The sun has got his (vintage boater) hat on

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Zara dress, Primark tee, thrifted waistcoat, H&M tights, Primark brogues, thrifted leather satchel, Topshop ring. Nails courtesy of Flamingo Pink by Barry M

Oh, what a glorious morning!

I was chatting with online friends last night about the seasons and which we find most easy to dress for. I will always be a winter girl – I prefer dark colours, layers, leather boots and thick tights. Summer, with its spaghetti straps, open toes and too-short shorts, can be a fashion minefield. Watch out – there’s a bohemian kaftan about to explode! Run for cover!

That being said, you can’t argue with a bit of sunshine. When I snuck outside to take my morning photos, I was instantly cheered by the sight of the sun in a clear blue sky. And because there’s still a bit of a nip in the air, I’m clinging on to my layers and black tights, so everyone wins. 

Do you have a favourite fashion season? Does a glimmer of sunshine see you rushing for your denim cut offs and flip flops, or are you cowering at the back of your wardrobe, duffle coat in arms? Do tell all – I’d love to know!

PS – Did you see Little Bird on Shop Pulse’s fabulous blog, Style Royalty yesterday? No? Well hop to it then!



Fantastic outfit. That waistcoat is lovely, a perfect extra layer for style and a little added warmth if it gets chilly.

I’m a spring girl I’d say. I find that summer clothes often leave me self concious. Though to be honest there isn’t much call for summer clothes up this way.



Love the colours they suit you & look cracking for a mature women of your age


i absolutley love the summer as im such a nicer person when its sunny!!..but id much prefer the winter wardrobe.. im such a lazy madam so the thought of having to get the legs out means work putting in like fake tan.. shaving.. and then its seeing everyone with smooth brown arms and legs on show and im stil slightly ever so purple!!!.. give me layers and thick tights any days!!!


Oh Jen, I just love this outfit. Perfect combo of colours and shapes.

I’m a spring girl. Greens and florals fill my heart with joy and it’s not yet warm enough to abandon all my lovely winter stuff.


wow, you are looking incredible today 🙂 I love the yellow, it suits you so much!
I am usually an autumn/winter girl…. I love layering, wearing scarves & boots but this year I am desperate for summer & to wear some nice light pretty things 😀

Style of a Fashionista

I totally love the colder months I really enjoy my faux fur, hats scarf etc and layering.

Dressing for summer is a little boring as you really need to wear as little as possible xoxo


I’m with you on this one, in that I love my tights & boots & layers!
However, I’ve been very pleased by the appearance of the sun – & have got some nice bits & pieces that I’m looking forward to wearing when it’s a bit warmer.
I’d say this kind of time of year must be my favourite then really, as we have some sunshine & can start peeling off some layers – but it’s still not too warm for tights & cardis, which are my wardrobe staples 🙂

Em x

Beautiful dress hun. I love it when its like today, sunny but not to hot so you can still layer up x


Lovely outfit !
I love the summer months instead. Because I hate wearing jackets and layers, I want to show off my summer tops 🙂

Pea Green Kitty

Totally agree…im a winter lass too! Love to wear hats and coats and scarves and tights!
Dark colours like Burgundy, Navy, Brown, Mustard and Dark green are my thing also.
Love this outfit by the way!


Mature woman?! Is ‘anonymous’ having a laugh?!

That dress and those shoes are lovely! Winter is my favourite season for clothes. I get way too hot in the summer and just never really feel as good about myself as I do in the winter. I love woolly tights & coats! But I must admit, I’m loving the sunshine right now!



LOL, wtf about this “older woman” comment?? Trust me, you look about 22. Not a day older :)I don’t get where that anon was coming from. Probably just trying to stir the pot.

Anyway, you look gorgeous as always, I love that yellow color on you 🙂 And that floral print! Beautiful background as well, what a nice day!


What a beautiful outfit Jen. Isn’t yellow just so perfectly cheerful for a warm sunny day like this.
Vicki xxx

Pink Flower

I’m a spring girl at heart, but i’m not sure it reflects in my clothes, I do love a splash of bright colour, but it’s always against a darker backdrop.


I adore summer mainly because you can just trow stuff on but during winter months daily outfits require a bit more effort and I’m not very creative at making things like jumpers look different each time I wear them!

E is for Eleanor

sunshine yellow is the perfect colour for days like this, and light layers are the way forward on chilly but bright days 😀

The shoppulse spotlight is amazing! congrats 😀

Audrey Allure

It does look like a beautiful day where you are 🙂 I love dressing for autumn! Perfect weather for layers without having to over bundle because of the cold 🙂

Disco Goth

Great outfit!
Early spring is my favourite – a little bit of sunshine, a little bit of warmth and I get to hang on to the boots, tights and layers. Flesh-flashing becomes optional rather than foolish =) x


I agree, yellow is certainly a colour that loves jen 🙂 suits you so much! Dont be mad… but my winter and summer wardrobes pretty much mingle together with the addition and subtraction of tights, boots and scarfs! Im getting better though, and a tad more sensible haha 🙂 xx


I love the colors of fall and winter… I welcome spring but I hate summer except when it’s beach time.

I love your sunny outfit… love the yellow and great layering too. xoxo

Pink Blog Girl

Love the dress–it’s gorgeous! Spring has to be my favorite fashion season. I love how spring allows you to wear flowy skirts and sandals, but just as easily allows you to wear a sweatshirt and rain boots.


Yellow and sunshine really becomes you, Jen!

As we only have either hot or rainy here, I’ll really like to go somewhere cold to try out some lovely winter styles! LOL:)



Ooh pretty in the sunshine. I’m loving the nice weather, hope it keeps up.

Lovely outfit, that waistcoat is great, and the satchel looks fab.

X x


I much prefer winter to summer. I shy away from summer clothes; I always worry about what is appropriate to wear! But I do love wearing flip flops instead of shoes most of the time.

But with Winter I can just throw on as many layers as I want, literally. So I guess there are ups and downs to all seasons fashion wise.

The Zara dress’s print is so very pretty. & the turquoise and yellow contrast really well together 🙂


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