An Ode to TK Maxx

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Oh TK Maxx, how do I love thee?
Let me count the ways…

Forgive me – things are about to get a bit soppy up in here. I think I’ve had a religious experience in TK Maxx, and now I need to declare my love.

A few weeks ago I was commissioned by Cosmopolitan to write a piece on the alternative LBD (that’s Little Black Dress, fact fans) and was given some TK Maxx vouchers to fund my ‘research’. Best. Job. Ever. I took myself off to the Crown Point Leeds store and came out an hour later, firm in my belief that it’s the best shop in the world.

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This is the outfit I picked out – it’s all from TK Maxx, it’s all designer brands, and the whole thing was less than £160. I’m wearing a current season Clements Ribeiro blouse with sequin collar (RRP £95 now £29.99), DKNY black skinny jeans (RRP £95 now £19.99), current season Clements Ribeiro bouclé jacket (RRP £235, now £44.99), Radley nude leather heels (RRP £95 now £40) and a tasselled black Italian Leather clutch bag (RRP £33 now £24.99).

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When picking out these pieces I felt like a kid in a sweet shop. The AW12 stock is fantastic – I’ve always preferred cold weather clothing so the rails of autumn/winter jumpers and cardigans mixed with floaty chiffon and tough leather was impossible to resist. I actually took 23 items to the fitting rooms (SRSLY). That’s how good it was.

Happily, the lovely folks at TK Maxx seem to like me too (although maybe not in the same obsessive way) and invited me to their AW12 press event last week, where their fab new TV ad was shown. Another thing I love about the brand – this ad features just one model (it’s the super hot guy, of course). The rest are stylish real people. And if you keep an eye out at 0:15, you’ll spot the blouse I’m wearing here on the buyer’s rail!

You can read my piece for Cosmopolitan here and check out some of TK Maxx’s AW12 collection here. And I know not everyone has great luck when hunting for bargains, so here’s a post I wrote last year with some tips for rooting through those rails. Let me know if you find anything amazing!

Do you shop in TK Maxx? Ever found treasure in your local store?



I often avoid going in TK Maxx because I find it a bit ‘hit or miss’, but you know what? I’m going in!
Great outfit!

Love Audrey

When I lived in London I had a great time shopping in TK Maxx. Sadly my local branch down in Devon is rubbish. I haven’t found a designer gem in years {although the homeware section is great, and I do find bits and pieces for the children}. Perhaps I need to make a pilgramage to another store as you look fabulous in this outfit.

Franky xxx


Ok, you’ve convinced me, that is an amazing bargain outfit! I would buy so much more in TK Maxx if I could be bothered to trawl the rails =/


I’m with you on this! It’s super shop and I have found so many nice bargains in there. I bought my boyfriend lovely brogues that were £45, RRP £179, I remember when there was a craze for Toby Mott (Toby Pimlico) t-shirts around 14 years ago when I was a student and I found one for £12 in there and an Antik Batik skirt that went perfectly with a top I’d just bought for £7 (RRP £80!, Joseph Joseph chopping board £8 cheaper than Debenhams across the other side and an Orly Keily duvet cover and much more!! It’s a great place and I love rummaging so I always find things!


Ahrgh, I neglected to say that your outfit is gorgeous- you put together a seriously hot look! Honestly, I’m so selfish, that previous comment was all me me me! 🙂


Haha, no worries Kezzle! Glad you like the outfit and feel free to be a bit self-centered in the comments – I did ask you to share your stories, after all! 🙂

Alexandra Fouracre

I haven’t found anything in the womenswear section YET. Found some amazing things in home and kitchen ware though, especially in the crown point branch. Best buy was a last season leather jacket from French connection for my boyfriend, originally £350…. TKMaxx…£50! Bargain!


I have found so many designer bargains in TK Maxx over the years. Some examples are a Miu Miu bag for £45, 7 for all Mankind jeans for £29.99, Paul & Joe Sister chinos in the sale for £9, Splendid cotton tees for a tenner, Hunter wellies for £25 and more recently some Minnetonka bootees. You do need some patience to hunt through the rails and you won’t find something every week but its well worth a visit. My tip – go on your own and devote a good couple of hours to scouring the shop. Your outfit is amazing by the way.


I was in there yesterday (and again today…my mum is real tk maxx addict) and I got 3 models own nail polishes for £6 or £7, a D&G skirt for £50 and an antoni and alison handbag for £60. I think some tk maxx’s are better than others, but it’s always exciting when you find a real gem! I sometimes see designer things in there that are better quality and still cheaper than places like topshop.

And I love your blouse! I tried it on, but it was too small 🙁


LOVE TK Maxx! I wore MiH jeans yesterday that I got there for £39.99 (RRP £165!). There’s a store opening in Guiseley next month…could be dangerous!

Victoria Ollier

My local branch of TKMaxx certainly leaves a lot to be desired. I think it must be a branch that gets all the crap that they have left. I’ve ever found one designer piece in there in all my years of looking, but it was pretty special. A Diane Von Furstenberg suitcase that was reduced from £300 to £70. It’s a beautiful cobalt blue colour and I’ve had it five years now and use it every year. I think for £70 I’ve got more than my money’s worth out of it.


It’s one of those things where if you can be bothered, TK Maxx is the best. It takes a lot more effort than regular shopping but when you do find an incredible piece it’s much more rewarding. Yes I did just say shopping is rewarding in the same way one might say it’s rewarding working at an animal rescue centre… Hannah x


Right, you’ve sold me. I usually skip TK Maxx because it’s a headache for me. I’ll sometimes slip into the one on the Headrow but I rarely find anything. I’m going to try the Crown Point one instead. I remember slipping in there for some homeware goodies when I moved house and thinking there was a better selection but I’ve not been back for some reason!


Your job is seriously amazing! How much time did you spend getting all of this stuff though? I find TK MAXX a bit overwhelming and don’t know where to start and give in!


I agree that it can take a bit of rummaging to find the best bargains and I could easily spend hours in there… but luckily I went in on a day when new stock had just been put out, so I picked out everything, tried it on, deliberated and paid in just over an hour! Not too shabby for a day’s work… 😉


I really like this outfit, it’s very classy. I love TKMaxx. I quite often lose hours of my life and most my paypacket in there! Last week I got a Gharani Strok leather jacket for £69.99 instead of £395.99. I have a photo of it in my instagram feed – alitrippy if you want to check it out – I am in love!

Really enjoy reading your blog, thank you 🙂
Ali xx

Caramel Latte Kiss

I used to hate TKMaxx, but after I kept reading about bloggers’ finds in there, I gave it another go, and now I’m a total convert. I still hate it at busy times, so I’ve worked out, if I get in there on a Sunday morning, it’s practically empty and I can browse the rails in peace. I’ve not blagged any mega designer bargains (my local branch doesn’t generally carry that much of that sort of stock) but have found some gorgeous bargains.
Last weekend, I managed to pick up a pack of three Essie nail varnishes for a tenner, which was a huge bargain, once I’d found a pack with three nice colours in!


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