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Blogging is a tough gig. Many may not think so – to the ill-informed, it might look like bloggers spend our days posing in sunlit meadows and coffee shops, occasionally writing a few words about our new Jeffrey Campbell Litas or Twitpic-ing the cupcake we’re eating. In reality the majority of bloggers are 9-5ers or busy students, with stressful jobs, looming deadlines and bills to pay. Blogging is mostly a spare time pastime, and regular posting means stringent time management, the loss of a social life and some epic motivation.

So what happens when you feel your motivation slipping? An outfit first…

Next sweater, Topshop blazer via charity shop, Matalan jeans and heels, vintage bag, Primark ring, Zara Taylor necklace

Demotivation is like a grey cloud hanging over your inspiration. It spreads quickly, seeping into every aspect of your life. One minute you can’t be bothered to go to the gym and the next, you’re struggling to find a solid reason for going to work. All those things that make blogging so addictive – the community, the chance to write about things you love, the feedback – seem less like a pleasure and more like a chore when you’re demotivated.

There are lots of things that contribute to a lack of motivation – a case of writer’s block that you just can’t clear, for example. Struggles at work or with studies. Stress. But the hardest part of feeling demotivated is knowing that no one can pull you out, but you. And it’s all too easy to push that out of your mind, save your half-hearted attempt at a post in drafts and watch another episode of Gossip Girl instead.

Battling with motivation is akin to swimming against the tide. Distractions and excuses pull you away from your goal (Q: Just how many times can you refresh your Facebook News Feed in an hour? A: 34.) and pushing against them takes a concerted effort. You’ll probably find yourself as the guest of honour at your very own pity party too – “why should I bother with my blog? No one reads it. Everyone else is better than me. Woe, etc”. But is that it? Will your blog become a forgotten wasteland, tumbleweed blowing over your perfectly poised outfits and carefully crafted prose?

I hope not. You (and I) have worked too hard to let that happen. So we’re going to sit up, flex our fingers, and write a post. And not just a few lines and some photos from We Heart It. Take to Twitter (or the streets if you’re old school) and ask for inspiration. Read your favourite blogs and leave comments that express your opinions. Research, rewrite and refine until you’ve found your groove and you’re filling it with words, images and ideas.

Most of all, don’t give up. I won’t, and I hope you won’t either.

How do you get motivated? What drives you? And what are your tips for recapturing a passion? Share your thoughts in the comments.



Love your ‘issues’ posts.

I think it’s a ‘thin end of the wedge’ kind of thing. If I don’t bother with my blog then what’s next? Not washing? Not colouring my hair (eek)? Living in my bedroom for the rest of my life?

Self-discipline is the key.


Jen I love this post! You have inspired me and I am now motivated for an evening of revision. Thank you 🙂 xx


This is just what I needed! It’s not so much inspiration but lack of time, but I miss blogging and I really don’t want to leave my blog to tumbleweed…so I won’t 🙂 thank you!

Sarah x

Fashion Junkie

Another great post. What motivates me is the community around blogging and how easy it might be to drop out of it if I’m not posting anything, and the growth of the blog, I am motivated to reach more people as more arrive.

Love the blazer/stripes/jeans combo too, very elegant.


I’ve just spent the past couple of hours moaning and complaining about a piece of coursework due in on Thursday – instead of actually getting down and doing the thing. I think this has helped a little bit x


I love your outfit, especially the jeans and the jumper!
What motivates me is the comments I get and the fact that I’m getting so many new followers! I’m glad that people are interested in what I am writing about!


i wrote a blog for 2 weeks and then gave up as i found it too hard. so i commend anyone who manages to makes it work, i really do.

plus i’ve said this on your blog before but yours is pretty much the only blog i READ. the rest i just look at the pictures! i hope this motivates you to keep writing. x


First off, I love your blog!
I’m definitely super demotivated blogging and life wise right now. I’m only 15, so I don’t have a lot to write about, plus in a couple of weeks my exams start! 🙁 Stressful times. I don’t think I’ve blogged in around a month now, and I don’t think I’ll have time to at any point soon! Don’t think my 12 readers will mind too much though 😉

Rochelle Approved

I’ve felt my motivation slipping lately so this week I’m making a very conscious effort to comment on blogs and take the time to read what they say. I’m also making an effort to get dressed up every day this week, as well as work on upcoming content on my blog!


