Jumpsuits – An Obsession

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Guys, I’m having a moment. A jumpsuit moment. You see how happy I am to be wearing this one? It’s like that every time I put one of my (large and extensive) collection on.

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Jumpsuit, Topshop | Jacket, ASOS | Bag, Michael Kors | Flats, c/o Boden | Necklace, c/o Toolally | Sunglasses, Miu Miu

This is the first in a long line of jumpsuits I’ve been ~investing in~ over the last few months. It’s a khaki cotton style from Topshop and is just the best thing to wear, ever. I sized up for a loose fit and it’s really soft – basically like wearing your PJs all the live long day. The jumpsuit style is also ideal for my new exercise regime, which involves cycling to my studio and then home again a few times a week.

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I teamed my jumpsuit with these gorgeous colour-pop shoes sent to me by Boden and a neon necklace from Toolally, because khaki and orange always look great together. Finished off with my beloved Michael Kors backpack and a lightweight jacket, this is the ideal outfit for this time of year, when it’s not quite warm enough/your legs aren’t quite ready for dresses (but when heavy jeans seem like sacrilege when the sun’s shining).

I have approximately 10 more jumpsuits in my wardrobe right now, and with my current track record of sharing outfit photos (I’m averaging 1 every 2 months, I think), it’s probably all you’ll see me wearing this summer. Long live the jumpsuit!



I am so there with you. I have just bought a printed jumpsuit and I want to live in it – definitely like PJs for daytime/fancy time. I wish I could wear them all the time (awkward naked-in-the-cubicle toilet situations aside) but short legs + jumpsuits made for regular people do not mix well. Alas!

Eleanor G

You look fab – love the colour pop flats been eyeing them up on the Boden website. I am loving the current trend for soft baggy trousers like wearing your jammies in the street but not sure about a jumpsuit due to the ‘going to the loo’ issue.


Interesting outfit. The shoes, I like them most! And the glasses. They make me think of a butterfly.


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