French Skincare – A Competition

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french skincare tipsI’ve written before about my love of French skincare – they’ve really got the luxurious simplicity thing nailed. I recently put together a little guide to French skincare for fashion brand La Redoute and now the lovely folks are Garnier are giving you the chance to win a skincare set inspired by the French routine. Trรฉs bon!

garnier bb cream review

The ‘Fresh French skincare’ kits contain Garnier’s brilliant Micellar Water, the Ultra Lift Day and BB Creams (both with SPF) and the Miracle Sleeping cream. An arsenal of product to perfect your skin!

To enter, just leave a comment on this post and tell me about your skincare routine. You can also enter by visiting the La Redoute Facebook or Twitter page. Good luck!

Competition is open to UK residents only. Closes midnight Sunday 3rd May. This is a sponsored post.ย 


The Style Box

Erm…it’s not much of a ‘routine’….wash my face with soap in the bath, slather with moisturiser (always with SPF) when I get out. Done!


I’ve just started double cleansing with micellar water and normal cream cleanser. I honestly did wash before but I am already seeing some good results!


Hi there,

Unfortunately it’s open to UK residents only. So sorry about that!


I use coconut oil to remove my eye make up, witchhazel as toner and lots of simple moisturiser daily. I also love good things face masks, because they make my skin glow, and pore strips are a guilty pleasure. So disgusting/ satisfying! Oh, and SPF whenever I manage to leave the north!


Jen you are such an inspiration, i cannot put into words how brave i think you are having cut off your hair, you look so sophisticated and elegant now, i truly and not just saying this but i think you are amazing. I love your simplicity and genuine words, i always feel like you say things as they are and never mislead your readers which i think is a rarity. I don’t mind if i cannot enter in this competition as i live in Australia but i still wanted to let you know how thankful i am for you blog. My skincare routine involves a facial cleanser wash using cold water ( i find it refreshing) and then pat my face dry with a face washer. Then i will use a light day moisturiser with some form of sun protection. i will have a mug of tea while i wait a few minutes for this to ‘dry’ then i will apply a ‘spot treatment’ cream to any unwanted friends which have appeared. This routine is similar at night except i will use a vitamin c serum and just normal face moisturiser without spf. I try to apply a face mask 1-2 times a week but only if i have enough time.
Again thank you Jen

Also Travis and Lilian are sooo cute, Please give them a pat from me. i really loved the post on how to move houses with cats, I have two cats and they had a lot of trouble when we moved houses (one more then the other).
Do you have any tips on how to help your cats get along as my cats are currently not the best of friends.


Thank you so much for your wonderful comment, Katie – such a lovely thing to read! I really appreciate your kind words.

Unfortunately the competition is only open to those in the UK. Really sorry about that. As for the cats, our two aren’t best of friends – they tolerate each other but Travis isn’t too keen on Lily! I’m not sure there’s much you can do, really… if they want to cuddle up they will, if not, best to leave them to it. We do find the Feliway plugin (which is like a Glade fragrance diffuser but with a special calming scent for cats) helps keep them chilled out and happy. Hope that helps! x


With 2 young uns under 3 my skin care routine can be described as quick and cheap, an amalgamation of random tips taken from multiple web articles. Wash with a gentle exfoliant, dry with a fresh wash cloth each time and moisturise. Still struggling to find my ‘the one’ moisturiser though. Along with lots of water I’m one day hoping to grow out of the acne I started with at puberty that is currently a case of post pregnancy roseacia!

charlotte horsfield

being 41 ive taken care of my skin really well since being in my 30s i always take my make up off use a good face wash and night oil which leaves my skin amazing and during the day use a good SPF day cream i think my skin looks amazing ๐Ÿ™‚

Janice Papworth

In the morning I wash using a facial cleanser in the shower then apply eye cream and moisturiser. I think it is vital that a moisturiser includes a SPF15 and won’t buy one that does not. Sun damage is the most aging thing of all. In the evening I just remove make up and cleanse and apply a night cream.

Sharo Hingley

I bought a Clarisonic Mia a while ago and use that in the morning and in the evening use Pond’s cream just like my nanna taught me. Having very dry skin I moisturise in the morning and at night and also have a weekly face mask .

