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My usual jewellery preference is bright, bold and cheap. Remember my ring collection? I have a vast selection of brass, copper and gold plated jewels and more than one green-stained finger. But that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a truly beautiful bit of bling, so when Damson Jewellery asked if I’d like to pick a piece from their site, I was delighted.

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Jana Reinhardt Sleepy Fox Ring c/o Damson

I am in love with this sleepy little fellow. Damson offer a range of quirky, original rings (I much prefer rings to any other type of jewellery), so it took me literally HOURS to choose between them. I know – total first world problems. Eventually, it was Jana Reinhardt’s designs that stole my heart, and about a week later I had a foxy friend on my finger.

Damson’s luxury offerings aren’t an everyday purchase, but if you’re looking for a unique, handmade, bespoke piece then you’re in the right place. And if you’re feeling a little light of pocket, take a look at the Christmas gift guides for pieces for under £50. Here’s my wishlist…

Hummingbird Ring, Fly Earrings, Garnet and Rose Petal Necklace, Cicada Collar Slides, Flock Eternity Ring

Sigh! I hope Santa’s reading this…



haha oh Jen, I clicked on that hummingbird ring expecting it to be part of your under £50 wishlist and thinking I could ask for it for Christmas. How wrong I was… Seriously beautiful though.



I want everything with a fox design – my current obsession. That ring is to die for. Unfortunately I’ve already put my “Santa” wishlist in to my boyfriend, but I am hoping an Alex Monro necklace appears under the tree…


oh my god jen! I love that ring! A very good choice on your half. I actually have a ring that is so similar they could be long lost twins of sleepy little foxes. Apart from mine is covered in pretty white and pink jewels. I will have to send you a picture sometimes! xoxo


Oh that ring so adorable. I never used to be able to wear rings but now I’m obsessed. I’d never heard of this brand before but they are gorgeous!

I really love the winged jewellery too.



so adorable! Totally have a thing for any jewellery in woodland creature styles at the moment!

Never heard of the brand, but its some lovely stuff all around, definitely worth a longer look!

Peacock's Hat

Oh my flipping WORD, I am so jealous! That ring is just… *sighs* I’m trying to gradually build up a collection of silver rings, so I don’t get the dreaded green finger, but its a pricey task!


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