Rachel (RooPaprika)

Really great post. It is difficult to keep a blog/ life balance. It helps me to see realistic expectations for my blogging – aim for three times a week and build from there


LOVE this post, it’s beautifully written.

I’ve been struggling with motivation with my blog for a while, trying to work out how to make it my own, especially when I’m on a spending ban, so can’t fall back on what I’ve bought… have just found inspiration through reading magazines though, thank goodness!


Gah, I wrote a really long comment and blogger ate it!

In short, having people who read my blog motivate me. Especially when I’ve met them! I took a six month blogging break when I first started, and noone read my blog so it didn’t matter, but as soon as I got one or two comments, I knew I wanted to keep going!

Having goals helps me. I set myself the goal this year of blogging five times a week, and although I don’t always manage, I rarely fall below four posts a week.

I try and pre-write my posts as well, so that if I get home after a stressful day and all I want to do is watch gossip girl, I can just schedule a pre-prepared post and go back to watching Chuck and Blair! Blogging is supposed to be fun after all!


Hi Jen,
Really glad you addressed this issue. I went through a bit of an “Oh what’s the point?” lull a little while ago (and I haven’t been blogging half as long as you!!). I wasn’t sure what the problem was but I knew I didn’t want to give up on blogging. In the end I decided to give my blog a spring clean, smartened up the design and used it as an opportunity to redefine what it means to me and what I want it to be to others. Sometimes you just need to refocus I guess?
Thanks for underlining how difficult blogging is and what a big commitment it is. By the way, you always make it look easy but i know it’s anything but!
K xx


As a newbie to blogging, I’m still getting into the swing of things. There are a couple of posts I’ve done that I simply was not happy with. I knew I could do much better but I didn’t feel motivated to spend time improving the posts. Maybe it shouldn’t, but I do think having a large and loyal following that anticipate my posts would help!xx


this is a great post jen and even though i haven’t really felt motivated in my blogging life i have in other parts. because i only work 4 days a week i have a lot of time to go exploring my city. there is always tons of stuff going on in london and im always inspired and motivated by it all. so my advice to anyone need a little motivation in their life is to go out and explore your set, visit places you’ve never been, check out exhibitions, take LOTS of photos and just soak up the atmosphere of a busy weekend. it always does the trick for me =)

Bow Dream Nation xx

Bows and Butterflies

Great post Jen i’m feeling really unmotivated lately with my blog I just feel like i never know what to write about and I never seem to have the time to take photos x


I find that I am more motivated to blog when I have deadlines, I think it is a form of procrastination for me 🙂 I think that having a routine helps and also saving photos for my week in photos post as I go along for example 🙂 Knowing that people read helps as does commenting, I guess you have to not stress too much and enjoy blogging again rather than it being a chore!

Maria xxx


Great post!
I find the busier I am, the more motivated I am to blog as I have more to “say” but also less time to actually write up posts. I try to draft a few posts when I have a burst of motivation so that when I’m short of time/inspiration I know that my blog is still ticking over.
Reading a great blog post (like this one) definitely keeps me motivated too as it reminds me why I’m blogging in the first place 🙂 x


Great post, loved everything you said 🙂 There is always a potential for writer’s block. I think having guest posts can help with that and keeping your content fresh. Sometimes I need to sign off Twitter, read a book or take a walk then come up with something. Being flooded with news feeds sometimes can’t be distracting. Write something close to you, even if it’s a little revealing because those tend to be the best posts.


Blogging is a big commitment, I nearly quit when I started working full time. The feedback from readers and looking at my stats and old posts really motivates me, although I do have days when I think ‘why bother!’. Getting a nice email or tweet or comment makes it all worth it 🙂 (I mean a comment that is more than just ‘great blog! follow me’ jeez how annoying and demotivating are they?) x


What a fab post! So pleased to see it pop up in my bloglovin’ right now, as I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus recently whilst I sorted out some big ‘real life’ issues that were nagging me. You’ve inspired me to climb back on, thank you so much! Also, really happy to see the Matalan flares out and about!

