn’t be your sole reason for blogging. The internet is for fun, not for competition =)

City Girls Fashion Box

I totally agree, and im glad you posted this, blogging is about expressing yourself- whether that be your daily outfits or what you had for breakfast, it’s not a popularity contest.

I’ve been blogging for well over a year now, and I used to get wound up when new bloggers would create giveaways just for new followers, but at the end of the day,i’ve come to decide that although it’s nice to know that people take an interest in my ramblings, i would still do it even if no one read it, because i enjoy it 🙂

i’m glad you posted this post, i think it will mean quite alot to most bloggers 🙂

keep up the good work missy! xxxx


Great post! And fab outfit, I love those trousers!

I completely agree with you, blogging should be fun, I did a post touching on this last month. There’s room for everyone in the blogging community and it should be a fun hobby. Like you say, we should remember why we started blogging in the first place and be proud of our achievements no matter what anyone else is getting up to!

I LOVE your blog, I always read it even if I don’t always comment and you’ve inspired many a look for me!


rainbows & fairydust

LOL blog envy! it gets us all! I am currently jealous of all those bloggers with the YSL ringthat i want but can in NO WAY EVER afford!

But i will get over it, and i almost have!

blogging is meant to be fun and i use mine as a way to connect with like minded people (plus i LOVE having my photo taken!). And i use their blogs to get fashion inspiration from “ordinary” people.

It’s magic!

Em x

You are right its really not worth getting stressed out over blogging. Your blog is fantastic! xx

Kyla Roma

I love hearing your take on this! I think the best thing I ever did was stop checking my stats regularly. I picked one to measure how my site was doing (my subscriber numbers) and I only check it once a week. My next battle is checking comments at the end of my work day, rather than through out the day.

Focusing on those tiny details pulls your focus away from writing about things that make you really excited and onto things that you really can’t control. I’m with you 🙂

Bangs and a Bun

Amen sister, AMEN! I’ve had my blog for 2 and a half years and it’s only recently that it’s started to take off. And all during that time, I’ve had blogger envy issues, but probably about a year ago, I realised, there’s no point in me comparing my blog to anybody else’s. It’s going to grow at the rate it’s meant to. Like you, I’m doing it to share, connect and most of all ENJOY, so I’ve made a point to try not to sweat the small stuff.

And trust me, for nine months in, your blog is an absolutely AMAZEBALLS achievement!


well said lady, I’m constantly amazed at the amount of open bitching on blogger / twitter – and I don’t get it.

I say let bloggers be – I like running competitions because it’s exciting to share my goodies, I’m running one this now which means I get to genuinely promote a new site I like (I’ve noticed you doing this too) – and hear what my readers like, what their styles are etc … it just appeals to my noseyness.

Freebies are lovely, but then there’s the work involved reviewing, and writing up your opinion – but that’s the same as the magazine world, and that’s one of the things I love about blogger – it’s like getting 100s of magazine fixes in one 🙂

I’m new to your blog – I think I saw you comment on someone elses and was intrigued enough to pop over, and that’s how it goes huh?

If people just follow for the sake of it (say through a giveaway) then I wouldn’t expect them to stay if they didn’t win.

I’ve been guilty of deleting blogs I follow – but mostly because, shock horror – I’ve decided I don’t actually enjoy reading that particular blog anymore and I’d like to save some dashboard space for someone else… and I’ve seen bloggers comment and bitch on twitter about loosing ‘subs’ – but readers shouldn’t just be numbers no? I always comment on blogs – that’s what I love about it most, the community.

Anyhoos – sorry for the essay, I just really enjoyed your post – thought it was very honest!

a x

Two Little Birds Vintage Boutique

I’m quite new to this blogging malarchy but I really enjoy your blog, you come across down to earth and very nice. I think it’s very easy for people to be nasty when they can hide behind their computers, but don’t let it get to you delete the negative and remember the positive because it’s your achievement. Well done!