Jane Wright

I never ever use soap on my face, I cleanse with lukewarm water and finish with cold water. I used to suffer quite badly with spots and rosecea and since using this new routine they have all but dissapeared. A good moisturiser is a must especially with a high spf. That lovely sun is so damaging to skin


I cleanse and moisturise morning and night. Just started using facial oil at night.

becky :: accooohtrements

Ooh yes please!

I swear by Cetaphil cleanser, Simple toner, Body Shop serums (Vitamin E FTW), E45 cream, and almond oil under my eyes.

Saying that since moving to a new office in December my skin doesn’t seem to be tolerating the super-duper air-con too well and I’m a bit dry so maybe it’s time for a refresh…

Becky ::

Rachel Collins

Super competition, thank you! I cleanse, tone and moisturise morning and night, and exfoliate twice a week. When I can get my toddler to sleep and feel like pampering myself, I use a face mask ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh and I try to drink as much water as I can to keep my skin hydrated – I have to say I’m not great at that though! RTing as @Rachel1383 many thanks xx

Michaela Palmer

Not much of a routine.. I wash my face with only water then use a face moisture, and at night I use a Micellar cleansing water, then a oil. & that’s about it!


I am a complete skincare addict I would always rather look after my skin better then wear more make, but a bit of make up you cant live with out for then fun though!! I was using Liz Earle cleanse and polish then tone, moisture with there light moisturiser with a Vichy spot gel and a French supermarket favourite from Auchan for eye cream, I stock up every time I’m in France. But recently I have changed to all Vichy products after dipping into there Normaderm 3 in 1 Micellar Solution, it made my skin feeling so fresh and clean I switched to there complete range apart from my Auchan eye cream (can’t live without).

kaye willan

I cleanse with Dermalogica face wash or if my skin is dry a Lancรดme creamy cleanser. I use Genifique serum and Dermalogica skin smoothing cream to moisturise. For my thirsty skin I might use a water based mask and leave it on for 10 mins ๐Ÿ™‚


When I got back from a holiday to New Zealand earlier this year I was heavily jet lagged so waking up at 3 in the morning I made the most of the time to think about smartening up a bit – I’ve just turned 30 and thought it was time to grow up! Since then I’ve been hot cloth cleansing with ren rose centifolia and following it with l’oreal revitalift laser night peeling lotion (as recommended by the sainted Sali Hughes). A handsome Belgian dermatologist once told me there’s no need to use cleanser in the morning, so I just use hot water, and then Clarins pore minimising serum, and whatever moisturiser I have handy (the last vestige of my youthful laissez-faire attitude to skincare).
I’ve gone on long enough but I will just share my recent observation that beauty products seem a lot cheaper in Belgium – I was in iciparisxl this week and most things were about a tenner cheaper than in England.
Love the blog – I came across it during that jet lag period and was inspired!

Charlotte Thompson

It’s a simple routine of Garnier Micellar Water to remove my makeup. I usually use a cotton wool pad, especially around my eyes. I splash my face with lukewarm water and pat dry. I apply a blob of Nivea moisturiser to my face and kneck and rub in circles. To keep my face looking dewy for the day I integrate moisturiser into my makeup by using Bobbi Brown tinted moisturiser with SPF! I’ve been using the same routine (apart from the micellar water which is a new addition) since my teenage bad skin days and it’s cleared everything up.

Love the blog!


I’ve finally found (after years of trying), that less is more with skincare. Instead of piling loads of products on and trying to trial everything I can, I stick with what my skin seems to like!
My current routine is a make up removing oil or micellar water on an evening, followed by a face wash and a night cream and eye cream. I’ve stopped washing my face in the morning and just use a light moisturiser instead ๐Ÿ™‚


Hi. I’ve given up on ‘expensive’ ranges and honed my skin care right now. It’s certainly no worse for this, but it’s no better either! I use a Garnier sensitive eye makeup remover, followed by Avene gentle cleanser. At night I use either Superdrug Natural Radiance night cream, or their overnight glycolic peel. In the morning I use an Avene day cream and a spritz of their lovely water spray.


Hi there Jen. What a coincidence! My name’s Jen as well ๐Ÿ™‚ ! I love to cleanse, tone and moisturise with tea tree and witch hazel. I love to exfoliate and put a mask on once in a while but not too much, otherwise my skin will be as dry as a lemon peel! Haha! Love your blog Jen and love your personality! I’ve seen your flourish with your fantastic blog, keep it up ๐Ÿ™‚


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