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Yes, alright then. Snow and I are back on speaking terms. He saw to it that I didn’t have to work today by covering my car and our car park, making it impossible for me to get anywhere! So we’re friends again. The Mr and I had such fun digging his car out so he could get to work!

Primark dress, Primark polo neck, Topshop leggings, Primark socks, Primark ring
I should really have taken a picture of myself on my MacBook, as that’s been the the order of the day. I’ve been working from home (which is so much fun, by the way! You can’t dance around to Queens of the Stone Age while making a brew at work, can you?) and gazing out of the window at the beautiful, sunlit scene. It’s so much prettier from behind glass.
Thank you all for your kind and concerned comments on my last post. Myself and my car are fine and hopefully the whole incident will melt away with the snow. What with that and the pheasant on Sunday, I’m thinking maybe an armoured tank would be a better choice of transport? 🙂



Ah it’s ok for some. I wish I had the option to work from home 🙂

Your fella is very dishy – hope you don’t mind me saying so!!

And I love the outfit – especially the bow socks.



Great to know that you feel better today… Love the picture of you with your hubby. And I’m glad that you have made peace with the snow. xoxo


i’m glad your accident wasn’t too serious! i had fun yesterday but now i want the snow to melt away. my road is so icy, it’s literally like an ice rink.


Haha, not at all! Right back at ya sista 😉 Yous look so lovely together, I think I will cry the day my boyfriend proposes to me… stuff like that just gets me so bad 🙂 You rock the primark so amazingly by the way, you manage to make it look properly quirky and cute! Go you! 🙂 I’d been avoiding it for a while because I always left disappointed with the ones in Glasgow, but my my, today I had the most amazing primark swoop ever!

Totally cant wait for what you said about graduating! 🙁 Im scared, but I cant wait to be a proper person with a flat, and a decent bank account, and not as much guilt after a shopping trip :p xx


Oh cutie socks, loving the bows. And glad you and your car are feeling better. Yay to better days! And isn’t your beau a handsome chap! What a fine pair you make! x

Second Skin

Oh, I am not a snow fan either and after reading your last post I was like “ya, thats right! Silly snow! Who needs it!” But I am actually very glad that you made peace with your snow and stayed home all warm and toasty!

I am also so happy to have met you herein blog space! Your comment yesterday (well every comment you leave me) made me feel so warm and fuzzy and connected to the human race. like we are all facing stuff and if we stand together and hold hands we will all make it just fine. So thank you so much.

little shadow

I find your blog to be very charming; believe me when I say that I honestly felt clearer in the head after reading this post.
The snow is beauuuutiful.
And your Mr is..also beautiful. Haha!
I’ll definetely visit again x


I’m so glad you and snow made up… I have lived in Arizona for ages and I’ve never had a snow day before!

Hope you had a great day cuddled up with the Mr. Your outfit is adorable. I’m digging the leggings!


i too was so fed up of the snow, but today i had a random day off and me and some friends went sledging down primrose hill and it was so much fun. Snow has also won be back over too! <3 x


Just read both of the snow posts! Believe me I felt your anger on Tuesday! I had the day from hell trying to get to work, and when I did I was sent home as there was a powercut! ahhh and then trying to get home was a whole other story.

Great photos, especially like the look of the primark ring 🙂


ugh, i forgot about digging one’s car out of the snow! i don’t keep a car in nyc, but when i was visiting my parents in ohio, i had to do this every day. i had completely forgotten how miserable that can be.

anyway, you look so cute and cozy in your outfit! you have such great things from primark, i really wish i had that store nearby. ~joelle


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