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Vintage dress, Primark jacket and belt, sandals c/o Sarenza, Topshop ring, name necklace

I firmly believe in wearing whatever you want, whenever you want. Saving things for best is so boring – why keep your favourite things hidden away? Beautiful clothing deserves an adoring audience.

I bought this vintage dress for a wedding later in the summer but I really couldn’t resist wearing it for just another day. I stuck a vest underneath to combat any inappropriate cleavage and went for flat sandals over heels for a daytime-friendly look. Overdressed? Me? Never.



I might have to take a leaf out of your book; I spotted an amazing dress in the Zara sale for just £15.99 and had to buy to it, even though it’s far too dressy for everyday wear. I was thinking of keeping it for my boyfriend’s mum’s wedding in September (2012, because I’m that much of a forward planner) but maybe sometime in the (nearer) future I’ll be brave enough to wear it, just because! -x-


I agree – I don’t think there is ever an occasion when you can be overdressed. But I do often buy things I love and then save and save and save them for some special event to arrive, mainly because I’m worried they’ll get ruined by daily food-spillage/drunken shenanigans/etc. I’m rather clumsy…

Found your blog after reading your reply to Amy Wolf Whistle on Twitter 🙂



I love your dress. You always seem to find the good vintage stuff- charity shops and car boots near me are all tat!


The dress is so pretty! I used to be guilty of saving clothes “for best” but now I just try to wear my favourite pieces whenever I want to, whatever the occasion! x


Exactly, I just wear whatever I want whenever I want:)
And this dress really is wonderful, I love the shape and the pleats are just adorable x


I love your dress – ad I definitely agree with you – no such thing as being overdressed, well, maybe if you work on a farm or something!


Love this dress. Vintage treasures should be worn & loved. I don’t think you can ever really be overdressed, as long as you do it with taste and style.Keep up the good work!


Couldn’t agree more. I’m on a mini mission to wear all my beautiful shoes more. What’s the point buying them if they just live in shoeboxes?

Elyse (Give Me Bows)

I love your sentiment and I completely agree, you only live once so why not wear something you love every day! Your dress is way too gorgeous to be left sitting in your closet til the wedding <3 x


I love wearing my favourite pieces whenever I want. It makes life so much more interesting.
The dress is so beautiful and you look so perfect with the blazer.

northwest is best

Cute dress… does it give you the polyester sweats though? Until recently I used to be able to wear all varieties of polyester without ill effect, but my body has decided enough is enough with synthetic fabrics and they make me oh so sweaty. Mmm, lovely.


You can never be too dressed up! I do have a rule though that once something’s been on to work it’s never seen again outside the workplace and is officially relegated.


sometimes i dress more dressed up during the day than at night! i think its all about your mood and def should wear what u want when u want.. doesnt matter if its to a wedding or a walk in the park 🙂 u got the right idea girlie!! xo

pip a la chic

I am a firm believer in that as well. Why keep something for a special occasion? Everyday should be a special occasion. I always get asked, “Why are you so dressed up?” Not dressed up, I just like to wear nice pretty things 🙂


you look so beautiful in the second photo! well, always but the second photo especially!

Annah xx


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