GalaxyFm’s Style Hunt – I’m in!

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If you follow me on Twitter (and if you don’t, you should!) you may have seen my excited tweeting about GalaxyFM’s Style Hunt. And if not, let me spin you a tale…

A few weeks ago, as I frantically skipped radio stations to avoid Justin Bieber (seriously, Radio1? At 7.55am?! On a MONDAY?!!), I stopped on an advert for Galaxy’s Style Hunt. They were looking for Britain’s most stylish sister, and most importantly – someone with a fashionable prowess that didn’t break the bank. As Little Bird is all about my fashion, not high fashion, I reckoned this competition had my name on it. And the trip to NYC and £5K prize swung it a bit, too.

I sent in a photo (from this post, actually. Hey, if it’s good enough for ASOS…) and promptly forgot about it. Until yesterday, when I got a phone call from a VERY EXCITED LOCAL DJ!!!! who told me I’d been shortlisted and was in the top 20 for the Yorkshire region. Yikes!!

On Sunday I’ll be visiting the Galaxy studios for an interview and photoshoot. What concerns me most isn’t what to wear (I’m hoping you’ll help me out there) but the fact that my voice sounds seriously mannish when recorded. I feel this alone will scupper my chances! So I’ve been practising my interview technique and buying new shoes. Ooops.

I’ve got to wear my most stylish casual outfit (I think I’m good here – casual is my bag) and my most fabulous going out outfit (bit worried about this… my going out outfits are my casual outfits with heels!). After Sunday two girls will be chosen from Yorkshire, along with two girls from the other regions Galaxy goes out to. The 12 finalists will then be stuck under the ever-critical nose of the general public for a vote.

So, dear followers. It’s time to girdle your loins and help me pick two outfits to WOW them! I’m imagining an X Factor style public humiliation-type setting, so let’s make them winners. Take a look at a few past looks that you’ve loved…

Photobucket Photobucket


All good, but all casual! Bugger it! So tell me, my friends – what shall I wear? Have I already rocked the perfect outfit, or should I go for something new? I know I want to stick to my usual brand of girly retro style, but other than that I’m open to ideas and would love to know what you think. Somehow I don’t think today’s outfit will cut it…

Thrifted mac, H&M jeans, thrifted camisole, Gap tee, thrifted bag, Converse hi-tops, Eclectic Eccentricity necklace

PS – Do you follow my lovely friend Kel of Silver Peacock fame? She’s changed her blog name recently, so if you’re having trouble clicking through to her wonderful blog you can find her here. Go have a look – she knows her stuff!



I love the first photo best!
and for a going out outfit… the 6th photo – that dress with heels would look lovely!

Good Luck xx


Great pictures, good luck with the competition!
I’ve entered too, but kinda last minute so my picture was just the best I could find… I’ve got no chance haha x


Of the six you posted I loved the one that ASOS loved and the final one. I’m not much use, sorry, but well done! xx


Oh my god, congratulations Jen!! Fingers tightly crossed for you

I really really love the second (aka top right) pic. Dress, tights, boots, shirt, bag – all gorgeous but I don’t know of anyone but you that could style them all together and make them look so good.

What are the options for the going out outfit? Could you perhaps have a trying on session tonight and do a similar post?


I’m so rooting for you Miss. This is INFACT amazing! 🙂

The 4th and 5th outfit are totally you and represent your style down to a tea. So you could draw ideas from these outfits to come up with something extra special.

Whatever you choose, I know you will accessorize it perfectly, and will look fab on the day.

Keep us updated!


ahhh, WELL DONE! just don’t put too much effort into your outfit, you don’t want to look like you tried too hard! i am sure whatever you wear you will look gorgeous, you beauty!

good luck!
love, jazzabelle. xxx


Oooh, congrats lovely!

I won a trip to see Kylie in Paris with Galaxy FM, they were so brilliant at sorting everything out, I know you’ll win!

I love pic 6, and the blue polka dot dress I used in my colouring book too… though I can’t seem to find it now… I’m sure you know what I mean though!


oh amazing, well done! You completely deserve to win! I love the outfit in the first picture the most but they are all fantastic! x


Congrats! 😀

I love the second picture (to the left) and the last one with the lace dress. Super pretty! <3
x x x x


Oh, I’m so excited for you!
It’s so hard isn’t it to be judged on just 2 outfits. An outfit alone isn’t really going to showcase your ability to consistantly put together differnt pieces to create amazing and unique looks every day.
As much as I love the cream dress that your OH bought I think it doesn’t show how you combine separates so beautifully and a dress is an easy option and a bit obvious maybe?
WHat about one of your Gossip Girl outfits for the night out look?
Try recording your voice and listening back to it to see where you sound manly (your words not mine!), if you’re nervous you will talk faster and higher so that might be enough!
I hope you win, you totally deserve it. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you!
Vicki xxx


Wow, well done you! 🙂 We’ll all be keeping our fingers and toes crossed for ya girlie! I LOVE the first one, and the very last pic. And also the polka dot dress one. The first one and the polka one being my faves I think. How exciting 🙂 xx

Louise Bullen

We’re all behind you 🙂 well done lovely! My fave are the top two. Good luck and keep us posted – you’ve definitely got my vote! x


2nd.. 3rd n 4th for the casual. I think the smart/ going out is your chance to shine because this is likely to be the majority of the contestants weakness. I think u shud use those lushhh mustard tights you have! Different and sheek at the same time.

Ps. Welldone! Is there anyway we can help/ vote for you


Wowee that’s super duper cool! And exciting!! Deep voices are awesome, embrace your inner bloke! Ha… That is meant to be a compliment!
This post has reiterated to me that your style is just gorgeous. I LOVE the Alexa look, in the bottom right corner of the 6 pics.
I have no idea about going-out wear either, as I share the same ethos with you! In fact I usually won’t even wear heels. It’s just daywear + fake lashes! Haha.
Good luck my dear, can’t wait to hear the developments!


I do love outfit number 4… but you have so many lovely clothes, it’s going to be impossible to choose! Good luck though, am sure you’ll win!!


How exciting, I hope you win!! I think you should wear the lace dress from photos 2 and 6 as your going out outfit with some heels, and the ASOS one for your casual outfit.

Good luuuck!! x


This is awesome Jen… I am so excited for you. Now for the outfit… I love your looks 1 and 4. I really hope you’ll win. xoxo


Wow, Jen! You’re really going places, aren’t you?? I’m actually quite in love with the look 1 too, is that getting a lot of votes? Well can’t wait to see the end results:)



Well done Jen!!

I think the first outfit is the nicest, although tis a tough call – i just really love floral and stripe clashes at the moment,which is what swung it for me..

I agree with Vicki about maybe one of the Gossip girl challenge outfits you put together as a night-time outfit…


That’s so exciting!! Fingers crossed!
I love the florals and stripes look, could you ‘jazz’ it up a bit with some gorgeous accessories?! Or one of the Gossip Girl outfits, or the anchor tee dress and knee high socks? ooh too many outfits!

X x

p.s thanks for the shout out!!


It says you’ve exceeded your bandwidth so I can’t see the photos however I’ll check back later! Congrats though, sounds awesome 🙂


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