Cheers Emma x


I’ll try my best! I tend to suffer from jealousy over this, especially from my real life friend whose blog is 100 times more popular than mine. I can’t believe you haven’t written one of the big ones, though – beauty jealousy. The most popular bloggers tend to be gorgeous and skinny and I feel deflated as I can’t compete with that at all.

I love this post, though. Go you!


I couldn’t agree more with you.. and for anyone who says they never felt this way must be lying! haha
Love those trousers xx


i’m so glad you wrote about this jen, i really am. i lack so much confidence and self esteem (as if you didn’t already know that) so i sometimes get rather low when i look at other people’s blogs. i’m maily jealous of the quality of the photographs, the followers, the money, the clothes and of course, beauty. i’m trying not to be though, as i am extremely proud of my blog and what i have achieved since i started in march.

isn’t it so annoying, practically everything we do is fuelled my jealously and competitiveness, even if only subconciously.

i’ve said it before, but your posts are always such a joy to read.

love, jazzabelle. xxx


Well done, Jen! Be proud of what you’ve created regardless of what others are doing. I get green occasionally but I’ve not got the time that others have to network on Twitter all day and properly develop my blog and have to tell myself that when people have a zillion more followers than me. Yours is wonderful though, you should be so proud xx


Good post and probably a lot of truth in it. I have been Blogging for a couple of years and the good and bad comments I welcome. The give always are all a fix to get more followers.


Couldn’t agree more! In the earlier days I would be a tad obsessed and Google Analytics just made it worse. In the end I thought “Sod it!” and since I’ve stopped obsessing I’ve enjoyed it more, and my blog has gone from strength to strength. Honestly? Numbers/freebies and things don’t bother me in the slightest (anymore) and that’s just the way I like it 🙂 xx



I’m a very new reader of your blog (hi!), but, like you, have been blogging for around ten years, starting out on good old Livejournal, so I’ve definitely had my share of the nastiness that can come with this particular territory. I think style blogging in particular can be a big envy-trigger – there’s just so much competition now, and every new blog I find seems to be better than the last one – but I totally agree with what everyone else has said: as difficult as it can be, sometimes it’s good to just forget everyone else and remember why you do it in the first place.

Great post (and outfit!) 🙂


Very cool post and your honestly is refreshing.

I think the attitude you’ve settled on is totally right – you shouldn’t compare to other people. Just know that you are successful in your own right and continue to enjoy blogging 🙂

Sofia x


I don’t like blogs that are too “professional” or closely tied to sponsors or seem to be selling me something. I don’t want industry-insiders either. They’re too bland.

I want down-to-earth information with no hidden agenda. I love your blog. It’s funny and it’s personal to you. It doesn’t read like you’re flogging some product. Keep doing what you’re doing. You do it well.

The 3rd photo is especially gorgeous today. You have your own style and you look great.

Try to enjoy it more and agonise less. Don’t be dictated to by anxiety. Make your blog pleasing to you.


I am the first to admit I did get jealous when looking at blogs that hadn’t been around for as long as me (which is a teeny blogging lifespan of 7ish months) but then I realised, I value every person who follows, as they follow for a reason. I must interest someone out there. And that’s good enough.

I LOVE getting the feedback I get, proper thought out answers rather than two word comments showing that someone hasn’t read the post I’ve spent time writing.

I love the outfit also. Nicely sneaked in.

X x


I recently started a BLOGGING few months ago and have loads of followers and then moved on to TWITTER. There is loads of “digs and bitching” going on about other peoples Blogs and grammer! None of that should really matter all that much but people make such a big deal out of it. If that is the only way you can make a dig it’s not nice.


Love this <3

I think we all get a little jealous, but it’s important to remember how far we have all come. When you take away the jealousy, its great, I think you enjoy it more, I love seeing my friends doing so well.

