High fives and celebrations…

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A Little Bird Told Me has reached 100 followers! Hooray!

Now, I know in the big bad world of blogging, that’s no great shakes. Some of the blogs I follow have 1,999 other followers. Hell, The Sartorialist has 10,000 and there’s no room for any more. But I started this purely as an outlet, a chance to write about fashion, document my style journey and create something that one day I’ll use as part of my portfolio. So to know that 100 people are interested in what I have to say makes me feel mushy inside.

I’ll be posting a giveaway tomorrow, so eyes peeled. For now, I’ve got to jump in the shower and get changed – tonight is Girls Christmas Outing!

Hope you all have a lovely Saturday night. Doing anything special?


Em x

Yay for 100 followers. My evening is going to spent in my pj’s with pringles or choclate, i can’t wait as i’m exhausted! xx

Cafe Fashionista

Congrats on reaching 100 followers! I thought I was following you already, but I wasn’t – I am now! So you have another one to add to your list!

Hope you had a fabulous Girls Christmas Outing!! 🙂


Big smile here… feet up and so relaxed…I’ve been following you already.

I love that cabochon pendant…so lovely.


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