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eBay dress, Topshop cardigan, vintage belt, Primark brogues, Mango and Miss Selfridge rings

My my, doesn’t it look lovely in here (I’m referring to the new layout, not myself. Although, I do think this dress is rather pretty)! My wonderful boyfriend and web designer/developer extraordinaire Rob designed and built Little Bird a fancy new home – something simple and clean for spring. I love it, and hope you do too.

The cardigan I’m wearing in this outfit sadly shrunk in the wash (hey Topshop – don’t put a ‘wash at 40 degrees’ label in your stuff if, you know, you can’t wash it at 40 degrees), so I returned it and now have a chunky knit-shaped hole in my 30 for 30 wardrobe. I’m not sure I can bend the rules again to sneak in a replacement, so I’ll solider on with just 29 pieces. Only nine outfits to go… can I do it?



LOVE the new layout. It looks so grown-up and de-cluttered.
That dress is so cute and love the idea of tying the belt instead of using the buckle. x


The new layout looks absolutely lovely, the header is fantastic! The outfit is gorgeous too, love the dress, a shame your cardigan shrunk but only 9 days to go so fingers crossed you can manage =)


I love the new layout – it’s very simple, yet still has some personality!

It’s a shame the cardigan shrunk – I love chunky cardigans over delicate dresses 🙂


Loving the new layout. I just tweaked mine in the last few days too, must be something about the changing of the seasons and having a good old spring clean!

Gorgeous outfit, as ever!

Loveaudrey xxx


9 more days to go, is that it?! gosh this month has gone way too fast. i love the new layout, i wish i knew someone who was a dab hand at web design!


If you can make larvly outfits like this then you can definitely do it! And I for one am all for bending the rules- TS can take the brunt of it for making shrinkable jumpers!xxx


The new layout looks so fab.
And love the dress. Definitely really pretty. Shame about the cardi shrinking? but replacing it in 30 for 30 is defintiely allowed.


JEN – the same thing happened to my topshop cardio (same as yours, but in cream). I AM SO DISSAPOINTED 🙁 it just feels far too tight and shrunken to wear! chunky knits were made to me oversized. i love the layout by the way !

Adele x


Love the new layout Jen. The pictures look so much more better quality, I think the size really does make a huge difference! The fonts are spot on too xx


Oh I’m sure you’ll cope without one for 9 days – it’s getting warmer after all. Tut tut Topshop though! I don’t really shop there but I didn’t think of them as somewhere that had problems with that sort of thing.

Love the new layout – the header is gorgeous!


Topshop are a nightmare for dodgy washing instructions! I’ve had so many things shrink on me.
Gorgeous new layout. Soldier on with the 30/30 – you can do it! Love this dress x


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