Great Post and lovely blog, Well done on your successes so far and congrats on your new follower 😉 glad to be apart of it xox


I love what you wrote, I often suffer envy of other bloggers photography skills, to the point that I was going to invest in a new (very expensive) camera to try and make my blog pics better. I’ll doubt I’ll ever have a massive following or move to a place where I make money out of my blog or have sponsors, I only started it because the other girls on mse had one and I thought it would be a good idea. It’s helped my fashion confidence heaps, I enjoy posting about my second hand finds and that’s it. I can sometimes forget that it’s a little hobby and it anyone reads it it’s a bonus.

I love your blog, I find it really interesting and like the different features which keep it interesting, keep up the good work xx


Absolutely Jen! Blogging should be fun and an outlet for one’s creativity. I never started the following thing because a) as a German ‘following’ immediately has unpleasant connotations (the Germans followed once and that really didn’t go well…), but also because b) I didn’t want it to become a popularity contest. There are a lot of bloggers who comment like robots just to get comments back (sorry, if this sounds a bit bitchy) and I realised that this is really not what I’m interested in. I really don’t want to run around like a headless chicken just to get some comments back!
So I would say – keep doing what you are doing, because it’s GREAT. (& BTW, the outfit is, too, including the super chic tennis wife sun glasses 😉 xoxo


P.S. On the other hand I never had any bitchy comments or read anything bad about other bloggers, neither on blogs nor on twitter et al. But perhaps I’m just a bit naive…

Vintage Vixen

I love blogging, since I started I’m astounded at how much of an impact it’s made on my life. By 3pm I’m thinking of something interesting to write about which is true to me but won’t alienate my diverse range of followers.
If a follower drops out I do question myself and wonder how I’ve let them down but there again I stop following blogs all the time if I feel they are moving away from the ideas and styles I once admired them for or include too much advertising or posting wish lists.
Your blog is fab, you thoroughly deserve every follower. Be true to yourself and if life gets in the way then let it.
PS Great trousers!


@ Amy – I wanted to tackle the idea of blog popularity jealousy specifically, but I definitely know where you’re coming from. Body image is a tough one to deal with, but when you’re constantly seeing beautiful, slim, gorgeous and pretty girls, it makes it even harder.

As a size 12/14, I sometimes feel horribly jealous of petite girls but that’s one thing I REFUSE to feel bad about. I look the way I look. I’ll never look like those lithe, beachy Californians, but that’s okay by me.

Thank you for all your wonderful comments. It’s great to get so many perspectives on this issue and really encouraging to find we all pretty much feel the same. 🙂 xx


Blogging is my favorite thing to do these days, and I definitely feel a slight bit of blogger envy every now and then. But for me, it’s more my own competitive edge that gets me. One thing After I started blogging, I realized right away that bloggers are greedy beings. We all want our blogs to be the best, and we want more followers, more views, more comments, etc. Great post! Very thought provoking!


Well said, I started my blog last november and will admit to past jealousy over bloggers who have become more well known. It’s only in the past month since my health got worse that blogging had to take a back seat that I’ve realised how silly that is. I love blogging and I love reading blogs and making connections with bloggers, sod resenting each other!


As I said on twitter, this is a great post (and those trousers are fabulous). I get very jealous, I look at my relatively small number of followers and the effort I put in to try and be entertaining and then look at other blogs that have 1000’s of followers and wonder why blogging about make up swatches is so much better than what I do. But people like what they like I suppose. I started blogging for me so I shouldn’t worry about having a million followers.

I love your blog, I love that you find such amazing things when ‘thrifting’ and i’m glad you aren’t gonna let it bother you! x


@ *R* – I find the endless swatches of lipstick completely dull. But then, I’m sure people find my endless outfit posts dull. People DO like what they like.

Original content is something I strive for every single day. Seeing the same old stuff getting hundreds of comments is a hard pill to swallow, but at least I know the effort and imagination that goes into MY blog, even if the comment count doesn’t quite reflect that.

