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My final frames in this Glasses of the Week series are very different. They’re blue. Blue! I’ve never been a fan of coloured frames, always preferring to stick to classic blacks or browns. But in the spirit of ‘trying new things’ I decided to give them a go. Go hard or go home and all that.

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Dress, Cos | Jacket, Michael Kors via TK Maxx | Flats, c/o Jane Shilton | Bag, Longchamp | Necklace, Forever 21 | Lipstick, Sartorial by Topshop | Glasses, ‘Backett’ c/o Swag & Stare

For fear of looking like a children’s TV presenter, I kept my outfit simple and classic. A cute and colourful dress, a statement necklace and some leopard print flats pull in the colour of the frames without making too much of a fuss. Timmy Mallett, eat your heart out.

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I’ve had a great time styling up glasses with Swag & Stare – after wearing the same classic black frames for two years, having a few different spectacle options has made me more adventurous. And although they’ll always be a necessity, it’s helped me realise that glasses can be an accessory as well as essential vision-givers.

Have you enjoyed my Glasses of the Week series? Seen any specs you love on Swag & Stare?


Paris Franz

The blue looks really good! Who’d have thought? One of my favourite pair of frames is green, so perhaps it shouldn’t be that surprising.


These glasses are lovely, the colour really suits you! I’ve always tended to stick to brown and black glasses too, although I have recently ventured into a dark purple pair… still not exactly an adventurous colour but I’m getting closer!
emmerliejay x


I didn’t expect to like blue frames but they look gorgeous! I think you did well to match them with a chic simple outfit, looks lovely =) xx


Ooh, love! I would never have picked those, but the colour really suits you and looks great with the coral lipstick 🙂

Sophie |


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