What’s in my wardrobe? Spring 2010 edition

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Although it’s officially British Summer Time here, the weather is just getting warm enough to start wearing the spring trends sitting in my wardrobe. 
When the season changes, I try really hard not to go mad and buy everything in sight. I look for those key pieces that mix with everything else and keep my fashion habit satisfied and my bank balance healthy. Here’s what I’ll be wearing for spring 2010…
Classic cream trench, Primark £22


I bought this last year and have worn it so many times – it’s perfect for in between weather that requires a lightweight jacket. Wear with a cotton scarf in a pastel shade.

Pretty dresses – grey polka dot, Primark £13 and cream lace, Republic £30
These dresses are so easy to slip on and go. Wear with a pair of light tights (I love dusky pink, faded grey and lavender at the moment), a leather belt and simple pumps.

Skirts and shorts- floral skirt, Primark £9. High waisted shorts, Topshop £25.
I love the muted floral print on this tulip skirt, and the denim shorts are super flattering in a very 70s way! Wear with tights, a simple tee and a long necklace.

Mix and match – chambray shirt, H&M £15. Polka dot crop top, Topshop £10
The crop is a key shape for this season, and a chambray shirt is great for achieving that double denim look. I’ll wear these together with my favourite jeans and chunky wedges.

Easy details – straw bag, charity shop £2.99. Leather plaited belt, H&M £5
This plaited belt is a real favourite of mine – the light tan leather makes it perfect over pastel dresses to give shape. The straw bag is big enough for all my essentials and much lighter than my usual leather tote.

In the bag – floral oilcloth shopper, charity shop 99p. Grey suede mini bag, charity shop £2
The Cath Kidston style print on this shopper is so adorable, and it’s just the right size for a trip to the farmers’ market. The grey suede bag is my go-to for a night out.

Top to toe – leather pumps, Primark £11. Printed silk scarf, vintage fair £1
I just adore the blush pink of these leather pumps – they make even huge feet like my own look pretty and dainty. The floral silk scarf is the accessory that earns its keep, as a headscarf, necktie, bag accessory and belt!

Stacked – leather wedge heels, New Look £15
These leather wedges are so wonderfully comfortable and go with absolutely anything. I like to wear them with cute little socks and swishy skirts. 

And the finishing touches – flower necklace, Eclectic Eccentricity £15.75
Pearl necklace, vintage fair £2
Rings, Primark £2. Daisy clip, Primark £1.50 (for two)
Cream earrings, Primark £2. Green flower earrings, Accessorize £4
I adore vintage-style jewels in cool, creamy colours. A string of pearls is so easy to throw over a simple dress, and this beautiful pink flower necklace is an easy way to pick up colour in an outfit. 

So there you have it – my spring wardrobe, all ready and waiting for the rain to subside and the sun to shine through! What will you be wearing this spring? Do you love nudes, florals and lace like me, or does a different trend take your fancy? I’d love to know!


Ana - Toil and Trouble

Love the trench, the nude flats and the grey polka dot dress! You should just humor me and wear them all together :o)

I just got a beige trench in the mail from my mom, and I can’t wait to wear it!


Lovely purchases!
I adore lace, pastels and florals too!
I think I shall be getting some similar tights as black just isn’t going to cut it this season!


I love the trench and the dresses – so easy to wear but really stylish 🙂
I’m really liking the floral trend for spring, it’s so feminine and pretty. I like lace too and already have a few lacy things that I’ve collected over the years so I’m glad they’ve come back into fashion! x

Style of a Fashionista

You are so ready of Spring and you are going to look gorgeous some amazing pieces here.

Primark is amazing and you have found some great bits from there love the trench I brought one from there last year but it has short sleeves.

Fab post btw xoxo

Anna Jane

Love it! I have a similar trench from New Look which I simply cannot take off – they are too Goddamnn useful.
Your wardrobe looks like its full of fun and exciting stuffs! I know this is a weird question but where do you get your hangers from? It really annoys me that my hangers are incredibly mismatched and I was hoping to get some similar wooden ones to make my wardrobe look a little bit more functional!

– Anna Jane xxx


your comment on my blog made me chuckle!! apologies for showing you the glasses and effecting your bank balance!! 🙂 lovely clothes but how sad am i was more distracted by the tea cups and saucers you have!!! so pretty!
vicki xo

Amy Marie

I really loving this post 🙂 Most of your items are very similar to mine. I have the high waist shorts on today and a crop top! I adore plaited belts over shirts too.

Gorgeous stuff

Love, Amy Marie.


Oooh what a post of loveliness. I really do think I’m going to have to invest in a pair of those wedges, they’re just perfect.


great post i really wan a classes trench coat but the colour doesnt suit me XD

i love the polka dots! i want to have some thing with polka dots :3


Gorgeous trenchcoat and for £22 a steal! Wardrobe spring clean is also on my to-do list for this weekend; which will probably give me an idea what I’ll be wearing in the next few weeks. Lovely long weekend to you, Jen!


OH my goodness! I totally forgot about my white trench!!! Love your style! I have worn a moss green, and 2 pinks but for got my white one! Stop by sometime ! I love your style!


love the style .. im off to town this morning to hopefully update my spring/summer wardrobe with some essentials.. this has been a good reminder that i need a new mac and some more accessories!!! .. thanks for the tips!
im loveing the nude shades available atm.. so simple to wear whatever your colouring i find..


This post is by far amazing.

I wish I was this organised with my wardrobe! I haven’t thought about my spring wardrobe at all… but I know I cannot wait to start wearing pumps again, they are kind of a lifeline!


Aw this post is such a great inspiration! Love the 2 pairs of shoes especially, I can’t think of a spring outfit that wouldn’t look good with one or the other! xx


My trench has not left my back lately, perfect for the showers and sun combo we have going on here. 🙂
I love the floral trends at the moment, and you can’t beat a string of pearls.

Happy Easter! X xx


I have that trench in black, and I love it but so wish I had the beige version too so I could keep wearing it in the spring and summer! You are so much more ready for spring than me, some gorgeous things in your wardrobe!



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