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Tropical prints are having a maje fashion moment right now. I’m slightly obsessed and have been snapping them up left, right and centre – my wardrobe now resembles a Carmen Miranda dressing-up box. Which is obviously no bad thing.

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Skirt, Primark | Shirt, Gap | Shoes, Clarks c/o Sarenza | Bag, Accessorize | Necklace, Vera Meat | Rings, Catbird NY (and vintage wedding/engagement rings!) | Belt, F21 | Watch, Michael Kors | Sunglasses, Orla Kiely 

This skirt was the result of my first jaunt into Primark in a very long while. There was a time when Primark was my everything and most of my wardrobe came from its hallowed rails… then I swung the other way entirely and developed a dangerous Whistles habit. Now I’m trying to budget once more, and Primark is my quick fix shot of shopping. This skirt was £5.99. Five-ninenty-nine. Every single person who complimented this outfit got the price of the skirt screamed at them – ‘oh you like my skirt well guess what it was FIVE-NINENTY-NINE FROM PRIMARK can you even believe it.’

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Really the price just makes this little beauty even sweeter – it’s such an easy style to wear and the print really pops when paired with a simple white shirt. It’s officially my new favourite and you should expect to see it often. Hooray!


Kerry Cooks

Tis a very pretty skirt! I love Primark too, it might be mainly full of tat but it’s worth it for the amazing bargains like this


I keep meaning to go back into Primark and get this – I saw it once as I rant through to get a brollie and have been thinking about it ever since! I got an awesome pair of tropical print shorts from ASOS yesterday though, so they’re keeping me perky for now!

Emma Trotter

Absolutely LOVE this! You look really fab in it, especially with the white shirt! It’s inspired me to go hunt through Primark for some tropical prints! Em

Michelle Cookson

Wow! When I saw it on Instagram I couldn’t believe it was Primark, I’d almost given up on Primark myself. I couldn’t see the point of buying something that would fall apart after 3 washes and those ‘travelling’ seams that go across your body…grrrr!! Anyhoo, a few weeks ago I popped in and found a great jumpsuit for £15! Bargain. AND after three washes the seams are still where they’re supposed to be. Result.

ps, if you want to see my jumpsuit, it’s on my blog;

Not a shameless plug for me, it’s the only pic I have!


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