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Merc cardigan, Topshop jeans, Topshop blouse via charity shop, Topshop ring, Primark pumps

I’m a huge cardigan fan. I love them. My wardrobe is groaning under the weight of all that wool. So when the folks at Merc offered to send me something from their website, I went straight for the Maria cardigan. What else?

I wasn’t familar with Merc until their lovely PR person Rebecca got in touch. She described the range as very ‘This Is England’, and I definitely agree with her. This black and white cardigan has a real 80s mod feel to it, especially when paired with a cute Peter Pan collar blouse. I could’ve gone the whole hog and added chunky DMs and a Lol-style quiff, but I think the patent pumps are more my thing.

What do you think? Do you like that 80s androgynous look (all stone washed denim, plaid shirts and unflattering shoes), or are you more of a fur and florals kinda gal? Do tell.


Belle xx

you have pulled off the look perfectly!
the peter pan collar peeping through is a lovely touch:)
i wish i could rock the dms! xx


I really really love the cardigan, but I don’t think it is very skinhead. Whilst I love my DMs and always have, the whole skins look is not for me – it’s more of a lifestyle really and I like having long hair and skirts

Pearl Westwood

I do like the androgenous look but I am more likely to wear it with something very girly in the shoe department! The cardi is cute, I must confess I live in my short cardi, an ancient Westwood one which I have sewn up countless times but I love it!


Love this! And that cardigan is to die for! Lol is one of my ultimate style icons but I just can’t pull it off :/

(Just had to delete my previous comment as I’d spelt ‘to’ wrong. UGH)


You really worked this look (: I’m quite jealous! I like both the androgynous look and florals so I’m a mix of both really! That cardi is beautiful. You’re extremely lucky.


I love this look on you. So jealous you nabbed that blouse from a charity shop. I just blogged on peter pan collars here and how much I want one!
Your new haircut looks amazing. I wish I was brave enough to go pixie…it looks so chic and youthful.

Little Scribbler

The cardi’s cute, as is the collar of the blouse and, while I’d usually say you ROCK the high waisters, I’m not fond of these together. I think they’re cuter with something a teeny bit flouncier (like that gorgeous pussy bow blouse you wore during your recent challenge)

Still loving your new hair though! x


Missed yesterdays post but just had a quick look…hello lush hair! Love it. And love it flat. Such good hair.

I loved This is England, loved it, but don’t think I’m skinny enough for the look. Wanted the hair though.



Oh that’s so cute Jen, especially when teamed up with the peter pan collar. Not something I’d wear as I like my cardis a bit longer (I have an eternal hip/proportion issue) but you rock it.


I went to party in August and I met a boy who did the mod look all day every day. It was insane but he looked SO good. It suits you too! Personally, although I absolutely love the look of it, I really don’t think the look suits me.



love it all looks really good together..

my mum was an original mod.. and i think im do go towards that look from time to time.. but i do wish my legs were so much skinnier as me and skinny jeans this year have not worked!!!!

Penny Dreadful

On you this isn’t at all 80s, this is definitely cute elfin 60s. It looks amazing, you made a great choice (why don’t I get sent free stuff, oh the envy!)


This is a great look to you. I do love the This is England 80’s feel to it. I’ve never heard of Merc before, so I’ll definitely give them a look.


The Peter Pan collar is so adorable. I think this is a very smart and sharp look, very different to floaty florals, but yet again you pull it off wonderfully x


I got sent this in blue!
I love it! I’ve just done my first post on it tonight actually. I’m doing another one with different ways I’ve styled it later in the week.
Looks great on you! X


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