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There was a time in life when I could describe myself as a regular festival-goer. I went to my first in 2002 (Leeds Festival with Metallica, System of a Down, Blink 182, Linkin Park, Blur and The Streets. Oh my!) and for the next few years, my friends and I would get together every summer to watch live music, come rain or shine.

But then I hit an age when sleeping on the cold, hard, often wet ground, surrounded by empty bottles of cider with no access to a decent bathroom, was no longer a fun way to spend the weekend. I admit it – most of the time, I’d rather watch it on TV and go for a wee without fear of catching Hepatitis. I know, I’m pathetic.

It’s been a few years since my last festival and even though the desire to roll around in mud and eat potentially life-threatening burgers still evades me, I’m itching to get back in that atmosphere. Plus, dressing for a festival is possibly the most fun you’ll have with your wardrobe.

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Vintage dress via charity shop | J.Crew jacket | Target belt | Vintage bag via charity shop | Forever 21 necklace | Urban Outfitters hat |  Wellies c/o Hunter

See? So fun! I think it’s the wellies. Wellies make everything better. Mine were sent to me by the lovely people at Hunter – they’re the Original Gloss style in ‘citrus’ and the most fun wellies I’ve ever owned. And I have about five pairs of wellies, so that’s saying something (I live in the north. We need wellies).

Dressing for a festival can be tricky, but the key is a mix of the practical and the pretty. I found this vintage dress in a charity shop in Brighton – it was a rather long, matronly style so I chopped the bottom off for a more modern look. I love the bright florals and the loose cotton fabric is comfortable and easy to wear. Plus, if it gets wet it’ll dry quickly! Over the top I’m wearing a waterproof jacket from J.Crew – an essential for British festivals and much nicer than those transparent plastic ponchos.

A cross-body bag, like this vintage leather one, will keep your essentials close and safe, while a straw trilby keeps the rain off your head and hides a multitude of hair sins. And the most important aspect of your festival style – wellies. No plimsols. Converse won’t cut it. And don’t even attempt sandals of any kind. It’s wellies or bust, unless you want to come home with trench foot.

I don’t have any festival tickets this year, so this outfit may not see the light of day. Unless you vote for me hereI’ve been chosen as a finalist in Oxfam’s competition to win tickets to the Isle of Wight festival! If you like the cut of my jib and think I deserve a few nights in a tent, just leave a comment with my name (JenLittleBird or Jen Holmes or just Jen) to vote. Voting closes 9am tomorrow – thank you kindly!

Are you going to a festival this summer? What are your tips for festival fashion?



I also used to be a regular festival go-er, my first was Reading 2004 (The Offspring, Ash, Green Day and, erm, The Darkness). Your outfit looks great; unfortunately there are photos of me on facebook wearing a hood that I’d fashioned from a bin liner. Creative? Yes. Stylish? Absolutely not! You look great though!



This year I realised the majority of my carefree youth was over, when a friend asked me if we should do any festivals, and I replied “Mmm…would we be able to stay in a hotel though?”

Gemma Satire

Oh that old festival line up you mentioned brings back memories! I used to relentlessly listen to all those bands again and again! But yeah if you don’t have wellies you might as well just go home. Been to Leeds festival about 3 times and each year it was as muddy as hell. Your wellies are so charming wish I could afford Hunter’s but always ended up having to wear tragic Dunlop khaki ones. And yes the toilets are horrible. Everytime I went in there I thought I was going to fall into its realms and die. Poo girl style.

Gemma x



Ahhhh what an amazing year to go! I went to Reading in 2007 and it was enough to put me off ever going again. I’m so glad i did go and it was an amazing experience but it just wasn’t for me!

I really like your outfit, you’ve got the festival thang~ perfect!

Good luck, i’ve just voted 🙂



Awesome outfit, love the quirky wellies! I’m a regular festival-goer, if you want the atmosphere without the camping, have you thought about day tickets? 🙂 x

sam x

ooo pretty dress and I love the colour of your wellies! I wish hunters would fit around my chunky calves!

I love going to festivals but I am the same and hate the thought of mucky camping – i really want to try one of the glamping teepees or huts that some festivals have though – but they are so expensive. x


Ah festivals, I went to Glasto solidly for 5 years. LOVED it. Felt like a different world, and my headscarf, shell bracelets and chiffon mirrored triangle top just didn’t cut it back in the real world.
Love the dress, and the wellies are perfect! Mine were old green ones that I cut in a fringed pattern at the top. Stylish.
Got my vote Jen, good luck.


Isle of Wight is such a lovely festival 🙂 I shall of course vote for you. I remember when you used one of my outfits in your Wardrobe Wonderings many moons ago! And that red dress is such a beautiful find 😀 xx

Eve Maria

What a great Leeds lineup, wish I’d been there! I’m definitely the festival type, I wish I could have afforded it in my teens though as I think I’d have had more fun back then! Nowadays I think I’d go for something more chilled like Latitude or Hay festival.


That is literally, the perfect outfit for a festival, although last year at Glastonbury I spent a large amount of time completely covered in my freebie bright orange poncho I got free from the Orange phone charging tent. Goddamn rain! The people I feel worst for are the playsuit wearers. Try going to the no-roof-animal-stall-style toilet in that! Hannah x

Marie Monaghan

I just went to Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona a few weeks ago…it is PERFECT! Sunshine almost guaranteed, and there is no camping so you are forced (!) to live it up in a hotel instead. The line up is always great too. Only problem is your legs would probably get too sweaty in wellies x

My Passport to Style

Hi Jen,

loving your cabbage coloured wellies with your red dress and jacket great combo at the risk of sounding slightly odd we have the same knees I notice, which makes me feel much more confident about getting mine out on occassion!xx


I have never been to a festival and i doubt I ever will but those wellies are fab enough to tempt me!

Maria xxx


Dream line up, or what?! Lucky!
I agree, wellies are a must have festival staple.. I can never understand people traipsing around in sandals!


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