Thanks for your lovely words. You know I’m a huge fan of you too! 🙂 xx


Wow really agree with everything you say here, such a poignant post 🙂 I think I’m going to take a week off from checking analytics, it’s surely damaging my health! Really enjoy your blog, please carry on blogging x


Just noticed the google analytics, I don’t even know how to do that?!?! Probs a good thing though. 🙂



I don’t think you have anything to be jealous of but I think we’ve all been there, it’s natural & anyone who denies is is probably telling a little porky-pie!

Your blog is my absolute favourite fashion blog and I know I don’t comment nearly as much as I should do! The way you write is uh-ma-zing & that’s something I wish I could do as well as you. See, there’s that jealousy thing arriving hehe.

Keep doing what you’re doing, Jen! So many people love it.



this is exactly what I needed right now, I was on the verge of deleting my blog, I read fantastic blogs like yours, with 600+ followers and then I look at my blog.. 3 followers two of which I see almost every day. I think I’ll give it another go, so thank you for this! I just need to come up with some new ideas for posts!
Steph x


I used to have another blog, and deleted it because no-one commented on it or seemed to read it. In my naivety I somehow expected immediate followers. Then someone said to me, just because I didn’t get any comments doesn’t mean people didn’t read it. It’s true. I read many blogs, sometimes only snippets of it, but I don’t leave a comment on everyone.
I admit that I don’t write as interesting a blog as many that I read. Some are way out of my league when it comes to content.
You have a nice blog by the way and a good post.
Could be a good discussion for the Event on 30th July.

Lavender hearts

bakelady59 is absolutely right, I spend most evenings reading blogs, but I won’t comment unless I feel I can add something useful. I love your blog – it’s beautifully presented and you see like very genuine person.

I’ve had blog envy on many occasions – usually when I see beautiful photographs (mine are always rushed) or when I read some blogs where all they have to worry about is whether to bake a Victoria sandwich one day cookies the next when I barley have time to brush my hair! I don’t get it so much now as I tend to blog for me and not worry abut others. 🙂 Keep doing what you’re doing.


The outfit post was needed! Cute ring, but on a serious note, I think you’ve just successfully broached somewhat of a blogging tabboo. My envy usually stems from beautiful pictures (something I never seem to have the time to attempt.) Your blog is one of my favourites, your writing style unique & witty, your competitions brilliant. Please continue doing what you’re doing, (although maybe minus the pressure if you can manage it!) xXx


Great, thought-provoking post Jen.

I started blogging because I really enjoyed reading other people’s blogs and wanted to join and contribute to the community – a lot of my friends aren’t all that interested in clothes so it was a chance to blether away to people who share my love of fashion.

I’m pretty shy in real life and sometimes I can’t believe I’ve put myself ‘out there’ with the blog -and there are some days when I look at other blogs and see the massive followings and amazing designer clothes and wonder what I’m doing.

But ultimately it’s about meeting people with a shared interest and a small group of good friends online or offline is always preferable to me than a large group of acquaintances.

PS Lovely pics – don’t think I’ve seen you in that setting before.

Dreams That Glitter

I am a new follower, but I absolutely adore your blog, in fact I may be a bit jealous, you’re stunning, and so is your layout! But if blogging isn’t fun anymore then that’s when everyone worry. Just keep having a good time with it and that’s all that matters. Keep up the great work!



Jen you have nothing to worry about but I do know how you feel! I am relatively new to blogging but have used sites like livejournal for years. Since starting my blog I seem to envy peoples time more than anything…. I am always so rushed off my feet I would love to have as much time as other people seem to do to write lovely posts, put together beautiful outfits and spend time crafting!

Your blog is certainly one of my favourites and I admire your interesting way of writing and relaxed attitude! Please keep up the good work! xx


Having met you Jen, you are as generous and warm in the flesh as you are on the blog! That’s why we all love ya! Authenticity counts for much more than stats driven behaviour. If one really wanted to, you could be bitchy, undermine others and provoke debate and then stats shoot upwards.
What I love about your blog (considering I’m a whopping big lass with no fashion sense) is the tone, the reflection, the personality, and the wit! You aren’t shouty about yourself in the slightest!

