The Six Piece Wardrobe Style Challenge – Day Five, The Finale!

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So here we are – the end. Well, kind of. I do realise that five days does not a full week make, but the weekend is a sacred time, reserved for slouching about in nothing more than jeans and a jumper. So there.

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Zara dress, Miss Selfridge faux fur jacket via car boot, Primark belt, tights, bag and ring, Nine West shoe boots via car boot sale

I’ve really enjoyed my challenge, but I seriously cannot wait to regain full use of my wardrobe! Having such a small sample of clothing has been tough, especially when I’m faced with racks of patterns, prints, styles and shapes every morning. But doing this has made me realise how much surplus stock I have in my over-stuffed space. This weekend will definitely be dedicated to a closet clear-out!

Do you have a favourite look of the challenge? Here’s a refresher of the week’s outfits – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

PS – Oh yeah, I’ve had a radical hair make over. No biggie!

I had my hair chopped and changed at Cutting Room Creative in Chapel Allerton and I’m delighted with the results! I posted a sneaky Twitpic on Twitter last night and received the most wonderful replies from my Twit family, who compared me (quite insanely, I feel) to Mia Farrow, Audrey Hepburn, Natalie Portman, Emma Watson and Ginnifer Goodwin (my original hairspiration). They’ve clearly taken leave of their senses, but how grateful I am for their kind words.

The hair is perfectly timed as tonight I’m shimmying on down (or up, rather) to Leeds’s Sky Lounge for a night of fire-themed celebration with the darling Aussie girls and my fellow Angels. I’ll be debuting the hair and have a quick question for you – shall I spike it up or smooth it down? Leave your answers below!



Oh my goodness Jen, your hair is beautiful!
And love your use of the 6 pieces. I love how each look has been completely different.


Jen your hair is absolutley amazing. In the best possible way it looks like it’s always been that way (by that I mean the change suits you perfectly).

Congrats on the six piece challenge too! x


So doing this challenge to kick start some outfits as I haven’t been well for the last couple of weeks.

I must say again – your hair is A-Ma-ZING darling (can you tell I’m a strictly fan!?)!!! Really suits you!


It looks lovely Jen, really suits you. 🙂 Might have to do a follow up post. Glad you are happy with it.
I say spike it. I want to see what it looks like.

Love that jacket, and you’ve done really well on your challenge, everyday has been completly different.



Oh yesterday’s outfit was good, I think this one way be the winner – did you save the best until last?
Hair looks fab.


Jen, your hair looks GORGEOUS! Swit swooo! Honestly, you suit the brunette look and the shorter crop so much. Would love to see it spiked up.

I still heart that dress muchly. Perfect with the cute tights.


Love love love the hair…super chic and looks so natural…you have me itching to reach for the scissors 🙂


I’m completely in awe of your ability to only wear 6 pieces of clothing for 5 days. I’m hard pushed to keep the same personality (clothes wise) for more than a couple of days, never mind items. I loved day 4, that leather skirt truly was made for you, I’m still on the hunt for my perfect one.

So glad to have found your blog, it’s lovely here =)


This hairstyle suits you so much. I liked your blonde hair but am always bias towards a brunette do (as I long live one). I always think a new hair do can do no end for a girls confidence and body image too, this is a perfect change!

This challenge has been fascinating, as you may have already guessed, for me yesterdays outfit was my favourite! xx

Vintage Vixen

I adore your hair, Jen! Not that I didn’t like it before but this has added depth and texture and it just looks so sophisticated. All your clothes will take on a whole new look now.
Thanks for the challenge, it’s been fab. xxx


love this outfit! the faux fur jacket is really lovely! Perhaps today’s my favourite of the week, but im not too sure! 🙂 xx

Pea Green Kitty

Nine West from a Car Boot!! You are the luckiest thrifter ever! You aways seem to find treasure.
LLove the hair and I think you should smooth down….I love the cute pixie look.
Have fun tonight!


JEN!!!! you dyed your hair!!! i LOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE it!! love the cut too but the colour is unreal it really really suits you!! 🙂 looking fabulous lady! x

Miss Lucy

I’ve already said this but… I LOVE THE HAIR. A lot. Seriously, so gorgeous. The warm brown makes me feel so wintery and the cut suits you to perfection. Very good call on going darker. Wear it like this tonight! xx

Pearl Westwood

4 and 5 are my favourites, you hair looks stunning! I am currently wavering over having mine chopped off, I do this all the time but I really feel set on it now eeek!


I do love the new hairstlye. The colour really suits you. And great final outfit. Completely in love with the jacket.


your new hair is SUPER! damn you for being one of these folks that suit brown hair aaaand blonde hair 🙂 lovely jubbly. and I am loving your outfit as usual missy. I like especially love your tights and coat, I may need to go on the hunt for something similar! my topshop duffel is too heavy to wear every day, I need something kinda shorter and in betweeney. have a lovely weekend whatever youre upto 🙂 xx


I really love your hair, that colour really suits you. Not many ladies could pull off a crop that fine but you definitely can, it shows off your lovely bone structure.

I love that jacket, it looks so snug. I keep trying on faux fur coats but they don’t suit me, heartbreaking!


Oh, this is beyond gorgeous ^^

(posting as anon on purpose because it’s about time one of us faceless folk said something nice 😉


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