How to Wear Coloured Jeans Without Looking Like a Five Year Old

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I hear you. “It cannot be done!”, you cry. And yes, it is rather tricky. Block colour (especially primary colour) clothing has an air of the playground about it. It’s all a bit hopscotch, pigtails and sand pits, isn’t it?

I’ve struggled with these coral-coloured Diesel jeans for a few weeks. Teamed with other bright colours in a vain attempt at colour blocking, they make me look like a 90s kids’ TV presenter. Stripes look too try-hard Parisian. Florals too twee. I feared my bargain designer jeans (£20 down from £100 in TK Maxx) would be relegated to the ‘what the Hell were you thinking’ drawer (current residents – hareem pants, dungarees, 6in heels) forever.


Diesel jeans via TK Maxx, Primark blouse, H&M cardigan, Primark pumps, ring via charity shop

A simple, sheer blouse and loose-fitting cardigan paired with contrasting mint green pumps and a chunky ring tone down the bright colour and toddler-at-the-seaside effect, making my new jeans totally wearable without a hint of the CBeebies. Phew.

How would you wear these jeans?

PS – The jeans are current season Diesel, not oft-found in TK Maxx. They were probably sent to the discount store because the leg length on these bad boys was somethin’ else – 38in! Most likely an error in the manufacture of one particular batch, but not a problem for a bargain hunter with a pair of scissors. I chopped them to regular length then rolled them up to just above the ankles. No sewing required and a saving of £80.



i love those jeans, the turn ups look really good so well done on the DIY job! loving those primark pumps too, can’t resist anything in that mint shade at the moment x


this is a great outfit. I used to have bright orange Benetton curdoroys and I remember I always struggled how to actually wear them and look good. Seeing this makes me a bit sad because there´s no way I fit into them now….
I loooove the mint pumps, the colour is amazing. xx

Chloe Likes To Talk

Talk about bargainous! Love them, they look great how you’ve styled them, love that you’ve taken them above the ankle too.

I’d pair them with a loose fit plain t-shirt/vest top and cardigan. Definitely with flats too.

Looking fabulous.


LOVE this outfit! The bright jeans look fab with a neutral ccolour palette, and the pop of green in the shoes makes it a little bit more summery and fun!


this has come in seriously handy as on my blog i was asking for advice about what to wear with red on the bottom! I have just purchased myself some gorgeous red h&m jeans and am now excited to get them on! looking lovely as always Jen,

K xo


I proper love the contrast between the jeans & the pump – not lary at all, very nicely understated.

Lizzy Lips

The way you are wearing the jeans there I can’t even imagine how they would have looked childish. Stylish casual – they look great.


The coral shade is perfect on you Jen! I really want some mint green ones for some reason. I have no idea why, plus they will probably look ridiculous on me!
Love how you’ve styled them – they look fab!


This is great and perfectly timed as I currently have my eye on some coral jeans… the sheer ‘grown-up’ top is perfect for quashing any hints of the play ground.


Great outfit, this sort of shade is a little less child like than the really bright jeans you can buy. I’ve got some in a similar colour and I love them!


I wear red jeans all the time and never thought once that I look like a five year old, in fact I love coloured trousers, the brighter the better!! Really like them with the sheer blouse and contrasting pumps. I don’t think you should worry to much about looking like a kid, red jeans are cool!!

Bow Dream Nation xx

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix

I love the colours here. I tend to go primary for my coloured skinnies but then I don’t mind channeling a kids TV presenter now and again. But you’ve inspired me to try my jeans with a more subtle palette.


I love the way you write! The first bit had me giggling 🙂 I’d like to think I could pull off some brightly coloured trousers, but I don’t think I could as well as you have xx


I’m fully convinced that they can be worn by beautiful, effortlessly stylish ladies like you. In fact I scrolled down the photo (am on a teeny screened netbook) thinking “lovely top and cardi…oooh what gorgeous coloured jeans…SQUEEE – minty shoes!” I think they’re an inspired touch.

Personally I’ll stick to my indigo jeans – anything paler makes my thighs look enormously chunky and I’m a tad paranoid about them.

Vintage Vixen

You’ve managed to do the bright-leg look without looking like a kids’ tv presenter or a Mica wannabe. Those jeans are a pretty colour, far more subtle than those I’ve seen out and about. xxx


Great look, I really love those style jeans but also worried about looking a bit like I was trying to look like a teenager! I had tried to bid on some similar ones on ebay but got outbid 🙁 will have to try and find some more! Thanks for the inspiration x


I’m trying to ease myself in with a bit of clashing of blue and yellow – colours that sort of go together but are a bit too bright!

You look fantastic thought, great find on the jeans.


You did a fab job styling the coloured jeans. I agree: they are hard to style. Love the gorgeous blouse and coloured shoes you paired it with.


oh thank you for this post – i recently bought some chinos from primark in the same colour, and have worn them once but am not sure what to wear them with, most of the items in my wardrobes are colourful, i’m a bit of a colour magnet, so v useful 😉

Lulu B

This post is great, been so worried about trying this trend, but your tips and advice is ace! You look amazing xx :o)


This looks fab, perfect contrast with the colours. I love the jeans on you, and what a bargain.
I have a bright turquoise pair from Topshop I bought years ago, think a floaty shirt may just do the trick.


Half Dressed

I have sooo many pairs of coloured jeans and I love them they just brighten up an outfit brilliantly. I have to say I do wear a lot of black with them. But otherwise I always go for block coloured but not just a plain style top (Like a vest) a top with a bit of edge to it, maybe it has tassles or a knot at the side, something like that!

L x

claire (jazzpad.)

I haven’t seen bright trews styled without a nod to colour blocking yet, and I must say Jen your way is so much better. Colour blocking can look a little try hard I think if it’s done all over but I like the simplicity that you’ve made the trousers speak for themselves. Lovely 🙂 ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad


I love these jeans, I have red ones that I recently wore with a red breton top.. Love the mint ballet pumps with it! xx


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