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This week I was allowed a glimpse at life as a true fashionista; an experience usually reserved for the effortlessly chic and/or endlessly rich – I was retweeted by Vogue.

Yes I took a screen shot. What of it?

My description of Thursday’s outfit obviously went down well at Vogue House, despite a distinct lack of designer labels. In fact, my outfit was entirely high street. Take a look for yourself…


Topshop jeans, Primark blouse, New Look blazer

Me & Zena necklace, H&M ring


Valensi pumps via Sarenza

Colour blocking was one of the summer trends suggested to us Sarenza ambassadors, so when I spotted these stunning Valensi pumps I snapped them right up. They’re eye-poppingly bright, oh-so beautiful and go right up to a size 9.5 – brilliant for my fellow big foots (I’m an 8).

So, Vogue are big fans of my sartorial work (I’m stretching this retweet as far as it’ll go), but I want to know what you think. Have you hopped on the colour blocking bandwagon?

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congrats on the re-tweet 😉 love the shoes..although i’m not one generally for colour-blocking. the shoes work so well with your shirt.


Beautiful outfit! I love the match between your blouse and your shoes – how do you always find such good things in primark?!

Sirens and Bells

This is a lovely outfit!
I haven’t really got the whole colour-blocking thing yet, purely because my outfits often comprise of dark colours, a lot of black, navy and grey, and the occasionally bright coloured top/dress. It’s something I want to try though! You do it very well though 🙂
And well done on the vogue retweet, that’s pretty cool!
Sirens and Bells xx

Miss Raj

Oooh, this is awesome. You just look fabulous, I don’t know how you so casually throw together SUCH stylish outfits! x


I would tell everyone and anyone. I have definitely being incorporating colour blocking, never thought I would say that but I have grown to love it.


I have fallen for colour, I never thought I’d wear bright orange t-shirts or coral jeans (not together) but I here I am turning my back on black!
I would have screengrabbed too 😉


I bought that blouse the other day on my first venture into Primark after reading some of your posts! I have to say I was amazed at what I could find in there.

Also, I am so happy that somehwere there are woman shoes that go past size 8! (I am an 8 and a half, so annoying!) I tend to just buy many from New Look as they seem to be one of the only places that cater for big foots!

Liss x


Ooo, I can see why Vogue re-tweeted it. You look fantastic. i ‘m a huge fan of colour blocking! It’s such a fun trend to wear.


How can Vogue not like the outfit, it’s perfect. Love the pink against the black. And that H&M ring is great, nothing beats a chunky bit of finger bling.



I think you look lovely but I wouldn’t count this as colour blocking! You need more bright colours to be a block. It’s a pink shirt with pink pumps… a colour pop, surely?

The retweet is ace, though! Wonder if you gained loads more followers? 🙂



I’m bloody loving a colour block at the moment, and I’m using it as an excuse to try colours j wouldn’t usually touch, like pink! Congrats on the retweet! Xx

inside la senza

Vogue – coooooool. Well done you. Loving the ballet pumps too, I like that they sit a little higher up thus minimising toe cleavage. Vicky x


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