Favourite Outfits of 2013

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2013 has been the hardest, toughest, most stressful year of my life. It’s also been wonderful, fantastic and beyond-brilliantly rewarding.

A look back over 12 months of blogging shows just how many things I juggled this year – my rigid 5-posts-a-week schedule was disrupted, then completely abandoned as summer rolled on and I took on new, exciting clients, planned a wedding and attempted to buy a house. In between all that I had an absolute blast with the best friends in the world, and just as life started to right itself again I moved into a new house. And Christmas happened.

So while outfit posts were a little light this year, I did manage to round up a few of my favourites…

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2013 was also the year my appearance changed quite a bit – I started the year with long, dark hair and a blunt fringe…

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… briefly went back to a short bob…

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…before committing to long, lustrous locks that got lighter as the year went on.

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I wore one very special outfit (and something seriously glamorous in Santorini)…

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… and then settled back into my sartorial routine of denim, 120-deniers and plenty of statement necklaces.

I’ve worked with some truly fantastic clients this year – both on the blog and through my business – spent time with some spectacular people and celebrated 11 amazing years with Rob in an ivory dress and sparkly Louboutins.

I’m not one for resolutions, but in 2014 I promise to give every challenge my all, strive for better, relish the great days and never dwell on the bad bits. How about you?


Star speckles

2013 certainly seems like a memorable year, hope 2014 is heaps of fun!

I love your blog, it’s full of great ideas without feeling “salesy”. I hope you carry on in 2014!

John Decker

This is a great article and I love your outfit. I think there are going to be a lot of colors like the ones in these pictures that are going to be incorporate in new Women Fashion styles this year. I think the day dresses are going to be made a lot in these different color of greys. I also think that older women’s fashion is going to be a lot different as well.


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