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Some girls are Dress-and-Heels Girls. Some are Stella-McCartney-Jumpsuit-and-Wedge-Trainers Girls. Some are even Miniscule-Sequin-Hot-Pants-and-Not-Much-Else Girls.

I am most definitely a Jeans-and-T-Shirt Girl.

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Jeans, James Jeans Hunters c/o Jeanography | Leather top, Zara | Coat, French Connection | Boots, Bertie | Bag, Mulberry | Necklace and ring, Primark | Scarf, Edinburgh Cashmere shop

I wear jeans a lot more regularly than this blog would suggest. They’re my get-up-and-out-the-door favourites – I wear them when I’m stuck for ideas, when everything else is in the wash or when I just fancy a denim day. The right pair are flattering even on fat days and you can go for months without washing them. Come on, you know you do it too.

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With my love of all things denim revealed, it’s a little odd, then, that they don’t feature here more often. Something I’m planning to change in 2013 as I give myself a bit of a style break and allow my often-hidden comforts to sneak in a bit more – chunky knits, Converse sneakers and jeans.

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For the next four weeks I’ll be working with Jeanography to bring you my Jeans of the Week – a different pair with a different style to create a different look every week. Another thing I’m planning for 2013 is to invest more in my favourite basics – before Christmas, I bought a pair of Levi’s that knocked all my H&M, Zara and Topshop denims for six, and although £95 is a lot to spend on jeans, I’ve worn them at least 3 times a week for the last two months. I’m not gonna get all cost-per-wear preachy on you, but you get my gist.

So, here’s to the Year of the Jean. My first pair are these dark wash, straight leg beauties by James Jeans. I haven’t strayed from my beloved skinnies for many years, so it was nice to slip into something different, and these are insanely flattering on my Christmas Hips (TM). Plus if vanity sizing means I’m a 29in waist in these, then I support the concept entirely.

Are you a fan of jeans? Got a favourite pair?



I can’t remember when I’ve last worn straight leg jeans, I always go for skinny jeans 🙂

This looks so nice on you!
Love the pictures 🙂

Juicy Satsuma

I’m a big fan of the straight leg jean! So much more flattering than the ever popular skinny!

I total agreed that you get what you pay for when it comes to jeans. My AA Easy Jean and Levi Curve IDs are indispensable to me! X


I really need to invest in a new pair of jeans. My favourite pair died a sad death just before Christmas 🙁 I always find it quite traumatic buying a new pair – I’ve only ventured into H&M, New Look and Topshop for jeans before, so I feel like I need to try something like Levis!
emmerliejay x


I hate jeans on me, i rarely ever wear them, so i’m quite jealous of how they look on you! That tartan scarf is beautiful too!! I’m not a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl, i’m more of a skirt and blazer hehe xx

Bitsy Beans

I’d kill tomwear skinny jeans. But I just look like a heifer squeezed into a sausage skin 🙁 straight legs are my happy alternative, easy to wear tucked into boots, look good with heels – perfect 🙂

Samantha Manzella

I adore straight leg jeans! They’re much more flattering on my body shape than a skinny cute. If I do buy skinnies, I usually size up and make sure there is a little bit of stretch, both for comfort and a little give that I love the look / feel of in my jeans. I love Gap jeans and DKNY jeans (I live in America.) I’d love to try Levis…somehow, I’ve never had a pair before! Might be time to change that. 🙂

– Samantha


What a coincidence, today I went out and bought 3 pairs of different jeans to try out and one is a straight leg pair which I have never worn before but they looked like a flattering alternative to skinnies (not tried them on yet so not sure how they look on me) but they look AMAZING on you! I am looking forward to seeing all the jeans you try out this month and yes you are right jeans are worth investing in for the right pair, I am saving up for some Victorias Secret ones (they go by waist, hip AND thigh size, how amazing!!)

Janine xx

Rachael Marian

Lovely post, lovely outfit – in fact loving your 2013 style.

I’ve just invested in a pair of Levis Curve ID (Bold!) jeans after hankering over a pair for an age. Just before I committed to splashing my dollar I thought I’d squire the internet for some sort of offer. After an unsuccessful spat with House of Fraser (who have a limited selection of sizes on sale for £32's+Curve+ID+%60bold+skinny%60+clean+superstretch+jeans/D247136,default,pd.html) I found them from this seller on eBay for £35 + £3.50 p/p!!

They arrived yesterday, very promptly, and I am over-the-moon with them and would highly recommend 🙂


Here’s to your 2013 jean year – nothing I like more than jeans and a top and I’m looking forward to seeing how you wear yours. Your straight leg jeans here make your legs incredibly long and slim – they’re an excellent cut for you. I don’t really suit skinnys – make my legs a tad too carrotty.


Hi Jen, I like your style! It is a great look. I am following you, and yes your post is far more interesting than it sounds!!!


I love your top & scarf! I’m always in jeans – probably 5/7 days of the week (the other 2 days I’m in my work uniform!) so this year in trying to break away from them! Xo


I love how effortless this outfit is and still looks amazing, I love the tartan with the grey jumper and coat. The jeans look great on you, really flattering. I would love to find some straight leg jeans I feel comfortable in. Really want to find a high waist straight leg jean that doesn’t break my student budget! X

Sarah Williams

LADY!!! you look stunning!!! If I’m allowed to say it, its actually really refreshing to see a blogger in jeans. A staple in EVERYONES wardrobe I have often found myself worrying I am the only blogger to resort to wearing the humble jean!

I love the way you styled up the really versatile straight leg jean – it works so well.. cannot wait to see the rest of the styles you have planned! Once again Jen – thank you for keeping our blog posts true to life…

Scribbs xx


You look so good in this outfit, I love the scarf with it. I rarely wear jeans for some reason, I totally agree with you on the Levis front. I think you may have persuaded me to invest in a decent pair, at least that way they will last! xx


I actually work in an independent jeans store, and we stock Levi’s, Wrangler and Lee. As you can imagine, I have A LOT of denim in my wardrobe. All the jeans are great, but my favourites would have to be Lee over Levi’s nearly every time, they do some brilliant fits for women, you should give them a go! They do a range called “Stretch Deluxe” which uses the same fabrics as 7 For All Mankind, but at about half the price. Nice!

Lucy Loves To Blog

I hadn’t worn jeans for years until I found the perfect pair in River Island last year, so I brought them in 3 colours! I’m thinking about investing in the American Apparel easy jean or some levi’s. I’m a confirmed jean addict now, it’s just finding ones that flatter my figure. xx

Lucy Loves To Blog


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