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Skirt, Cos | Jumper, H&M | Jacket, Michael Kors via TK Maxx | Heels, Michael Kors c/o Sarenza | Necklace, Forever 21 | Ring, H&M | Lips, Rio Rio by Topshop | Nails, Fifth Avenue by essie

Last night I tweeted something that seemed to strike a chord. After spending the evening catching up on blogs, I suddenly had an overwhelming urge to wear a nice skirt and some pointy shoes. Must’ve been all the hot pants, bralets and crucifix necklaces…

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It’s probably my age, but I do sometimes wonder when stretch lycra became stylish. And huge 80s jumpers. And dungarees. It’s great to see subversive style come to the surface, but the blog world is saturated with ’90s revival’, and there’s a huge hole where simple, classic dressing used to be.

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As bloggers, I know we’re supposed to be ‘fashion leaders’ and ‘trend setters’ and not have a secret fondness for zip-up fleeces. But I’m 27, goddamn it, and some days I just want to wear a nice skirt and some pointy shoes.

Anyone else?



you look gorgeous Jen! i’ve not got any dungarees and don’t plan on it, i’ve been told my style’s really classic and i’m only 18!

London Beauty Queen

This struck such a chord with me. I have no interest in wearing Lycra, platform trainers, hotpants or dying my hair blue. I’m 30 and I want to bloody dress like it!

Jaclyn Craig

You always find the most amazing things in TK Maxx… why can I never find these designer bargains?!

You look lovely as always – the skirt is gorge, Cos is fast becoming one of my fave shops!

I know what you mean about the 90s revival, I just wrote a post on Dungarees actually as I’m still very much on the fence with them. At first I was horrified about the nineties potentially coming back to haunt me but the Whistles leather pair changed my mind ever so slightly… whether I’d wear them myself or not, I don’t know! haha

(Bumpkin Betty)


Hi Jen,love the skirt! Nice to see a blogger wearing clothes that don’t follow the crowd, if you know what I mean. I do find that a lot of popular online clothing brands (MG, BOOH) target their clothes to younger audiences and it can make me feel self-conscious when I see people wearing bralets and looking amazing. I guess sticking to clothes and shoes that make you feel amazing is the way forward.


I love both – subversive and classic – for different moods… But I’m the same age as you and am struggling with the ’90s revival – it just reminds me of being a 12-year-old in a tie-dye T-shirt, mid-rise jeans and yin-yang necklaces – not somewhere I particularly wish to revisit!

Sam Muses xx


I’m the same! The other day I was in river island and I thought to myself “but I don’t want to look like rihanna” so I took myself off to hobbs. Much better!

Michelle / Daisybutter

I fear I would accidentally blind someone if I left the house in any semblance of hot pants. My Dad and sister often refer to me as a young Granny for all the knits and dresses that I sport, but y’know, it’s comfy, I think it looks good and even the cycling shorts I wear underneath are fashion enough for me! 😉


Love this outfit. Such a pretty skirt! Classy and fashionable 🙂 (I’m not a fan of bralets and crucifix necklaces……)


I like both looks. I’ve been rocking my dungarees for a couple of years and I love them but this week I’ve definitely felt a huge pull towards ladylike dresses. I go in cycles, anyway. You look lovely here: graceful in a way it’s hard to achieve in disco pants and a bralet. Love the skirt!



I’m with you on this – I was beginning to think it was my age! I think I remember dungarees and all the rest with horror – I was inflicted with it the first time round! And I want to wear things that I feel glamourous and attractive in


This outfit is so classy and classic. You know how to put together a simple but sophisticated outfit better than I ever will.

My everyday style hasn’t strayed that much from when I was a teen in the 90’s except I’ve stuck with it that long it’s come back around and I’m accidentally fashionable again.

Basically, I think if a person has a type of style that they love and suits their personality, then they will look effortlesley stylish what ever is in fashion.

CraZayn Primadona

Hello!Like your blog,and this is my first time here.What do you think about following each other.Just let me know and I’ll follow you back… 😀 Kisses


Yes! Size-wise as well, a huge percentage of the blogs I follow are run by very petite girls, who wear things that I just never could as a size 12. x

Mrs. D

Hi Jen, I really liked hearing you speak at the Forum on Thursday night.
I had never seen your blog before and it’s definitely going on my reading list.
As for the point of this blog – I avoid trendy blogs, to me they are a waste of time. I prefer reading blogs about personal style, that’s where all the creativity is. Incidentally, the majority of these are made by older women. Maybe because they don’t give a damn anymore about fitting in? I find blogs that just show what’s new at Primark or whatever other shop to be boring – what’s so special with wearing something straight out of the mannequin, if you don’t anything personal in the mix? Just my 2 cents 🙂
PS: Love the stripy skirt, it’s awesome!

allison d

Such a cool skirt! Really the secret why so little wear it is because it’S so much harder to pull of than shorts 😉 Great post and hope you wear shoes and skirts like that more often look wonderful! Also love the lipstick, very taylor-swifty


your necklace is amazing, i love all types of chunky necklaces.

visit mine and my twins new blog & let us know what you think-

wanna follow each other? x


You look lovely! And anyway, I think half the time when people wear stuff that is supposedly “back in fashion” (dungarees etc) they look just as bloody ridiculous as we all did the first time around. Seriously, we have enough embarrassing photos from the 80s/90s – why are we determined to make this decade just as bad?! Enough. Give me a nice fitted dress any day.


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