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H&M dress, Primark jumper, thrifted belt, ASOS scarf, M&S tights, Knickerbox knee high socks, Primark pumps, Primark ring

When it’s cold outside, layering is the key! This is the first proper outing for my new ASOS scarf and I wanted it to be the main focus of my outfit, so I picked colours that complemented it and kept the rest simple. This outfit kept me so warm on the coldest day of the year so far – you can’t quite see in the picture, but I’m wearing knee high socks over woolly tights! So toasty!

Today I bought my first Christmas present – ah! Have I left it too late to get everything? I don’t have lots of gifts to buy but I love putting real thought into them and making them extra special. I’m a bit of an eavesdropper (that sounds terrible!) and when people are talking about things they want, I pay attention! OK, it’s a little sneaky. But they always love their presents!

Have you bought a gift that you know they’ll just adore? Or have you received something that was just so you you couldn’t have picked better yourself?


Vintage Vixen

Lovely rich wintery colour, reminds me of a glass of mulled wine!
Xmas pressies? Simple! I’m on the lookout for interesting finds all year round, stash my purchases away until December and wrap ’em in vintage silk scarves, away you go.


I think this is my favourite outfit of yours so far!

(also, can you e-mail me your address, if your okay with that, I’d love to send you a Christmas card!)


Hey Jen, you’re eavesdropping? Did you see my one wish for Christmas? Hahaha!

Love this outfit, I can’t wait to wear jumpers and tights with socks again. You’re so adorable. And love the colors of the outfit too.


Lovely outfit, I love the scarf layering:)

Oh, buying Christmas pressies are so fun! I bought a leather jacket for the bf, he’s been wanting one, so he better be happy:P And I got a lovely purse from my family, so I’m really happy as well!

Cafe Fashionista

I love the berry pop of color from your top – and that gorgeous scarf. They truly shine as the creme de la creme of your look given the fact that you’ve paired them with black. You are just stunning, darling!

Ooh, I absolutely love the way you’ve described the feelings of giving a gift or receiving a gift. I have never received anything myself that was “so me”; yet somehow I manage to give others exactly what they’ve been wishing for. I must be psychic or something! 🙂


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