What Do You Like About Yourself?

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This year, all eyes are on the Brits. We’ve got the Olympics in London, it was the Diamond Jubilee a few months ago – the whole world is watching and wondering what it’s like to be British. Us Brits are known for many things – red double deckers, drinking tea, Shakespeare, our ability to queue – but one characteristic that ties many of us together is our self-deprecating nature.

Unlike many Americans, who celebrate their innate fabulousness at every opportunity, we Brits find it hard to say ‘hey, I look good today‘. When we’re paid a compliment, we brush it away. We laugh at ourselves and don’t take things too seriously. Which is awesome and makes us excellent, non-braggy people. But sometimes it’s nice to brag. Sometimes we deserve a little self-congratulatory moment. Especially when it comes to our bodies and appearances, which many of us find so hard to love.

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Dress, Zara | Jacket, ASOS | Boots, c/o Sarenza | Necklace, ASOS | Ring, Primark | Lips, Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in Lovesick

When I started editing these photos, I thought to myself: ‘hey, my legs look pretty damn good in these photos’. I thought about saying that in a blog post and scoffed. Of course I’m not going to say that. It’ll make me sound ridiculous. Who celebrates their own legs? Who admits they actually LIKE something about themselves?! Not in this country. Not on my turf.

But I thought about it some more and wondered why we shy away from celebrating things we like about ourselves. Someone recently told me I looked like I’d lost a bit of weight and I immediately waved them away, blushing and muttering about doughnuts and dimply thighs. Our British reserve, that attitude that makes us polite and bumbling and floppy-haired, holds us back. It stops us from shouting about our achievement, even if said achievement is just relatively toned legs.

So. I’d like you to tell me one thing you like – nay, LOVE – about yourself today. And I don’t want any of this ‘I’m a good listener’ nonsense – this is a fashion blog, let’s not get too deep. No, I want to know about your amazing hair or nice nails or your killer ass. I want great boobs, curvy waists and rosy cheeks. And if you can’t think of a single thing, send me a photo of yourself and I’ll tell you what you’re missing.

Go forth and love thyself. It’s what Shakespeare would’ve wanted.


Anna / angelinthenorth

What a wonderfully positive post! Your legs do look great 🙂 and I love the bold lippy colour. Me, I guess I quite like my eye colour and (ahem) backside. We should definitely make more effort to remind ourselves more often what we like, rather than focusing on what we hate.


Even before I’d read the text under the photos I thought how great your legs looked!

Today, my hair and make up are rocking my socks. Thanks Jen, for giving us a reason to have a think and appreciate the small things we like about ourselves x


Your legs look ace indeed! Your lips are also looking pretty fab in that pink colour 🙂

I love my eyes (isn’t that the usual fall back answer to these things?) and my butt looks pretty good in jeans!

Love this post 🙂 xoxo


I have fantastic boobs today. (I was just going to leave it at that, but the Brit in me won’t let me and I really wanted to tell you how much I love your hair in this!) 🙂 x

Emily Alice

love this post – very inspiring and positive!
I quite like my hair (some days) and I’m liking the hip bones I have coming through due to my weight loss efforts 🙂

Eve Maria

You look awesome here Jen. I guess I like my height? Kind of a strange one but I like being petite. It means I get an excuse to wear heels 😉


Completely agree with what you’ve said! The other day a woman said to me at work that my eyebrows were very nice and I brushed it off saying it was a rush job that morning. Well, actually I’m very proud of my eyebrows and hell yeah they look nice! 😀 xx


I absolutely agree, people (and women in particular) have to focus more on things they like about themselves! I think my eyes and my belly are pretty fab:) x


Your legs do indeed look fab! I guess for me I have quite a small waist, okay skin and I think I like my back (its hard to know, I don’t see it a lot) unfortunately what I class as bad points outweigh anything good. I know that’s awful to say and I should be ‘celebrating’ myself, or whatever Gok preaches but its hard. Would love to hear what you see in my pictures? Hannah x


Hannah, you are gorgeous! You have a very similar figure to mine, I think – small waist and curvy hips/big boobs. You have great legs too (SNAP!), adore your hair, pretty face – what’s not to love! 🙂 x


Love this!
You do have lovely legs – never wanted to be all creepy & mention this before – but this was noted when you wore your leather-jeans! I like my lips and cheekbones the best.


