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Life through my Instagram lens…

What I Wore instagram blog post
After seeing this amazing post by Elle, I rushed out to spend £80 (!!) on various bangles and bracelets. I love mixing neons with studded leather – an easy way to accessorise an otherwise simple outfit.

A rare sunny day earlier this month meant I could wear one of my favourite dresses, sans tights. This printed yellow cutey is from Matalan and cost a whopping £16. Every time I wear it I’m asked if it’s still available and sadly it’s not, but keep an eye on the Matalan site for similarly sweet pieces.

I’ve already mentioned my intense love for knomo and my new Lille bag, but here she is again. Sigh.

 Lovely stuff fashion blog uk
If you haven’t raided your local PoundLand for Stila stock, I’m judging you. I picked up these two palettes for, yep, you guessed it – £2. I keep checking back for more items – I’ve heard rumours of tinted moisturiser, eyeshadow and face powder – but if I can’t get hold of anything else, I’m going to transfer some of my round shadows into these babies.

I was so sad to miss the launch of Wish Magazine back in May (silly USA holiday of a lifetime!) but delighted when the mag finally went on sale and I got my hands on a copy. It’s such a beautiful magazine – visually stunning, well-written, engaging and spot on for anyone who feels a bit bored with traditional mags. Lovely stuff indeed!

Despite not drinking tea or coffee, the fab folks at teapigs sent me this big box of samples to share with my friends and family. It currently resides on my desk in Duke Studios, making me very popular with my fellow residents.

My mum’s husband Stuart travels to Japan often (in fact, he’s there right now!) and brings back cute and quirky things from his trips. I spotted this paper fan when I was over at my mum’s for the weekend and couldn’t resist snapping a pic… can anyone else still sing along to the Pokémon theme tune? “I wanna be the very best…”

Yummy things uk fashion blogger
I wrote about my stay at Bedford Lodge in Newmarket, but Pimm’s and breakfast in bed are always worth another look. Delish.

Pizza Express takeout and wine on a Friday night in the studio. The plan was to work but we ended up slouching on beanbags, watching Big Bang Theory on the big telly and talking about life. <3 my studio!

Rob and I spent the Bank Holiday Weekend celebrating a rather important anniversary. We don’t usually pay much attention to anniversaries and almost missed this one too… Rob remembered around midday and texted me to confirm! But 10 years together gave us a great excuse to drink Hendricks gin and tonic, eat all the food and generally be merry.

 And the rest fashion blog instagram collage

And some final snaps – Fanny, the vintage VW campervan that will be our wedding transport, Vivienne Westwood heels on my shoe shelf, Travis snoozing on my side of the bed and some pretty awesome reverse parking by me.

It’s been a lovely few weeks!



I bow down to your parking prowess. 🙂
I suck at parking, mind you I drive a big estate dog wagon.

Love the catch up, the Matalan dress is cute, and the bracelets are great.

Bumpkin Betty

10 years!! Congrats to you both… I’ve just celebrated 3 years with my Boyf and thought that was pretty awesome… But 10!! Wow! Also now racing to poundland… Thanks for the tip!



I know this has nothing to do with this post but I LOVE the article to do with how to start blogging. I’ve recently started blogging and its been really useful!!


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