My personal problem is over sensitivity, and social media can amplify my emotions so I swing from the chandeliers with an nice compliment, and dive into the depths if I think I’ve inadvertently offended someone! Such a people pleaser!!!

I’m also prone to keeping a weather eye on other people’s blogs, but I think that’s natural to some degree. What I hope, like you have proven, is that I can master my emotions and be as generous to others as you are!

Everyone who blogs, who dares voice an opinion, who does something creative deserves to feel part of a supportive community!

Lots of love! See you on the 30th!

pip a la chic

Great post! I get jealousy over other come she has more followers then me…but then realise dI hd my own little followers that were interested in what I blogged about it.

I don’t even know why you worry..I think a lot of people would be blog envy of you! 🙂


Yay for doing your blog for you! You can tell that is the reason you do it – every post is original and brings a new idea to the table or anew approach. That is why people read it. Keep it up! x


Your thoughts on jealousy are so right on. I don’t think anyone can say she never gets jealous of another blogger. I think what matters is how we use those feelings. For me, I try to learn from what other bloggers do well in order to be a better blogger myself. And also, it helps remembering why I started my blog in the first place. To have fun with fashion and food!!

Great post!! And I’m glad you showed us an outfit pic too–love it!

Lisa Lisa Lisa

1: Congrats on your 9 month anniversary =)
2: I love your outfit.
3: I know what you mean about the curiosity about why some blogs are more popular than your own. I’ve tried to make a userfriendly blog with interesting posts; while still keeping it interesting and fun for myself. I know I’m not an Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere, but I am just etching out my tiny corner of the www. Well, you get the picture =)


This post is completely what everybody needed to hear. I’ve just been reading all the above comments and it just shows this is something we all can relate to.

I am so glad you wrote this, I got a very strange comment last week, and it really annoyed me, they had purposely gone out of there way to say something nasty for no reason.
I think blogging is very competitive, and I have many a time wondered whether I talk about stuff people don’t necessarily want to read, but at the end of the day, it’s my blog and I shouldn’t feel pressured to be something I’m not.

You are a huge inspiration to me Jen :)x

Anna Jane

First off, great outfit (as always Jen)! The high-waisted jeans / loose tee combo work perfectly on you.

As for the issue of blog envy, I completely agree that it is all too easy to become caught in the trap of believing that more followers/higher stats equals a better blog. But as they always say, quality is definitely better than quantity and it is therefore much more significant to own a blog with fewer followers but high-quality posts than with more followers and lower-quality posts.
I admit to being a follower of many “popular” fashion blogs out there on Bloglovin’, but often I’m so surprised to come across poorly written articles, forcing me to think “how on earth do they have so many followers?!”

I really hope you realise that your blog is one of the few good-quality fashion blogs out there – your posts are fun, witty, and bursting with useful information and amusing facts. You also have a consistent stream of followers who like you for who you are as a fashion enthusiast and talented writer. So don’t ever forget that!

Now please don’t get stressed because we love you 🙂
– Anna Jane xxx

.... x hel x ....

I agree there is a lot of blog envy, I think the best thing is to not dwell and just carry on writing for your own benefit more than anyone elses.

I have the urge for you to be wearing braces with that outfit! Is that crazy?


x hel x


this was a really funny post to read, as i had no idea this sort of thing went on!! i’ve been blogging for a little while now but still only have 9 followers – and can honestly say i don’t mind!! i wasn’t even aware there were things like Google Analytics to check your blog – what is that for?
I started blogging as i love to waffle on about clothes, shoes, make up, etc, but i think the higgledy piggledy way in which i blog probably puts people off following. I never check my comments cos i’ve only ever had two and one was from a friend hahahaha, but like i said, it’s fine – i blog out of fun!!
Love your blog and your outfits are great


Hey Jen,

Despite my long silence, I still continue to blog stalk you every day… And when I see an owl I think of you! Sorry you’re feeling the stress, but your blog is fabulous and well worth the effort from my POV as a reader and avid follower. You do an excellent job of entertaining writing, and look gorgeous while you do it.

