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Yesterday I wrote about day one of my trip to Paris – there were lots of shoes, a few hot dogs and plenty of beautiful people. After all the glamour of the Sarenza party, our second day in Paris was much more low key but no less fabulous.

A classic French croissant for brunch

First up, Tor, Reena and I were taken to the Sarenza offices for a tour. It was fascinating to see all the international teams working side by side – everyone had at least one pair of shoes on their desk too, which made me very jealous. The most exciting thing on mine is a staple remover. Sigh.

The Sarenza team took us for a traditional Parisian brunch, where we feasted on croissants with Nutella, hot chocolate in big ceramic bowls and freshly squeezed orange juice. When we were suitably fuelled, the Sarenza girls presented us with a map of the Marais area, with all the best vintage shops highlighted, and three tickets for the Metro. The ultimate tools for a day in Paris!

Vintage shops in Paris

Coiffeur Vintage, 32 Rue de Rosiers, 75004 Paris

Our first stop was Coiffeur Vintage. This tiny place is crammed floor to ceiling with vintage clothing, shoes and accessories. There are printed dresses, sequin capes, leather satchels and more silk scarves than one mulleted girl can handle. Prices were around €3 for a scarf, €10-15 for a dress and €20 for leather items.

Free ‘P’ Star, 8 Rue Ste-Croix-de-la-Bretonnerie, 75004 Paris  (Image via Free ‘P’ Star’s website)

Free ‘P’ Star was our second stop. Another shop jam-packed with vintage loveliness, it was the handbags that seriously impressed me here. They were more expensive than other items at around €75, but there were some real beauties. If only I’d had more euros on me!

We stopped for a quick bite to eat (Croque Monsieur, bottle of Coke and a chat with some very merry Parisian ladies who admired our accessories) then carried on our vintage adventure, finally stopping at Come on Eileen.

16 Rue des Taillandiers, 7501 Paris (Image via From Paris with Love)

Now, I think we may have visited the sister store to Come On Eileen, but I can’t remember the name nor can I find it on Google. Come On Eileen is practically identical though – a high end store stocking vintage Chanel, Lanvin and Hermes. A rummage through a bargain bin uncovered an LV backpack, while Tor found a colour pop Celine suit on the rails. Bliss for anyone looking to invest in a classic designer piece.

I didn’t take much cash with me, but that didn’t matter. Vintage clothing is ridiculously cheap in Paris, more so when compared to London and even northern prices. You can expect to pay anything from £20 to £60 for a simple vintage dress at a store in the UK, but in Paris…

Cornflower blue floral dress, €15, Coiffeur Vintage

I love the pearl buttons and sawn-off hemline on this dress. I think I’ll remove the shoulder pads and add a leather belt for a cute, casual look.

Watercolour print pleated skirt, €5, Coiffeur Vintage

I’ve seen very similar skirts selling for £30 on the high street, but this is a real original. It’s high waisted, mid-length and pleated – three trends in one €5 skirt!


Blue maxi dress, €15, Free ‘P’ Star Vintage

When Tor spotted me with this dress in my hands, she said ‘so Kate Middleton!’. I agree – there’s something very regal about this gorgeous floor length blue maxi dress, and the slit at the back is just sexy enough to balance the long length. I’ll be wearing this at both the weddings I’m going to this summer.

I was absolutely bowled over by the quality and cost of vintage clothing in Paris. In a city where everything is so expensive, it was a real surprise to discover these hidden retail gems, packed full of new-to-me treasures at such good prices. I can’t wait to go back for more – maybe with a group of bloggers in tow?

What do you think of my vintage finds – are you as impressed as me? Have you ever explored the vintage scene in Paris?

PS – The French Vocabulary Twitter stream obviously knew I’d be posting this – just look at one of their latest tweets…


Une bonne affaire indeed!



Oh wow what a lovely trip; that floral skirt is gorgeous and such a bargain and that blue maxi dress is just heavenly! Paris is such a perfect city x


Wow, I had no idea that vintage shopping could be so cheap in Paris! I’m rather jealous I have to say. That blue maxi dress is absolutely stunning. You’re one lucky lady.

Michelle of The Feather Den

It looks like you went through an absolute treasure trove of vintage in all of those gorgeous little stores! Paris is such an enchanting city, I’m so envious of you – I miss it so much. You bought some really lovely things, too. That dark blue maxi is beautiful.

x Michelle |


If you ever do organise that trip, I’m so there! NW Meetup Part Two perhaps… We’ll just take it international.

That blue maxi is absolutely stunning. Can’t wait to see you wearing it.

And also, I am SO impressed with how Sarenza treated you all. Office tour, breakfast, vintage suggestions – they all sound awesome.


Wow, great finds! The navy maxi is simply stunning!
I’ve never been to Paris, and this needs to be rectified I feel! I’d love to go with a group of bloggers, although I am relatively new and completely unheard of 🙂


Oh Jen, how absolutely gorgeous! I KNEW you were the right girl to ask about vintage tips!
I am absolutely drooling over the descriptions of the clothes in those stores. I’m in agreement with Alex- organise that bloggers’ trip to Paris and I am there with bells on!

xxx Maddie


I didn’t think the prices would be that reasonable, considering how outrageously expensive Paris is in general.

I’d be in those stores for days!


All of these clothes are gorgeous! I am so very jealous. I would definitely take a trip to Paris to visit those stores (my french speaking boyfriend could come in very useful!)

Liss xx


Tres chic!! I am extremely jealous!! I have been to paris several times, but didn’t realise vintage shopping was so cheap there….guess I’ll just have to go back soon!! Wish I was in paris right now instead of dissertation hell….sigh!! xx


The Marais is definitely one of my favourite parts of Paris for a chilled day! I was surprised too when I first went as to how cheap vintage was, all though I think the prices’ll start to increase as it gets a bit more ‘touristy’ around there?! x


Vintage shopping in Paris sounds like a dream! I can’t believe that they’ll be so cheap. The last dress is definitely very Kate Middleton. It’s going to look great on you.


Thanks for pointing out these places, I am going to Paris next month. The blue dress is beautiful.


That maxi dress is stunning! I rarely, if ever, buy vintage in the UK because the prices are just ridiculous – even the charity shops near me charge £20 for a dress! Surely that defeats the point? So frustrating x

Vintage Vixen

It’s been the last century since I was last in Paris, I think Gilbert needs a road trip.
That blue dress is beautiful, so you and a great price, too. xxx
PS Yes, do the eyebrows, I promise you’ll be thrilled.


haha that dress does look similar to one Kate Middleton wore. Can I just say I’m so jealous you get to vintage shop in Paris?! I’ve never been… DYING!


Love the cornflower blue dress, very cute. So jealous of your shopping trip, I do like a good rummage in a second hand shop. There’s a charity shop in Golspie (in the North of Scotland) where I often find great things. I once got two blazers for 50p each and a floral 1950s housewife style dress for £3. Bargain!


Cant wait to see these beauties on you Jen! I didnt get the chance to do any proper shopping like that in paris (had David in tow haha) but I would defo love to go back, now I know what areas to look in! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip 🙂 Just spent the last wee while catching up on a few of your posts I’ve missed. Needed my Jen fix! :p xx


definitely making a note of this shops for my paris trip! cannot believe how cheap the skirt was…and i would totally have bought the dress in the last pic too. gorgeous.


Wow!!!!! Amazing photos and bargains you have there! I am so envious!!! I have always wanted to go to Paris, reading up on the homemade and vintage stores in my handbook!
Gorgeous blog.
Tori xxx


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