Caped Crusader

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What is it about wearing a cape that makes you feel so invincible? The superhero thing? The swishy-ness? The fact that your arms are so… free?

I don’t know, but I bloody loved wearing this one.


Wrap, c/o Laura Ashley | Cashmere roll neck, c/o Woolovers | Trousers, Zara | Trainers, Nike | Bag, Michael Kors | Sunglasses, Miu Miu

As well as making me feel like the autumnal version of Catwoman, this amazing cape is also super cosy – making it the perfect coat alternative for this not-quite-winter weather. I’ve been flinging it on over everything, from flippy dresses to jeans and t-shirts. And as we plunge ever further into Proper Winter, I just have two words for you: double knitwear.

No doubt I’ll be wearing this non-stop for the next few months. I especially love it teamed with my new rose gold Nikes… in fact, I’m pretty sure this is exactly what Catwoman wears on her days off.

You can see more photos of me prancing about in this outfit over on the Laura Ashley blog. 




Ive gotta ask… Do these stay on well? Im a mummy to 4 gorgeous boys and i adore these, however i do worry they’ll be impractical for chasing a toddler!


This one is very good! It’s shaped around your shoulders so sits really nicely and doesn’t slip at all!


This is cute, I’d never really considered a ‘cape’ (i always assume they’d be as hideous as ponchos) but feel like this would be a good alternative to the structured cardigans I usually end up falling for. The colours and the pattern are gorgeous too, well done Laura Ashley!

Charlotte x


Yes, it’s definitely much nicer than a poncho! I’m getting hideous early-00s flashbacks just thinking about them! 🙂


Love that cape. Guess I should buy 1. Gonna face fierce, long winter…
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Khanh An

What a stylish outfit! I love wearing cape in winter days. I think you will be more fashionable if you used a slip-on shoes instead.

Best wishes from Khanh at CANIFA


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