Those trousers are fab, incidentally.



I think a lot of the other comments have summed up my position nicely. I won’t ever be stylish enough or thin enough or rich enough to be the same as some of the big name bloggers out there so I’ll carry on wittering on about the stuff that interests me and hope that people like to read it.

It shocked me a little bit that you feel the same things about your blog that I do about mine cos in my mind you’re one of the aspirational lot! Beautiful, innovative writing, great style, lovely photos, freebies, followers – you’ve got it all.

I do need to stop fixating so much on the amount of comments I get though. I seem to equate low comment numbers with a crap post when there are probably any number of reasons why people don’t add a comment, and really, I’d much rather have thoughtful, interesting comments than one liners anyway.

E is for Eleanor

Jen you are fabulous, and so is this post.

Bit late on the band wagon but I totally agree with all of this.

I have been feeling pretty stressed with blog stuff too recently and feel like it’s all a bit pointless when there are much bigger, better blogs out there. But who cares? I do it for me.

Love this, look at the comments!! Brilliant. x


now im jealous! hah only kidding (kind of)
look at the fantastic response you’ve had from everyone. what you wrote was so true, i only started my blog about a month ago, at first i was so excited with just 5 followers, but ive recently been obsessing over numbers and trying to make it prettier, so much so that i stopped spending time reading other peoples blogs, which is what i enjoyed doing so much before starting my own.
your post has definitely made me think, and im sure its had the same effect on many others. x


Oh, I felt the same way too when I first started my blog, whether my blog is truly good enough and so on. But now, I’ve come to terms that there will always be somebody prettier or better so it’s no use obsessing over that. Rather, I now focus to be the best me that I can ever be!

Love the outfit too, especially the striped cardi:)

claire (jazzpad.)

I feel entirely the same on a regular basis! It’s impossible not to feel blue when your follower count drops, but I figure if I’m happy writing, then whoever is happy reading is a bonus. Don’t let this dishearten you, count me in! ♥


I’m so sorry to hear about all the negativity with blogd. I love your blog, it’s so many things I aspire for my own blog to be and deserves to be successful.

LadyBugSays ...

Great post. I think there is two main types of blog jealousy, the general ‘oh they have some really nice clothes and lots of followers, maybe one day I will be like that’ and the ‘I need to make it so I have loads more followers and get sent nice things’.

When blogging only becomes about the material things I feel like maybe it is time to rethink it all?

Ana - Toil and Trouble

I’m sorry I’m late to the discussion, but I agree that the jealousy issue is a big one, and more prevalent than we want to admit. I have definitely felt it. I admit I feel kind of sad when I lose a follower, and I wonder what I’m doing wrong that is keeping my numbers low. But then I try to remind myself I’m doing this for me, not for others. Some days I’m more successful, some days I’m not.


I hear you! As sad as it is, I think I finally gave up on caring about my stats and ironically that’s when they started to grow! I still get a case of jealousy however, when reading other blogs. I sometimes think it helps a bit to just take a break from readings. Yes it’s bad for networking but much better for being yourself on your blog. Which, for me at least, improves my blogging. Weird,eh?.

Oh and an OpenDiary alum?! My OD was my first blog too, and I still write there, although very infrequently since I started blogging. I just love it!


I’ve been away, so I’m a little late to this discussion, but I’ll absolutely join you 🙂 I enjoy thinking of blog posts, am happy when I get a positive response from my followers but am also happy enough to enjoy my blog as a record of what I’ve been up to when it’s quiet!

Sarah x


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