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A few weeks ago, I went for a massage and was thoroughly told off by my physio for the size and weight of my beloved Michael Kors handbag. I’ve had the large Selma bag for about 18 months now and I use it pretty much every day, filling it with huge amounts of stuff (sunglasses, umbrella, my laptop, a camera lens, two weeks’ bus tickets, 56 lipsticks, etc etc). I love it more than any other bag I own, despite it being bulky and heavy and awkward.

But, in a twist of fashion fate, my handbag has been destroying my shoulder. I don’t know about you, but I can only carry my bag on one side – my left. Even attempting to carry it on my right makes me feel like I’ll topple over into oncoming traffic. It’s just unnatural.

I had my orders though – no more heavy bags on my left side, unless I fancied a permanent slant to go with that weighty saffiano leather. So I bought a backpack!

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how to wear a backpack
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OF COURSE it’s a Michael Kors backpack. I absolutely *love* the Michael Michael Kors range – it’s gorgeous quality for the money and the clean aesthetic has that timeless quality, which makes it easier to justify the price tag.

I bought the Rhea backpack from Sarenza as it was £40 cheaper than I’d seen it anywhere else (although it’s now sold out). It only arrived yesterday, but I am utterly in love. The leather is soft as butter, it’s roomy enough for all my ‘daily essentials’ but not so big that I’ll fill it with useless rubbish and only venture into its shadowy depths every 6 months to remove a rotting plum (this actually happened to my friend Laura).

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Backpacks are having a bit of a ‘moment’ right now, but I’m not really into the 90s grunge style. I chose the Michael Kors because it still has that luxury edge – gold hardware and leather tassels are always top of my list. Today I wore it with double denim – this button-through skirt is a new fave of mine and I will never tire of a denim shirt.

I think simple is probably best when it comes to styling a backpack. I’m looking forward to skipping around Paris with it in May, teamed with a wardrobe of dark denim, navy stripes and rose gold jewellery.

And despite what I learnt in the 90s, it’s definitely cooler to use both straps!



I love it Jen! I can only wear bags on my right shoulder too and I do wonder if my shoulders are a bit unbalanced! The MK bag is such a classic and a lovely colour too!


Love the backpack. Much better for your shoulders – however, much easier for pick-pocketers to steal from!! ( My friend learned the hard way last week in London!


Love this backpack, it’s the first one I have seen that I liked! I always wear my bag on my right, left is just WRONG! 😉

Maria xxx


love the backpack! I’ve been really struggling in the last month or so with my shoulders and neck….I don’t think my bags are helping :-/ x


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