Posts like these are why you’re the only fashion blogger I still follow 🙂

Today – I HAVE AMAZING HAIR, and my waist looks really tiny in this dress. BOOM!


I have brilliant eyelashes. Really big, fake-looking ones. Lucky me- they’re the holy grail!

I was thinking your legs were amazing, which made me laugh when I realised it was the whole topic of the post. x

Pip ♥

Aww, this is such a sweet post! It made me smile so much :)))))) And your legs are very amazing 😉 Umm, my favourite thing about myself is probably my hair, when it’s not being naughty and limp and the front 🙂

Pip x


I was thinking how good your legs looked before I read that! I can definitely relate to this! I really suffer with low self-esteem a lot of the time and so this is a really refreshing, lovely post! And made me giggle a little as always…

Lizzie x


Love this! It sometimes annoys me how down about ourselves Brits are. I find it really hard to accept a compliment without feeling horribly smug and also try to brush them off but it should be ok to sometimes think “you know what, my hair DOES look good today”.
I like my eyes and long eyelashes and your legs are looking pretty good in these photos, you should definitely get them out more often (British weather permitting). x

Connie // Life, lately

This post felt a lot like a breath of fresh air, and the description of polite, bumbling, floppy-haired individuals conjured up images of the most British of Brits, Hugh Grant!

That really is a cracking set of pins you’ve got there, and if I may say so, beautiful skin. Bizarrely today I have been admiring my lovely defined ankles in my new jeans. A bit obscure, but a self-compliment all the same. Yay for me 🙂 Cx


What a fab positive post! Love the spike necklace – fab jewellery as always! I like my high cheekbones and that I still look young (I think) even though I m 31 x


Love this post! I’m loving my hair at the minute, the colour the style everything about it! haha, it’s taken me a long time to get here but finally! xxx


This is an incredible post Jen. I always compliment strangers, and that may come across as strange but the complements are usually well received 🙂 Hopefully I’m brightening their day just that little bit. And yes your pins look amazing!

Me..? I love my cheekbones/facial structure. I have a diamond shaped face, and stupidly high cheekbones…I guess they’re my favourite thing because I get so many compliments on them, and like a typical brit I laugh and say things like “but my cheeks are fat so they make me look like a hamster” but no, I’m pretty darned in love with them 🙂


Great post!I really appreciate british people,you guys have so much to be proud of,especially this year 😉
In general it’s hard to love yourself when you look around and see the models that society give us.But you’re right,it’s not about perfection but see the lovely things we’ve got (: compliments are always good accepted!
You are so cute,i love your hair 😛

Lyndsey Gray

Love the pink lipstick. Looks awesome on you.
Btw..jealous of your legs…mine are so pasty white that they’re blinding in daylight. Haha.

I do, however, aaaaaadore my freckles (strange I know but its one of the main reasons I get excited when the sun shows his face). Shame it’s mainly been rainclouds this summer.


I love this post, it’s very accurate. We’re notorious for shying away from compliments, and we get very prickly when another dares to shout about their achievements, which definitely isn’t fair! I agree, your legs do look very good in these pictures.
Very often, I find it hard to find things I like about myself. But when I think about it, I like my eyes – I have long lashes, I like that I have big boobs, and I like my small waist 🙂 We should celebrate what we like about each ourselves more! x
Sirens and Bells


Our modesty and discretion, have to love that about us Brits – our fair play attitude and lack of showing off!

But I completely agree, sometimes it is NICE to accept a compliment or compliment yourself. Today my hair looks incredibly shiny and golden and I love my naturally deep blonde shade 🙂 (and now I feel distinctly unnatural having said that!! Modesty is bred into us!)

Jem xXx


Awww, this is such a lovely post. I totally agree with what you’ve said…my best friend is British, and whenever I compliment her, she just WILL NOT take it. Annoys the hell out of my chubby American self because she’s stunning and model-esque-ly tall and lithe. And, I gotta say, your legs do look absolutely fab!

