Sunday Smile #2

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Dear followers – I’ve been a bad blogger of late. Sporadic posts, no comments, absent from all your lovely blogs… I can only apologise. Sometimes, life gets in the way!

The Bank Holiday weekend gave me time to clear my schedule, so hopefully normal service will resume this week. And I’m starting with a belated Sunday Smile bumper edition – enjoy!

New threads…

Thrifted jumper, Primark striped long sleeve tee, Topshop jeans, Fat Face socks, thrifted necklace

I picked this delightful cropped jumper up at my favourite charity shop yesterday. It’s vintage Gap, in an oh-so soft wool/silk mix. It’s the perfect shade of tawny grey and is just right for a lazy day spent in my favourite armchair. The patchwork blanket was actually from Primark (and for £15!) and the ever-present guitar is my boyfriend’s.
New hair…
Photobucket Photobucket
A new hairstyle makes every outfit seem fresh and new. My cute barn owl fringe and cropped bob were snipped into shape by Lara, my fab hairdresser who was recommended to me by the lovely Victoria of Lily Loves Lola.

Easter treats… Photobucket
I made these too-cute-to-eat (although we did manage it eventually!) cupcakes for my family and friends. I used the vanilla cupcakes recipe from the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook, with cream cheese frosting tinted pastel yellow. I bought the fluffy chicks from the Pound Shop and used Cadbury’s Mini Eggs to finish. Yum!

Forgotten treasures… Photobucket
A trip to see my mum ended up with a two hour rooting session in my old childhood bedroom. Along with an antique mirror, a Gustav Klimt print and bags of old clothes, I found my Beatrix Potter books. They’re a little battered and most have the dust covers missing and my name written in shaky writing on the first page, but I have the whole set. I wouldn’t sell them for the world, although they’re worth quite a bit now.

A little bit of chocolate… Photobucket Photobucket
The lovely people at Clothing at Tesco sent me this fashionable fancy to celebrate the F+F Couture range. An edible dress? Now you’re spoiling me! It’s almost too pretty to eat (I said almost!).

What are you smiling about today? A shiny bag full of new purchases? Something delicious baked by your very own hand? Or a set of nails painted just perfectly? I’d love to know!


Lleyow Baguette

I love that patchwork quilt. I noticed them in Primark the other day but I was already halfway through the (very long) queue. That looks like the comfiest chair.. ever.

trinket box

I love that outfit, and your hair looks great 🙂 Also those earrings you’re wearing are so pretty, and the cupcakes look sooo good….I think I love everything about this post!


PS. Feel free to have a look/follow my blog – I make gorgeous jewellery, and have a shop online 🙂


Oh Jen, the new haircut looks so cute on you! Would you be brave enough to get it shorter and try a pixie cut?

I have those rose earrings too, but in pink! And I’m hungry just looking at those cupcakes, yum:)


Panty Buns

I like the Fat Face socks and thrifted necklace. Your new hairstyle lets those pretty earrings show nicely. I’d been wondering about that guitar, but you answered that. They’re a little harder to play with long nails.

Danni and Maria

I really like your hair and I know exactly what you mean about a barn owl… does anyone remember “The owl who was afraid of the dark” ?! 🙂 And I loved Beatrix Potter as a child <3

Maria xxxx


Those cupcakes look very yummy! I have the Hummingbird Cupcake Recipe book but haven’t made an from it yet :(. Loving the new hair cut by the way, it really suits you! Oh and love your glasses 😀 xx

Claire xx

Love the hair! I made the Banana loaf from the Hummingbird book yesterday – it is my favourite guilty pleasure!
Beatrix Potter Rocks!!!
Claire xx


Cute cupcakes, great outfit, and fab hair cut!! Great easter for you!!
I’m smiling as after waiting 4 years we are finally doing the bedroom! It’s looking great. Oh and I have fab painted nails and feel relaxed after a great easter weekend, why can’t every weekend be the same!

X x


I love your new hair! It’s so cute! Your cupcakes look delicious! And I have a set of Beatrix Potter books that came in a little box with a strap. I love stories about animals.

I’m still smiling because I spent the Easter weekend with my nieces, who I don’t get to see very often.

Make Do Style

I’ve been very keen on mini eggs this Easter! the cakes look fab and what a great edible dress – but seriously are F&F really using the word couture!?


Your new haircut looks very smart, Jen. Lovely! I kept all the Beatrix Potter books, too. (In fact I think I rather bought them for myself in the first place…)


ooo those cupcakes are so cute! i also used to love miss tiggy winkles when i was little – she was my fave.

Pink Flower

Gorgeous hair – that’s a fabulously slick cut – marvellous. I have all my Beatrix Potter books too, saving them for the “maybe” day I end up having kids – they are far too nice to give away to a charity shop!


Lara won’t be happy I dyed my hair back to brown myself! *slaps wrist* I must book an appointment with her soon.

Where is your lovely chair from? We need a big comfy chair like that but we can’t seem to find anything suitable! x


I lvoe your hair – you’re right, new hair can completely change an outfit and make everything new! I went swimming today for the first time in ages so that is making me smile, and the sun is finally shining after a rainy weekend so that’s pretty good too!


Oh Miss Tiggywinkle was my absolute favourite! My mum collects Beatrix Potter figures… the house is FULL, she says I shouldn’t complain about them because they’re my inheritance, although I’m pretty sure it would be easier for her just to keep the money in a building society.


Your hair is stunning! 🙂 pretty lady. I used to love the beatrix potter books when I was little, had a couple on vhs too! very old school. The cupcakes and the edible dress look very yummy. Haha I do love those fluffy little fake yellow chicks that pop up in the shops around easter time 🙂 so cute! xx


Your hair looks great…theres nothing more refreshing than a new hairstyle!

&& I think I once had the love affair with Beatrix Potter too, I used to have the cutest hexagon shaped piggy bank alongside the timeless classic books.
Jemima Puddleduck was my ultimate fave

Cafe Fashionista

Ohmigosh Jen your new hair is the most adorable thing EVER; and those cupcakes…to die for! I so wish that I would have baked some cupcakes for Easter – they would have made the holiday so much more yummy!!

The rain is currently making me smile. It seems the perfect time to curl up with a good book!! 🙂


Wow Jen, that’s a brave and seriously sassy new hair cut. Have you ever had long hair? You suit it short so well that I can’t imagine you with it long.

The cropped jumper is all kinds of gorgeousness as well 🙂


I bought the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook for a pretty amazing £4 and the cream cheese frosting is even more amazing!

I’m smiling because I just got myself a freelance proofreading/admin gig. It’s only little, but it’s something for the CV, right?


this is so random and oh-so-geeky but i just squealed at the mac as I realized we have exactly the same glasses! (i do wear them permanently just have this odd photo-glasses complex) yes! obviously, your framing choices are excellent! loved this post xox


I have to say I am a big fan of your armchair! It is lovely. I bet many a bank holiday afternoon is spent curled up in that!

Also a most excellent haircut – perfect fresh look for spring.


I love your haircut, you look amazing! I just had a lovely Easter trying not to think about all the work I have to do today, and spending time with my family. So that made me super happy, but the reality of coming back to having lots to do is not so nice! Glad you had a good weekend. xx


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