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Travelling to different parts of the UK (and, if I’m lucky, the world) has become part of my job and I’ve made many short trips in the past year. Packing is never much fun, but with plenty of journeys under my belt I’m now quite a dab hand at rolling my clothes, stuffing socks into shoes and never taking more pairs of pants than is strictly necessary.

I’m flying out to Milan today, so I thought I’d share my packing routine with you. Luckily I have a checked bag this time, but for reference this suitcase – which was £50 from TK Maxx and is the most beautiful patent leather – is suitable as hand luggage.

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They’re not quite visible in these photos, but first in my bag is a pair of knee high heeled black leather boots. They’re easy to pack as they lay flat at the bottom of my suitcase, and versatile for short trips as they go with everything, from jeans to dresses. Mine are from NW3 at Hobbs and I wear them day and night, for all occasions. So useful!

Clothing-wise, I’m taking two printed jersey wrap dresses. These pack so well – they can be rolled up and squashed in without creasing, and I’ll wear them with flats and a cardigan during the day then with boots and my studded Zara belt for the evening. The green leopard print is from Whistles, while the red spotted is by Diane von Furstenberg (c/o). I’ve also chucked in a couple of statement necklaces to mix and match throughout my trip.

The spotty chiffon blouse (Topshop via charity shop) is another great packing piece. It rolls down to practically nothing and I can swap my travelling t-shirt for this to create a whole new outfit without taking up more space in my suitcase.

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I keep my travel toiletries bag packed and ready to go, so it’s really easy to just grab and throw in. Inside I’ve decanted all my skincare into travel bottles and packed them with a mini hairbrush, mini shower puff, toothbrush, toothpaste, cotton pads, and hair bands and clips.

I like taking a full bottle of perfume when I go away – decanting expensive perfume seems sacrilegious –  so I make sure it’s nestled within my case under layers of clothing, to protect it from the bumps and bangs of Ryanair’s hold.

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I use the mesh compartment in the top of my suitcase for larger toiletries that are hard to decant – hair wax, moisturiser, hair oil, deodorant. I’ve also squeezed an extra pair of flats in here – I’m wearing ankle boots for the flight so it’s useful to have another pair of shoes in case of emergency!

My trusty ghds are coming too – with the wire wrapped around the closed straighteners, they slot nicely down one side. And finally, a very important piece not to be forgotten – my PJs. When travelling I leave my usual fleecy trousers and top behind and take a sleep shirt instead, as it takes up less room but is still cosy and comfortable.

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And here’s the finished result! I’ve popped a few extras in on top – my (very condensed!) makeup bag and a thick cotton purse with all my jewellery inside. I’ve still got my basics to add in – underwear, some long sleeved tees for extra layers, tights, a few pairs of socks and a couple of plug adaptors. All that will sit nicely on top and I’ll be good to go.

I’ll be wearing my chunky knitted cardigan, heavy jeans and bulky boots to the airport as these are the trickiest pieces to pack. Hopefully there’ll still be space for some Milano shopping… there’s a Sephora at Milan Central Station and it’s open ’til 10pm!

What are your tips for packing light and avoiding those pesky baggage charges (Ryanair, I’m looking at you)?



I love your suitcase and these pictures! I’m very bad at packing light haha I always take too much with me 🙂 I’d say try Lush solid shampoo bar! It comes in a tin and it’s super handy to take with you for travelling. I’ve scheduled a post about it for next week 🙂 xx

Chloe Green

I do the same as you and wear as much bulk as I can: boots, coat, jumper. I also , generally, buy my hairspray, bodywash etc whilst in my destination – Although I can see this wouldn’t be practical on shorter trips!!

I love the chunky studded belt!



I’m off to Tokyo in a few weeks and despite taking a large case (I’m going for 5 nights), I’m aware I’ll probably bring a lot of stuff back. For me, I take dresses I can wear during the day with thick tights and boots and then swap for the evening with pretty flats and statement necklaces. i need to get a small suitcase for hand luggage too, it’ll come in handy for bringing all those cute Japanese goodies home!

Have fun in Milan!



Gorgeous suitcase Jen, my hold all isn’t anywhere near as glam as this. I think I’m quite good at packing these days, after many years of experience. I always end up packing way too much at first but I always give myself time to narrow down my selection before going. I like to plan outfits in advance so I know what I’m wearing and then pack a couple extra tops etc just in case I change my mind. I always go mad in Boots at the airport on minis. Have a fab time in Milan, I was there a few years ago and would quite like to get the chance to visit again, especially as I didn’t bother going to see the last super.


Very impressive! Love that suitcase. I tend to just buy the biggest suitcase I can that’s also ok for hand luggage. I try and think carefully about what shoes I’ll actually need, because they take up the most space. Boots are useful because they go with anything. Hope you enjoy your Milan trip! xx


I love this suitcase. I’m quite good at packing light which people find surprising! I always lay everything out beforehand and then take a strict second look and put back about a third of it. Enjoy Milan, very envious that you’ll get to visit a Sephora! x


I’m rubbish at packing light! I have an awful suitcase that angers me too, TKMaxx have some lovely ones in at the minute but I need to wait til payday until I can invest! Have a great trip!
Rachelle x


Hold on! Trying…so hard… to…give a…

No. It’s not… oh wait a minute!



In love.. I would never think to look in TK MAXX for luggage, but will have to keep my eye open next time I’m in there.
I am so bad at packing light, I’m the one that goes home from uni for 2 nights with a huge holdall and hold bunch of other bags which I struggle to get around the railway station with, so I’m definitely going to attempt to use some of your tricks. (And learn how to plan outfits ahead!!)


Chloe Likes To Talk

I always try and make sure my cardigan or jumper goes with every outfit, same with my jacket, I also try and work either black or blue as my base colour, never both so I don’t have to worry about clashing.


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