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When it comes to second hand shopping, I definitely have my favourite places. I never leave empty-handed after a visit to the charity shop where the volunteers know me by name and there’s always a bargain to be found at the big car boot (which is why I went every week last summer). But part of the fun of thrifting is discovering new places, so when a friend recommended a different car boot sale I had programmed my sat nav and set my alarm for 7am before she could say ’50p in’.

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The first bargain of the day was this leather suitcase. I’m building up quite a collection now, much to Rob’s dismay/amusement. This was £2, and I picked up a blue plastic number for £1 too.

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It’s such a blogger cliché, but I did squeal just a little bit when I spotted this typewriter. And I think I downright choked when I was given the price – £2. When I got it home I discovered this amazing letter of complaint, dated October 1972. Amazing, but not quite my best find…

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I’m not 100% certain of the authenticity of this Hermès purse. It’s made from a beautiful, rich leather and the craftsmanship is stunning. It came in a dustbag too, which is always a good sign. My only niggle is the zip, which looks slightly cheap compared to the rest of the purse. At £4 it was worth the risk though, and the quality of the leather alone earns it a place in my handbag.

I also picked up a ridiculous number of mismatched photo frames for the photo wall I’m creating in our living room, two heart-shaped plates to match the one I bought at a boot sale a few years ago and some old advertising posters that I’ll frame and hang. I think it’s the best second hand shopping trip I’ve ever been on.

Did you find any bargains this weekend?


Miss Raj

That purse is a steal – what a stunner, worth it even if it isn’t authentic. I think I need to shop second-hand a little more often, the bargains you seem to pick up are amazing. (My favourite flowers there too lol) x


I have having major car boot withdrawals since I have started working Sundays again. My mum has still been going and picked up some great bargains including an owl teapot for me! I am just gutted that I could be missing out on some gems!


Great finds! Its a shame that the recession has left the second hand and charity shops in this area begging. You used to be able to get some really good buys.


What a bargain the suitcases were!

I need to start going to carboots! (And selling at them too, just missing the… “car boot” itself!!)

I’ve got 2 vintage suitcases so far, they’re fab for storage 🙂

The purse is a gorgeous colour too 🙂

Clare x

A Thrifty Mrs

Jen, you lucky, lucky cah.
I have to say my Hermes purse (a gift from work) has a pretty rubbishy zip too and is authentic. So yours could well be the real thing too. Great colour.

I’ve blogged about my bootsale tips today but you knock my recent finds out of the park.


what wonderful finds! the leather briefcase is lovely, as is the typewriter. the hermes purse you found is lovely too, the colour is so beautiful.

i recently picked up a lovely vintage white suitcase (a similar size to the larger one sarah bought today), which was only fifty pence from a local table top sale. it’s in great condition too, it doesn’t really smell and it still has the keys! 🙂


Polkadot Rach

I would love an Hermes purse though I’d be suspicious of the authenticity too. I really want a typewriter, you’ve found some gorgeous things I’m not that great at second hand shopping


That complaint letter is my favourite thing, it’s like a little time capsule. I wonder if the author ever sent it and what reply they received?
That purse is a gorgeous colourm, fake or not it’s still a little beauty. x


I definitely need to go car booting one of these days!! The typewriter is amazing. But the Hermes purse is the real win there! It’s goreous and such a bargain.


Oh goodness Jen! The typewriter is beautiful and a Litton Imperial too. You know I somewhat couldn’t stop pinching myself when I bought mine a few weeks ago, it really was love at first sight. Nothing beats a typewriter, after all where would an established writer be without one xxx


Such beautiful things! I love the typewriter and that letter of complaint is charming (: Car boot sales and charity shops are some of my favourite places.

Mumma Bunny

I love the suitcase! What an super bargain. The purse is lovely but I covet the Hermes box it came in more! Think I should car boot in your neck of the woods from now on 🙂


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