My favorite thing about myself has GOT to be my complexion. I don’t have acne-prone skin like most of my friends, and my skin has just enough oil that I always look shiny and radiant. I always feel a little uncomfortable talking about how much I adore skincare, like makeup, and my complexion in front of my acne-ridden friends, but it is nice to confess to loving one part of myself a lot. I take pride in my skin–and take good care of it!

– Samantha


this is such an incredible post and just what I needed to read today. You’re so true in everything that you say – the main thing that struck me was how we Brit’s react to compliments, why don’t we just appreciate them and say thank you?!
I think the thing I love about myself is my bum. It has it’s flaws, but I really do love it – I try to do a little bum wiggle when I walk to give me more of a spring in my step hehe.
Love Holz oxo


This is the only fashion blog I read regularly, and I work in media and fashion!

I’ve never posted before either, but you are like a breath of fresh air and this post for has really struck a chord and reminded me that real beauty is all about attitude as well as a dash of self kindness. Sod being ‘British’. This post has made me smile but also, and so rarely does this happen, really think and look at myself through something other than a media distorted looking glass. I just realised that I too love my legs (though not everyday!). They’re no longer super skinny, and hell they have dimples at the top. So although I would still never wear shorts, I have been rocking out my short summer dresses. Thanks in large to a great boyfriend (I know, sad that my self worth needs to be validated by my other half, but like this post it helps sometimes to see yourself through someone else’s loving eyes) and your posts, I have realised that they’re actually pretty great. I also love my hands and my smile.

You have a complexion to die for as well as great pins, and a very pretty face.

Thank you for making me take 10 minutes out of my day to be kinder to myself, and remember that even on an off day, a smile, a bit of self-love and a stylish attitude will carry me through.



Thank you, Anon. I wish you’d left a name so I could thank you properly – I hope you come back and read this. Your comments really mean a lot to me and I’m so happy you enjoyed this post.

Thank you reading, and thank you for being part of Little Bird 🙂 x


Well, you have got some pretty good legs there, even if you do say so yourself 😉

Would it sound obscene if I said I had a really shapely bottom? Hahaha it’s quite large but I like to think of it as like J Lo’s or Kim Kardashian’s, rather than fat.

olivia grace

This is an amazing post Jen (your outfit looks amazing as always) but hell look at those pins too! This was so inspiring and cheery to read and it was SO nice to hear someone feeling positive about themselves, it’s so refreshing and inspirational. Today (in fear of sounding like a freak) I liked my feet, they didn’t look too sore from my awful shoe choices, and my hair didn’t go too badly either! xxx


I love this post – so true. I also agree with ‘anonymous’ cannot believe you didn’t mention your complexion!

Like everyone I find it a struggle to report something I ‘love’ – pathetic really…but after some thinking, I love my hands, feet and lips.

Lots and lots of thanks being sent from me to you Jen!

Kate x



This is such a unique idea for a post! So glad I have the opportunity to freely say that I think you have a really sexy figure. And let’s not forget your beautiful face!
Today I’d like to announce to the world that I have a perfectly peachy arse.


I disagree with your statement about Americans?! It’s rude to say all of them love compliments, most of my friends won’t take compliments well either and i’m american! Don’t believe your interpretations of Americans that you see on t.v. It’s quite rude to state these stereotypes. Besides what’s wrong with a little confidence!


Hey Lo-Lovely,

I’m SO sorry if I offended you in any way – that wasn’t my intention at all. There’s nothing wrong with a little (or a lot, if it’s deserved!) confidence – that’s the whole point of this post.

If anything, I think I’m generalising the British more than Americans. I adore the positive attitude MANY (I didn’t say all) Americans have – I think it’s a cultural thing. Brits are brought up in a very different way, the things we’re exposed to (TV, newspapers) are geared towards a more negative, sarcastic attitude. I recently visited four US states and every single person I came into contact with, from shop workers to friends and family to people on the street, was pleasant and friendly. Of course this isn’t the case for all people – and I think I’m generalising here, more than stereotyping – but Americans are known for their ability to celebrate their achievements. You have whole holidays dedicated to how awesome your country is! And that’s amazing.

