Thrift Find of the Month – October

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Vintage faux fur coat via charity shop, Topshop high waisted jeans, H&M striped tee, Primark brogues and brooch, Me & Zena necklace 

When I enter my favourite charity shop I scan the room like a magpie, searching for pretty things. With so many rails to rifle through, I often rely on touch to tell me if an item is worth a look. If something is particularly strokeable, I’ll haul it out for closer inspection.

When my fingers brushed over this chestnut pelt, I held on tight and refused to let go until it was mine. Faux furs are something I always look out for on my thrifty adventures and this fabulous find didn’t disappoint. At £7.99 it was a little more than I usually pay when I’m second hand shopping, but how could I leave it behind?

However, dear followers, I have a problem. A habit, if you will. You see, I have rather too many coats and jackets. From leather to wool to military to classic, I have outerwear for every occasion. My coat rack is groaning under the strain. Do I really need another?

After spending a chilly, frosty morning swathed in my new prize, I can say with much conviction – yes, yes I do. This one’s not going anywhere.

Have you scored any secondhand swag this month?

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Your new coat is gorgeous 🙂
I always come across those in my local charity shops too but I’m unsure whether one that dark suits brunette girls so I always leave them behind – I think this post might persuade me otherwise though!


It is beauuuutiful, I love faux fur… super warm and reminds me of my Manic Street Preacher loving days!
Charity shops are amazing at the moment, I foolishly didn’t buy a brand new pair of black patent Darcie boots by Dr Martens today as they were a size too big… they were only £20 though, argh!

Elizabeth @rosalilium

Nice thrifty find! And you can never have too many coats…
I have found a couple of dresses on my thrifty searches this month, even though its not really the weather for it – I’m sure some opaque tights and boots will sort that out.

E is for Eleanor

I agree about coats. They can really make an outfit, especially in winter if you’re wearing them 70% of the time! I love this one, I’m constantly searching for the perfect faux fur! x

A Thrifty Mrs

Love the jacket.
You can never have too many coats. Seriously, you can’t.
I found a great coat, second hand yesterday which I’m going to blog about tomorrow.

Penny Dreadful

£7.99 is still a bargain. And considering how much of our time in this country is spent in coats and jackets, it iw worth having a good collection.


I scored a gorgeous little satchel!

I love how faux fur can glam up any outfit. I’ve never worn it before so to ease myself in gently, I’m going to get a stole before I progress to a full-on faux fur coat.


I love it! It’s the perfect fit for you and the perfect length. I try and remember when buying second hand that you have to put the price in context… how much do you love it? how good is the quality? and if it was a brand new jacket would you hesitate at the price. I often spend much more on crappy high st clothes that will wear out in 6 months than really well made, top notch second hand stuff. It’s kind of mad.

I’m so with you on the jacket dilemma. My wardrobe is stuffed only with jackets…everything else is piled on an extra clothing rail because my jackets take up so much space. At least we’re ready for every occasion though hehe

Oops, sorry for this epic comment/novel

evie x
One More Blog

The Merry Traveller

You DEFINITELY scored a gem there and you should never ever let it go! It looks so so well on you like it was meant for you.

P/S: Love the red heart brooch on the fur pelt!


That coat looks so warm! I’m freezing right now, and looking at the coat is making me warmer. It really is amazing and such a bargain as well. You can never have too many coats!

vint junky

£8 for a fur coat=total winner!
I have my aunt’s (which my mum borrowed for my christening…awwww!) but it’s unbelievably hot! It needs to be arctic conditions before I know I can wear it!


my charity shops here are useless! you seem so lucky with yours. the oxfam on bold street in liverpool used to be good before they did it up and started claiming that stuff was ‘retro’ so they could add £5 on to the price tag! grrr. rant over!

Mariña " La Marquesa"

heheheh I am the opposite….I use to have problems deciding what is the more suitable coat to me…at the end I don´t use to buy them and after at home I feel guilty and stupid :S


They just take up so much room! £7.99 is more than I usually spend too, but in Brighton the coats in charity shops are really over-priced. I always feel so cheap when I say that to people though! I did pay £22 for an amazing faux fur coat on the weekend, have a look:


Perfect thrift find. A girl can never have too many coats now that is a fact. I can imagine it still being as desirable even in a decade’s time! xx


I love your jeans!
I would like to order them!
But I have size 29.
Should i order a 28 or a 30?



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