The Gossip Girl Style Challenge – Little J

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Republic dress, Primark tights, H&M shirt, Chockers boots, Primark clutch, thrifted rings

Jenny’s has been the hardest style to master. I’m a much larger J than she, and her brand of loose, unstructured fashion is hard for me to pull off. Combine that with her grungy, punk meets indie kid look and the whole thing just screams ‘SO NOT YOU!!!’. So, I don’t think I quite hit the mark, but you get the idea. The red lips were much fun, however.

Today the Mr and I rediscovered the joys of our neighbourhood with a trip to some local attractions. It’s amazing how much there is to see and do on our very own doorstep – who needs the sophistication of Paris or the history of Rome?! Well, we do really, as our ‘sightseeing’ lasted two hours before it started raining and we decided to go to the very unlocal Nando’s for lunch. C’est la vie!

Do you live near a famous landmark, tourist attraction or fun place to visit? And what do you think of today’s look? Totally Little J or just no way? I’d love to know!



E is for Eleanor

It’s weird, because I live near some of the most famous landmarks in the world, I thought I would be bored by them now, but they still fascinate me 😀 The Thames at sunset always grabs me.

And I love this look, I love the clutch SO MUCH. Can’t believe I missed this in Primark 🙁


Cafe Fashionista

Forgive me if this sounds ridiculous, my love; but…you go girl! You totally pull off Little J without a hitch. I adore the way you’ve mixed romanticism and rebelliousness together to create a look that juxtaposes between sweet and sassy! Fabulous work!! 🙂


Ahhh I agree with Eleanor the clutch bag ahhh! It’s on my list of fashion things to own one day, the oversized clutch. It reminds me of the Louis Vuitton one that was in the Sex and the city movie!!

Also those tights look really great- never think to look for tights in primark.

I live near a supermarket…not very idealistic but handy if we run out of milk !


I love the dress/top! It’s gorgeous!

I live near London and it fascinates me. I think it would take a lifetime to full see everything there is to see. I feel sorry for tourists who only get a week or two to try and se everything.


Nando’s near Ikea? If so that’s near my work 🙂 Aah can’t wait for my day off 2moro!

You look lovely here (I have no idea which one Jenny is as I don’t watch GG but I am sure you look better than her! :)) xx

Em x

I looove that dress, i do always say that though. Also i’m loving the leopard dress in the other post. In Wakefield we have the National Coal Mining Museum! x


I think the sweet dress combined with tough boots captures Jenny really well. Re your question – Oh yes, there are a zillion castles where I live plus the beautiful location where they filmed Pride & Prejudice (actually when I watched the film I was like: ‘Nah, they are really overdoing it with the English countryside here; it can’t be THAT beautiful!’ and then someone tells me it was filmed just around the corner). Come spring I will go and visit it all! (As I say every year…)

Vintage Vixen

Loving that vampish red lippy and the lacy tights, Jen although yesterday’s is still my favourite look.
National landmark? Mmmm, tricky one. We do have Walsall’s famous Leather Museum plus the New Art Gallery which features a lift with Noddy Holder’s voice announcing each floor.


your gossip girl challenges are so much fun. i think every outfit should have a backstory……but then i get lazy, haha. love the laciness of your dress – so pretty! -noel


That dress is beautiful, really pretty, I love hw you’ve dressed with with the boots and denim. Lucky you going to nandos xx


Love that dress – & those damn boots making me jealous again!

Thanks for the comment & the offer – I’m so bloody sorry I didn’t see it sooner & get back to you!

Thanks for the advice on the photos – I’d say you’ve got lots & lots of people that would disagree with you not being photogenic! & if you think your photos make you look bigger, then there really is no hope for me! You’ve got a great figure 🙂


Love today’s look and how great are those tights? I never find stuff like that in Primark.

Tourist attractions? I work in one! There are loads in Liverpool though and I am shamefully bad about actually visiting them, although I always plan to do so.


Oh, how I wish I live near the tourist attractions in Paris or Rome, everything is infinitely more romantic there!

I think you pulled off little J somewhat, and you created a balance between the girlishness and grungy-ness:P Her style has definitely changed the most, she was looking so pretty and girlie in the earlier season and now she’s all punk-rock with heavy eyeliner:P


That’s a pretty dress! I grew up near a dinosaur museum that people came from all over to go to, but I haven’t been in a few years. But I used to be obsessed with dinosaurs, so I used to go there. Even slept over once with Brownies. Couldn’t sleep at all since we were near the t-rex skeleton.


Jen … please keep your clutch in a safe place … I so want to steal it!

Left you something in my post just now … please come get it?


now i really like this look.. i love the little lacey dress with the boots.. this is the look im kinda after but never seem to achieve!!!!


I can see little J in this i think instead of the shirt a leather jacket would make it more her. But other then that you nailed the look, i love the shoes with the lacey dress! Plus to your question, i live near LA so i guess im kinda near stuff all around me but there all a drive away.


i love the outfit, J 🙂
i think you did well, this challenge is really great!!
and i totally agree about loocal attractions, my town is full of old buidings and history, but do i ever go to see any of it :S no, but i must!


I’ve only just discovered your blog and day four of your challenge, First off, great idea, and secondly I think you’ve pulled all four outfits off perfectly!!! I love that you’ve managed to put together four looks which suit you and still manage to take the main essence of all four characters … on a side note I only recently started watching GG and I completely understand the obbsession.


I don’t think it’s that Little J – more like a toned-down version – but it’s so interesting seeing you put your own spin on these! Great work!


I think you’ve done really well adapting the Little J look to become more you. I love the handbag and the tights – great touches. X


Wow, you’re so talented at this!! It totally looks like Little J.’s style 🙂
And I believe I’ve got the same tights 😉


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