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Topshop cardigan, Gap tee, H&M jeans, Primark legwarmers, Primark brogues, Primark ring, gifted headband
And the details…

I’m sick of wearing boots. I do love and adore my Steve Madden biker boots, but sometimes a girl wants a more delicate shoe. Unfortunately, these brogues are not the greatest in these snowy conditions. I slipped and slid my way from car to office and back again, but at least my feet were dressed to kill!

I’ve always been a little wary of clashing prints – florals with dots? No way! Gingham with tartan? Argh! But I think there’s something really fabulous about nautical stripes with trashy leopard print. I’m being braver with my fashion choices. Hooray!
I’m really hoping the snow goes away soon (although we’re forecast more for the weekend) because I have a special style challenge I want to crack on with. I won’t tell all just yet, but it’s safe to say snowy weather is making it very difficult!
What are you up to this weekend?
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I so need to get to primark and get some of those sock! I loved the last ones too with the little bows on them. That headband is so pretty, really really like it and it so suits you.

Gorgeous as ever hunny.


pip a la chic

I say clashing prints is pretty cool, if they are the right prints. Your outfit looks great. Hopefully the snow eases for you gyus. It’s so weird its so cold over there and it’s 35-40 degrees hot over here.


I used to be mad on leopard print….(considerably still am) but I think I have reached the conclusion over the years, that it always works best in small quantities. Love what you have done here. Your outfits so well put together 🙂
Them legwarmers are perfect! I used to love wearing legwarmers, sometimes just as a novelty, I have the cosiest red and white pair from H&M, when I wear them I feel like Karen O for some bizzare reason.
Great outfit 🙂
P.S You never know your poundland might get the book in! I’m trying to track down another book atm, and it’s frustrating me because I could have bought it a few months ago but did the thing were I didn’t buy it and have regretted it ever since! There will more than likely be a blog post about it sometime soon 🙂


More snow on Sunday… Big. Fat. BOO!

But those brogues are absolutely adorable! You look ace.

Leopard print tip from my housemate – Tesco have really cute leopard print cardies in their sale. Go get ’em!



Niki – Thanks so much! Any excuse to do more shopping. And if it’s Tesco, I can pretend I’ve gone for ‘food essentials’ and squirrel the leopard print lovely away while distracting the Mr with a pint of milk. Excellent plan!


Claire – Well, that would be telling, now wouldn’t it? 😉

It’s a very simple challenge so there’s not much I can say without giving it away, other than if the weather carries on like this, I might be feeling rather cold next week!

PS – No, this is not a naked challenge. !!

Anna Jane

Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever combined leopard print and stripes in my life before, but considering I have a lot of both in my wardrobe it looks like a good idea! I am absolutely adoring those socks! I really admire your bravery for walking in brogues too – I can’t even wear my perfectly-suited biker boots without looking like Bambi 🙁

– Anna Jane xxx

Cafe Fashionista

Oh Jen, you mix prints in the most fabulous of ways – no clashing is present! Absolutely adoring the leopard print headband and leg warmers – you are just the cutest!! 🙂


Not trashy or clashy at all … just perfect, as always! I haven’t done the animal print yet … perhaps I should copy you and do it in small doses first so I don’t feel too overwhelmed. What do you think?

PS Please be more careful about slipping on ice? I don’t want you hurting yourself!


Ohh I love this look ! Seems so comfy ! Your headband is so cute dear I want it ! Haha . I’ve followed your twitter btw 🙂 @beckyregina


Love the clash, in a good way of course! My sister is in love with nautical at the moment, I don’t erally think I suit it (I actually feel like I’m about 12 when I wear black/navy and white stripes!)


I love it actually! Never would have thought to pair those two prints but it works great!

I have shoes like that with zero traction on the bottom as well, it’s sad. But, you can buy these traction pad things to put on the bottom of your shoes, and they help sooo much. I have no idea what they’re called but they are out there..somewhere 🙂 I got mine at Nordstrom but I believe that’s a US only store. I’m sure you could find them somewhere in the UK though! HTH


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