Like I said, I’m really sorry if you found this post offensive. It wasn’t intended to be. I just wanted to show the differences in our cultures and how us Brits can learn from the more positive American attitude. I mean, your president’s inaugural speech was ‘Yes We Can’ – that sums it up perfectly!

Feel free to email/tweet me if you want to chat more 🙂


I have fantastic collarbones, dimples and a sense of humour. I also package up my self-confidence with a little humility.

Maria Fallon

Jen, as ever you are amazing, inside and out! I have grown to love me a lot more over the past few years and I’m pretty happy with the overall package now which I love! I have been told I have good eye brows and I like my hourglass shape 🙂

Maria xxx

Katie Frank

this post is great. you should celebrat that you wrote something so good. yeah, you know, people think that if they will say good about themselves then they will look like they were selfish or something like this. people need more compliments and more good words. i mean, i really don’t understand why there is so much hate in the world. why people hurt each other, writting, telling things which aren’t true or just things which are weak side of other person. you totally should write that your legs are beautiful, because they are! you should write that you’re pround of you beauty because it’s true. yeah. i totally know what you mean. uh. it does sux.



Jen, love your blog read it all the time. I am Aussie and I reckon we are just as bad as the Brits for compliments – in fact it would be seen as “UN-Australian” to accept a compliment without bagging yourself.But in the spirit of your post (and under the protection of anonymity) I will say that I love my body shape. I am by no means a small girl, but everything is in proportion and I guess you would say I have a classic hourglass with a decent set of boobs which I have always secretly loved!


Are we allowed to say brains?! I known you can’t see them, but it is a part of the body!


Hey, I’ve never commented on a blog before – but I would just like to say that this is one of the most uplifting things that I have read in a long time. x


I love myself today, all of me, not just one part but the whole Claire-shaped shebang!
It doesn’t happen every day and reading this has made me doubly sure I need to celebrate it!!!
Thanks for an awesome post 🙂

{I had to edit my original post above, damn you typos!}

Caramel Latte Kiss

What rocks is getting compliments from the men in your life who don’t notice you’re female anymore. You know, boys you’ve been friends with forever. It’s nice when they notice you’ve made an effort! Is that really pathetic?

As for me, I have great boobs. Hooray for boobs.


I’ve worked hard over the last year to get fit and I’ve managed to lose 2 stone. So I love everything about myself! (hope that doesn’t sound too arrogant) x


Proper love this post, Jen. I am getting fit and beginning to love my body! I love my eyes, shoulders/back/clavicle and think I’ve got pretty hot legs, actually. I’m slowly starting to feel better about myself and it feels good!


Arash Mazinani

Great post! You look fantastic in your photos too. I was tempted to say I don’t know just to see what you’d pick.

I’d have to say for me probably my stomach and my thighs, being quite a skinny guy I seem to have rugby player sized thighs. I have to be careful with slim fitting jeans as they end up looking like meggings on the thigh region. I also quite like my stomach, it’s not quite as ripped as it may have been when I was in my late teens. But it’s flat and on a good day/good lighting you can see some ab definition. *Queues up topless self shot posing in the mirror and uploads on instagram* jokes.

I did a post about men and body issues quite a while back and to this day it’s still one of my most popular posts. People often think men don’t have issues with their body and it’s a female only thing but that’s not true. Granted, a lot of guys may not be bothered about loosing weight or getting smaller, but a lot do care about having a washboard stomach and bulging biceps. Women are bombarded with tanned skinny girls in magazines and movies. Guys are bombarded with tanned brawn bodies in movies and magazines.

Only the other day when I saw Tom Daley diving and my twitter feed (mostly female being a fashion blogger) going MENTAL I thought “Damn, I better start hitting the gym again”


Your legs do look hot! I love my hair and I’ve been doing a bunch of pump and combat classes lately and I’m starting to be pretty fond of my legs too!


I’ve only just found your blog but after reading this post I followed straight away!
Your legs and skin both do look great here 🙂
I agree that us Brits generally find it difficult to celebrate ourselves but if I had to say something about myself I’d also like to think I have good legs


Absolutely love this post.
FYI, your legs do look flipping amazing.
And…I love my nails. They’re long and strong, almost all of the time 🙂
P.S. Your hair looks lovely in that style x


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