The Eternal Battle – Polka Dots and Breton Stripes

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Photobucket dress, H&M tee and belt, Primark brogues, Stolen Thunder brooch

I’ve always been a pacifist. A bit bossy, maybe. But never one for violence. I believe in peace on Earth and in wardrobe. And to prove my Mother Teresa-esque love for all things great and stylish, I’m uniting two prints that haven’t always seen eye to eye. Spots and stripes no longer vie for my affection. They are loved equally and at the same time.

Luckily for me, spots and stripes cohabit peacefully in one outfit. Hooray for sartorial pacifism!



I really like this outfit, I am a particular fan of either of these patterns with florals, sartorial pacifism all the way! 😉

Maria xxx

A Thrifty Mrs

I like to mix it up too. Florals work really well with stripes I find.
You are rocking your hair by the way, you know that, right? It looks fab.


I adore spots & stripes but I very rarely wear them together. This looks fab though because the size of the spots and stripes and the colours are a great match! I love the brooch and belt too, the way they add brown to the outfit.


Im pretty sure that theres a scene in one of the Deathnote movies where a girl is wearing a polka dress/skirt with striped tights. I have always loved this image but thought it a bit grungy. You’ve managed to put spots and stripes together and make them look very English riviera. I like it 🙂


gorgeous outfit! you’re right, they don’t clash at all 🙂 love how you’ve put everything together!


Thanks so much guys!

@ A Thrifty Mrs, thanks for the hair compliments – I actually think it’s a bit too long and very messy at the moment, so it’s nice to hear! 🙂 x


Love love LOVE the spots and stripes combo. Really loving the blue too, I find it such an easy colour to wear!


Controversial! But somehow it works – the spots and the stripes go perfectly. Possibly because you’ve kept it all within the same colour family. Also love the Stolen Thunder brooch too, I adore their stuff!


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