Are You Wearing Your Winter Coat Yet?

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It’s a very serious issue I consider around this time every year. No, not what to wear on Halloween or when to turn the heating on (also v.important issues requiring long discussion), but when to start wearing my winter coat(s).

You see, I love jackets. Jackets are my thing. I have a growing collection of blazers, gilets, bouclé and leather jackets that I love to throw on over simple styles to give them that extra somethin’-somethin’. I think a good jacket really makes an outfit, and I’ll be damned if I’m giving them up for a little thing like a sub-zero temperature.

So I tend to go on as long as I can before busting out my winter coat. I’m fond of coats too, but they’re more of a commitment than jackets. What can I say – when it comes to outwear, I’m kinda slutty.

But this year I’m rather looking forward to the temperature drop, because I’ve gone and got myself a doozy of a winter coat. And yes, I did just use the word ‘doozy’ in 2012. Behold…

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I snagged this Antoni & Alison beauty in TK Maxx – £79.99 from an original RRP of £195. I love Antoni & Alison’s classic English style and this wool coat with faux fur collar and sleeves fits perfectly with that tweedy ‘heritage’ look that’s, like, so hot right now.

With such a glorious coat waiting in the wings, I’m actually quite looking forward to putting my jackets into hibernation. And even though this is my ‘main’ coat, I do have a few other options to choose from…

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This grey wool dress coat was a French Connection sale buy earlier this year – the smarter style means it’s perfect for throwing over an evening outfit.

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An old favourite and amazing thrifty find – I picked up this cropped faux fur coat at a car boot sale for £4. Despite the 3/4 sleeves, it’s seriously snuggly and looks great over cute tea dresses.

Are you wearing your winter coat yet?



massive fan of the grey coat! i’m dying to get something like that but i don’t want to pay! i’m like you though – it’s hard to find a winter coat that doesn’t look awful :/


I dug my winter coat last week and I haven’t had it off my back since. Mine is kinda a mix of your first 2 photos! It’s an oversized wool coat with a large fur collar. It was from ASOS last year and I absolutely love it. Being a coat/jacket person myself I do mourn having to lock my light jackets away but needs must!
Your winter coat is such a beauty! I bet you cannot wait to wear it 🙂




i cant wait to put on my coat as well because i feel great in my winter coat, mine is form Joules and is a duffel style coat – i love it! i wait for the winter because im not a summery person, but i would say it still needs a few more weeks before the coat comes out (late oct-early nov) x


Love that grey coat Jen. I’ve been wearing my Take 10 coat for a few weeks now, it’s so warm and I hate hate hate being cold! The A+A coat is such a find! x


1. That is a DOOOOZY of a coat! So beautiful, even more so by the great price reduction!

2. Hell yes I’m wearing my winter coat already-after years and years of wanting a “winter coat” but just being drawn to jackets like you are, I forced myself to get snuggly this year and got a lined parka. Been wearing it every day pretty much!

Oh and 3. I refuse to put on heating til December 1st as I am a scrooge. At least this year I can sit indoors wearing my new coat and still be warm.


Beaut of a coat Jen!
I have a new grey/black wool with leather sleeves number winging is way to me as we speak. (Dorothy Perkins- very impressed with their winter offerings this year!)

Style Eyes

Your coats look lovely. Actually I have been wearing my winter coat for a week or two now. I have a cashmere mix maison scotch coat which I wear for everday and a faux fur coat from a charity shop which I usually wear for evenings.


All of these coats are so pretty! They look all warm and snuggly 🙂 I never know when to start wearing mine, I’m still in the leather jacket phase atm!! I feel like my life needs a new winter coat this year as I only have one I like which just isn’t enough :/

Love Holly oxo


Wow the antoni & alison one is gorgeous. I’ve been wearing my winter coat already because I’m nesh but I haven’t busted out the scarves yet, that’s a real sign that winter is here.


Can’t wait to bust out the coats: a navy blue wool one with leopard print collar from Whistles (most expensive thing I own!) & faux fur leopard print coat from New Look (see a theme here?). Right now, I say jackets for normal days, coats for hangovers. #justsayin’


That IS a doozy! I have just bought a new winter coat and for the first time I actually LOVE it. Before I’ve made do with so-so coats, so this year I’m really looking forward to wearing it.


Oh good grief, these are gorgeous! Being in the southern hemisphere I’m currently saying farewell to my coats until next year, but I am definitely going to try and get my hands on some faux fur in time for the next cold snap! Xx


Very much jealous of your Antoni & Alison coat, absolutely stunning! I dug out my winter coat earlier this month, but it was quite warm. I always look forward to wearing them all season 🙂 xoxo


These are so lovely. I’ve already been wearing my ‘winter’ coat for ages as I get SO cold (my husband thinks I’m a cold blooded lizard!). I always opt for my North Face snuggly parker but wearing a quilted brown duvet on the school run doesn’t qualify me for any fashion awards! I wish someone would bring out a more stylish ‘duvet’ coat…..


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