Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My

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… well, apart from the lions and bears.

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(Sorry for the crazy wind hair and gappy fringe.)

When I was 8, all my sweaters were like this. Well, maybe not quite as monochrome OMGFASHION, but I’m pretty sure everything in my childhood wardrobe had an animal motif on the front. Because let’s face it – all clothes are better with tigers.

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Sweater, Zara | Shirt, Primark | Jeans, Topshop | Flats, Ara c/o Sarenza | Bag, Mulberry | Ring, Primark 

I bought this super-awesome-amazing tiger sweater from Zara on Friday and have worn it all weekend. I love it. Clearly, I’m a big fan of the shirt-under-jumper look (what do you mean, it’s so 2002? Shut up and let’s watch Cruel Intentions again).

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Apologies for the general awfulness of these photos – taking outfit shots on a tripod when it’s windy is like a very expensive game of Chicken. Dare you hold your pose while the tripod shakes and your camera strap flaps violently? Will you risk £500 of equipment for one last looking-at-the-ground photo?  Luckily my Canon and I survived to pose another day.

Tell me your animal clothing stories – did anyone else own a t-shirt with a life-size My Little Pony print?



I really like this look especially the jumper and the purse are amazing! I love your hair!

Great post!


olivia grace

I love this ‘combo’ Jen! Totes pinable (in all seriousness I’m a big fan of the shirt/jumper layered combination and you look like a mega babe) xxx


I love the shirt/jumper combo, you look gorgeous! Seriously, all my clothes when I was little had animals on (or were so infested with glitter and sparkle that I looked like a giant Christmas decoration). xx


They’re Leighs – a similar style but much softer, I think? Either way, I love them and wear them all the time! 🙂

Sarah Maria Klitgaard

Your tripod comment made me laugh out loud. Love this outfit and pretty much all animal motifs. Maybe too much. I just bought a Vera Moda shirt with raccoons on it forchrissakes…


In the last few weeks I have found myself drawn to animal print trousers. Not animal print like leopard print, like actual animals. I have jeans and trousers now with cats on, with wolves on and with owls on. All in the sale so I’m presumably so last season, but I love them all!


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