The Owl and the Pussycat

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Faux fur cropped jacket via car boot sale, Zara dress, Primark tights, socks, ring and brogues, Zara Taylor owl necklace  

The first real cold snap of the season sees me reaching for the layers. I love knee high socks over tights and think two subtly different shades of the same colour work really well together. Tip for tights-lovers – Primark have a great range of 80-120 denier pairs in various muted tones, all for £2.

I always find 3/4 length sleeves difficult to style – I think I’ll wear this cropped faux fur jacket (that I picked up at a car boot sale for £4 back in July and have been DYING to wear) with arm warmers next time. Goose-pimpled forearms is so not a good look!

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I love socks over tights too, without tights just does not work for me! Too shy, and too cold, haha. The jacket is cute but yes, it does look a little cold for this weather xx


i never understand 3/4 sleeve coats either, my arms would get too cold! even 3/4 length sleeve cardigans give me chilly wrists haha.


Ooo, love this outfit. The socks really look good and the skirt is gorgeous.

Faux fur is looking so good!! That jacket is amazing.


Yes, that was exactly going to be my question- I always get so confused by coats with short sleeves- either you’re too warm wearing a coat, or too cold not wearing sleeves! But I guess the arm warmers would solve the equation. :)So for next post try it out so we see how it worked out! 🙂


Definitely wear some long gloves, it adds such romance to one’s outfit! I love the faux fur coat, so elegant and regal:)



Argh, three quarter length sleeve coats are gorgeous, but just not for me – my arms always get too cold! I’d lvoe to see this look with armwarmers and get some tips on how to style a three-quarter sleeve and stay warm though!


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