Project Take 10 Challenge 8 – Matalan

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Matalan is fast-becoming a favourite shop of mine, and not just because they were generous enough to sponsor us Take 10 girls. I visited my local store at the weekend and came away with armfuls of goodies that I can’t wait to wear when 30 for 30 is over. Well, not literally armfuls. They did give me a bag.

Challenge number 8 was to style this cute tapestry bag in any which way we chose. Now, before I reveal my outfit (and I’m presuming you haven’t greedily scrolled down already here), I’d like to point out that I didn’t wear these clothes for anything other than the shots, as that would be breaking the 30 for 30 rules and we all know I’m only game for bending them, not actual breakage. So I pranced about in these shiny new things for all of 10 minutes, then duly swapped them for something from my 30 for 30 wardrobe. Being a good girl is really boring, I hope you know that.

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Next cardigan, vintage blouse, Matalan jeans, Matalan tapestry bag, Matalan shoes, Zara Taylor necklace, H&M belt, Mango ring, Barry M polish in Coral, Topshop lipstick in Brighton Rock

And here’s how my Take 10 sisters rocked it…


Sherin, Ellie, Vicki, Sarah, Harriet, Paula, Sabine, me, MJ, Adele

Thank you to the ever-lovely people at Matalan for donating the bag and featuring us on their blog and welcome to a brand new Take 10er, Harriet!

What do you think of the looks for challenge 8?



I love the bag, it’s gorgeous and you’ve styled it great. You look fab in the flares, they make your legs looks super long


You’re really working that bag! May have to purchase one myself. I’m also a huge fan of matalan, it has really affordable yet nice stuff 🙂 x


You look even lovelier than usual in these pics. I think the jeans really, really suit you and the bag is incredibly pretty!

Makes me wish I had a Matalan local to me.

Loveaudrey xxx


wow, this blog is rapidly becoming a ‘What I Wore” rip off..

so hard to have original ideas these days, especially when the writer has professed in the past to loving this particular blog… at least Jessica’s poses are a bit less awkward than yours…. *notes arm positions*


I love the fresh spring take you’ve gone with. SO impressed you’re still sticking to your 30 for 30 though – I would totally have caved by now!


Those jeans are amazing, loving the 70s outfit vibe! May head down and check those out, I am very short on jeans that fit right now. The bag is super-cute too, I am such a Matalan fan! x


Jen, the blouse and bag are perfection and the jeans go so well with the look. Also love your new blog layout… And I thought you were busy with moving. xo


I must admit I really do have a soft spot for tapestry bags, and this one is perfect. The vintage blouse is lovely too xx


I love how your glasses match your cardigan haha. You are doing so well with this 30 in 30! Are you going to do a wrap up post? I hope so!

Vintage Vixen

Love the outfit but not struck on the bag! Those jeans are fabulous and I love the glasses, are they new? I wear Brighton Rock, isn’t it fabulous. xxx


i love those shoes and i can actually walk in them! i think matalan have really brought up there game 🙂 and the bags adoradle as is your vintage shirt 🙂 xx


I really love your glasses and lippie combo! I’m not so keen on the bag, but I think I’m the lone dissenter as everyone else seems to love it. I do have two tapestry bags myself, so maybe I’m just being picky.


You always amaze me with how versatile your outfits are 🙂 One day it’s a cape and fur stole, the next it’s leather leather pants and now this!?

I love that you’re not afraid to experiment with your style – it throws down a challenge to us all 🙂

I’ve just started blogging and find littlebird really inspiring. I look forward to all your posts so keep up the fantastic work. xx


haha take ten sisters, i like that 🙂 love how you rocked it my dear!! and love the close up of your face and green glasses! xo


I love these challenges because everyones styling is always so different! Gorgeous bag, I’m loving Matalan more and more these days. X


Those flairs make your figure look incredible – they are hugging you and swooshing out in all the right places! So so flattering!
Love this outfit, and your simple, pretty and clean make-up. xxx


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