An Autumnal Outfit

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Dressing for September/October is hard work. I want to cuddle up in my chunkiest knits and stomp about in my DMs, but the weather’s saying t-shirt and shorts (with added umbrella, obviously). We’re in No Man’s Land, guys. It’s tough out there.

I think I’ve worked it out, though – maxi dresses (*with* sleeves) and ankle boots. Observe…

fashion beauty bloggers ukbest uk fashion blogs Cute, no? 

This is not my ~usual thing~ at all. Generally I reserve maxi dresses for lounging about on foreign beaches, not trudging through the grimy streets of Leeds. But on this particular day, with the sun blazing and the leaves golden, I gave boho a go… ho. (Sorry.)

uk fashion bloggers
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Dress, Zara | Jacket, ASOS | Boots, c/o Kurt Geiger | Necklace, H&M | Sunglasses, Miu Miu

To dial down the hippy vibes, I teamed the dress with a trusty leather jacket and these beautiful fringed boots from Kurt Geiger. I live in ankle boots through winter and have already worn these loads – the heel is just high enough to add height without the crippling foot pain and I can NOT get enough of those fronds.

how to wear maxi dress autumn

Autumn, I bloody love you!


Sally Spankman

An outfit post with only one helpful link…to the item you have been paid to blog about. Gobsmacked. I just keep on hoping for something a bit less obvious.


Hi Sally,

I wasn’t paid to blog about these boots. If I was, there’d be a disclaimer on this post. I was sent them, sure – I’ve marked this in the post, as I always do. But I didn’t receive any payment. I haven’t linked to any other items because none of these items (bar the sunglasses, which I probably should’ve linked to but I do that on literally every other post they’re featured in, so…) are currently available online. I suppose I could do ‘similar here’ links instead but I chose not to. And please note that none of these links are affiliate links, so I’m not making a single penny from this post. Because clearly, bloggers should *never* profit from something that takes time, energy and skill to create…

Also, if I was being paid to write about something it’d certainly be obvious, otherwise I’d be breaking the law.

Hope that helps,



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