Miss Lucy

I’m glad you’re not giving up any time soon! Great post. As I mentioned on Twitter, I get times where I just have a lot to talk about and that’s when I blog most and sometimes I can’t think of anything to say at all. So I don’t. I often feel like the only 9-5er and that everyone else has time to write and take photos during the daylight etc. I know it’s not at all true, but it does feel like that. xx

Lulu B

Great piece. I totally agree, I work 9-5 at a demanding job which I love but I also love the amazing inspiration and free thinking that blogging gives me xx :o)


Great post (as always!). Sometimes it’s hard to find the motivation when work is full-on. I try to stick to a publishing schedule of Sun/Tue/Thu nights which means I’m always thinking ahead about what I want to write about in anticipation of a deadline looming! I have a 15-20 min walk from the bus stop to the office so I try to use that time to focus on what I’ll say and what pics I need to take. xx


Thank you so much for this! Im a generally unmotivated person so it’s always nice to be reminded i’m not the only one and I will be able to get motivated again

Between Laundry Days

This is an awesome post, and you totally hit the nail on the head about motivation in blogging. I’m going to have to bookmark this sucker to re-read it when I’m in need of a kick-start.

Vintage Vixen

I am annoyingly self-motivated, to me blogging’s as much of my daily life as eating, getting dressed and exercising.
I treat my blog as if it’s a mate and I’m having a conversation with them, be it a discussion on feminism, what I found at the weekend’s jumble sale or what I’ve done with a chair I hauled from a skip on the way back from the pub.
It does take a large percentage of time but the friends I’ve made makes getting up at 6am occasionally to catch up with comments worth it. xxx

northwest is best

My motivation dips sometimes, but then I look through my archive and remember ‘I’ve built all of this up myself – I can’t just throw it away because I’m not in the mood today’.


Mine tends to swither a bit depending what’s going on in life – it’s a bit of a spiral really. If life is busy and stressful then picking interesting outfits tends to fall by the wayside, therefore I can’t blog an outfit post (usually quicker and easier to write than any other type of post). When that happens I’m not usually in the frame of mind to sit down a write a more wordy post, so blogging gets left for a day or two. I’d rather wait until motivation returns than write a half-arsed post – I think the dip in quality level does show and the comments that get left are never as in-depth or engaged.


I quit blogging a year ago, and still miss it. I felt concerned about privacy (I wrote under a false name, but as I work as a lecturer started to become really paranoid about students finding me!) which meant that my posts had started to become a bit lacklustre, so I lost interest a little. I met loads of fabulous people in the five years I wrote my blog, and feel like it gave me a brilliant creative outlet. I’m sad I no longer have it, but I did maintain it as an archive. It does amaze me how much blogging’s become part of PR and the way social networking’s taken off in terms of branding – word of mouse is powerful!


Jen, this is so well written.
It’s a pretty common thing I think, we all get those days, it’s just making sure you keep positive and knock yourself out of it.
I had a bit of a wobble the other month, then realised the amazing opportunities I’ve been given through blogging and the people I’ve met.
I think your readers can tell when something is well researched and thought and effort has gone into it, however if the subject is slightly more indepth it has the possibility of people clicking, reading and not commenting meaning it can get you down when you overthink it.



love your blog topics jen you cover so many good points and thngs that i personally deal with..motivation is hard one..i get demotivated for my blog and in life in general which then affects my blog..for inspiration I like getting ideas from other bloggers and turning them into my own idea if that makes sense. great post as always 🙂 x


i find that when i get demotivated in life, it affects the motivation i have for blogging. although i love to blog, i feel that i would let some of the lovely people who read and follow what i have to say down if they knew how i was really feeling about some things.


Great post Jen (and looking gorgeous)

my motivation comes in fits and bursts, at the moment I’m blogging non-stop, trying to fit it in around work and such
but there are times where it just doesn’t feel worth it, or I really don’t have the time or energy. I’ll never give it up though.

Lizzy Lips

Words of wisdom as usual. My readers will notice that a lot of my posts are in the wee small hours of the morning and that is due to the fact that I’m so busy. I’m motivated I just have so much going on all the time. Good job us ladies are good at multi-tasking.


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