When The Weather Lets You Down (Again)…

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Keep calm and carry on wearing sandals. That’s my (not-very-catchy) motto, anyway.

I’ve been wanting to wear these black lace-up sandals c/o Sarenza for AGES, but the rain just wouldn’t stop and they’re clearly not suitable for navigating the muddy Yorkshire countryside. So I waited. And waited. And waited. After what seems like 20 billion years of rain and grey skies, I finally caved and just bloody well put them on. In your face, Mother Nature!

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American Apparel Disco Pants c/o Republic, Topshop blouse, Zara blazer, scarf and bag, Somewhere sandals c/o Sarenza, Forever 21 necklace, Miss Selfridge ring

Okay, so my feet were cold. And a bit wet. But at least these sandals are more substantial than most, and I love how they look with my ever-present Disco Pants.

The scarf is a recent Zara purchase – lightweight scarves are a staple in my summer wardrobe and Zara has the best range. A light cotton or soft silk adds just the right amount of coverage to keep off the chill, and a bright colour or cool pattern will add detail to a simple outfit. Teamed with a chiffon blouse and classic black blazer, I felt fine flitting from the police station (handing in my driving licence after a speeding offence – argh!) to the studio then out for dinner and drinks in the evening.

Oh, the bag? I know. It’s a beauty. It was a very expensive impulse purchase from Zara (where else? J’adore that shop) and I love it like a child. Maybe a little bit more. Don’t judge!

Have you had a chance to wear your favourite summer pieces? Are you soldiering on in flip flops and maxi dresses or are you back in boots and a coat?



I’m also still in sandals – cold feet but hey who cares!
LOVE your hair and the divine disco pants x

Sarah P

Seriously love everything about this outfit. Favourites are the scarf and sandals. Sometimes you have to persevere with the weather for the sake of looking good 🙂



Ha thats so funny about what you said about caving in and wearing your new sandals – ’cause I done the exact same today too LOL! I’ve decided in my head that it is summer and i’m gonna wear my summer wardrope if it kills me (in the name of fashion lol)! ;D xx

SarahB @ FridayisForever

Wow, when did republic start selling other brands? Never knew they stocked AA! Nice one – Disco pants look fab on you!

Also, those sandals are the absolute most perfect things I’ve ever seen and actually tick every box ever. ACTUALLY, thats not true. If they were wedged that’d be even better! I want them!! x


Hi Sarah, AA is a new acquisition for Republic but they’ve been stocking a range of other brands for a while! There’s lots of lovely stuff in at the moment 🙂

Lucy Nation

Oh, I feel your pain. I have some new green sandals that I am itching to wear. I’m gonna give it the weather one more week to get its act together!

Get The Measure

I went shopping with my mother and she picked up that scarf and was like I’m buying you this. I thought it wasn’t neutral enough but I actually haven’t taken it off! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂


I’ve been trying to outwit mother nature of late too. The weather has been so unpredictable that last weekend I set out in a warm jacket and scarf only for the sun to beam down and make a mockery of me but I randomly had a dress still in a bag in my car and got changed and had the last laugh 🙂 I love this outfit…it’s quite edgy between the disco pants and the shoes and necklace!


I have been trying to brave the cold and rain and try to dress more season appropriate but no can do! I’d rather be warm hehe.

Btw you are totally tempting me to get my hands on a pair of disco pants. They look fab!


Cute feet pic! Well done on outsmarting Mother Nature, I have been failing miserably and have resorted to tights and a parka. I think I need to be more resilient and get used to the fact that permanent transitional weather (or Autumn) is a reality here.

Katie KC

Hi, I love this look. and love those sandals. Everything blends perfectly. The shirt with the chunky necklace- great. Love it!


Love this outfit! The sandals are worth having cold feet for. I very very nearly put boots on this morning, but something in me just couldn’t do it in June. Still in the ballet flats!


Those disco pants are SO flattering! I’d heard they were but so glad to have it proved now! They’re on my list now x


You are braver than me! I have a pair of sandals that I love but I only wear them once a year and then they rub me really badly so I put them back in my wardrobe for another year, I really should wear them more to get them worn in though! Not sure I can quite tolerate soggy feet though.


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