How Short is Too Short?

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Zara dress, Primark belt, Jonak boots c/o Sarenza, Primark bangles, Mango ring

Dressing for a smart/casual office environment is notoriously difficult. I’ve been out of the officewear game for a mere month and I’ve already forgotten the complex and often nonsensical rules that surround it.

After a frustrating 20 minutes throwing clothes around I eventually settled on this staple Zara dress, my love object boots and some clunky accessories, but I fear my flash of leg is a step too far. And I probably should have written this post and realised that before I left for my day in the office, rather than after it…



I wear shorter than that for work! Mainly because I have little choice if I want to wear anything other than trousers or maxi skirts…shorter cuts are exactly that. I’m on a mission to build up a knee length collection!


see, it totally depends on the environment..if you were a banker, then sure, that’s probably too much thigh/leg, but if you’re working in fashion or some sort of company that’s hip, happening and modern, then I think that sort of look would be fine…

Actually its more than fine, its a fantastic outfit…I just love that thing you seem to be brilliant at, which is working tans against a neutral or nautical palette, alongside a kickass set of jewellery! I especially like the lower half of this outfit, regardless of its length!!


I do love that dress, and I think that’s the right amount of leg.
Gorgeous accessories, and those boots are great with anything!!



I love that dress – it’s gorgeous, and I tihnk it’s fine for a smart-casual office. I think the cross over skirt may make it feel shorter than it actually is though.


You look fab ! I do think it depends on where you work, I usually add tights and find I am good to go !


I think that length is fine, I wear some interesting things to work haha. But it is really relaxed so it isn’t an issue.
When in doubt add tights!


I think it really depends on the office. Mine is really relaxed but I tend to wear things that I would only wear to work if you get what I mean. I like to keep my normal and work wardrobes seperate.

High Street Priestess

I think you look absolutely fab. That skirt looks great on you not too short at all. I think we Brits just aren’t used to baring our legs – it’s because we have them wrapped in 100 denier all the time! x


I’d wear as short as that for work, but not without tights. You have better legs than me though!


I wore a dress that length with bare legs to work today too. I know what you mean, it felt just a tad too short, but if I was more of a short-ass rather than being tall, it would have been fine!

Also, I loved that dress last summer and I still love it now. Great Zara classic.


How funny, the first day I start reading your blog and the very first post is something I’ve been worrying about all day today (currently still at the office.. shh, don’t tell anybody!) I think my concern stems from the fact that I’d been a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal for a long time and embracing my girliness is still a bit of a challenge. You, by the way, look mahvelous and completely work appropriate!


If that’s too short for work then I’m in trouble! Pretty much every outfit on the blog is what I wear to work and quite a few of them are shorter than your dress. Suppose I’m lucky in that it’s a very relaxed sort of setting and no-one is really bothered what I wear. But even so, I think you look perfectly work appropriate and lovely today 🙂

Chloe Likes To Talk

skirt lengths are such a bitch to get right. I’m really lucky working in an office where pretty much anything goes so long as everything that should be is covered. But with an interview coming up in a rather expensive bit of London, I find myself gravitating towards midi lengths, if only because I know they’re going to be “safe”.

I reckon your dress is more than acceptable personally, it covers everything it needs to, it doesn’t cling to everything in a pornographic way, it’s not an “only just” long enough length.


I hope this is okay for you as I am starting work on Monday and will probably wear things mostly at this length! I think the style of the dress keeps it from looking inappropriate as it appears to be a casual tee tucked into a skirt and doesn’t reveal too much. I think I’ll play it a little bit safe for my first day but hopefully I can push the boundaries a little, with clever accessories and hosiery.


I always feel self conscious showing my legs anyway – i feel uncomfortable without tights. But this dress/skirt isn’t too short – you look sophisticated as ever and you always look smart x


I definitely like this outfit. It seems very work appropriate to me.
However, I’m not a very good judge of how short dresses really are. I actually got in trouble the other day at work for wearing a dress that was just a smidge too short!

Deer. Lady


It’s a good length. Definitely not too short. I actually really love that dress, and the accessories are perfect with it.


It really does depend… I’d say it’s a bit short to show your leg (maybe tights would have been better) but then I have a different view on what is short and what isn’t.


i think i’d struggle with office where if i was placed in tha environment, the girls seem to do ok. you don;t look too officey stuff it works. thanks for the congrats on my graduation, sorry i’m a bit late on that one


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